Good sound program on the method of keyword mining site

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again cannot do without the song

online is always a secret, this kind of flow is huge, has epoch-making significance to do keyword list.

well, on Friday night The Voice of China said here, I hope every friend can find their own keyword list from your own love program, and fitness forum webmaster original A5, 贵族宝贝bbs.iyodong贵族宝贝, every friend to find the key word list, good cheer.

      here we can get on Youku keyword list, I believe we can see that the general "The Voice of China + date", is to search for more, is more concerned about the trend of search this program created, so we can find some date when searching keyword traffic. These words belong to our information acquisition.


: the second key prompt cannot do without the singer (such as love Shanghai, soso) read more

Case study the site was down the right of the two or three details.

after the revised website, decided to enable the static URL. I believe many people know, the search engine on the static URL love is better than dynamic URL, so enabling static URL has become our inevitable. But we did not handle the static server, so the choice of dynamic static open, static pages into static pages, not into the dynamic page. But a few days found included in the site repeatedly, always suddenly increase a lot, and then reduce the number of. Keywords ranking just start with good rankings, then the next day began to decline. Through the analysis to know, because of the dynamic URL and static URL was retrieved at the same time, the same content page is included, has produced a great deal of repeat page, this violated the rule of the search engine, so the search engine to give a warning. read more

For the optimization of personnel have some basis for how to improve themselves

we read to understand the knowledge system of Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai optimization guide proposed "proposal" is actually should focus on the mastery of the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er novice should learn carefully, one by one sentence read these guidelines, and then refer to the knowledge of the other Shanghai dragon. The optimization guide is updated, it is able to provide love Shanghai optimization of the latest trends and tendencies, if I really want to provide an optimized standard white paper love Shanghai optimization is undoubtedly the best medicine.

third is a shortcut, but be careful to choose training. Any industry there are some training institutions, especially the Internet so developed, a variety of training, online and offline training dizzying, before he also think to attend a training class, but gave up the idea. Here, the author also advises a new Shanghai dragon, actually the training do not want you so perfect, the training of deep water. Especially some well-known institutions, their words are not optimized to the industry, you don’t expect them to give you what, so its better to find their own self the books. Of course, the author is a trick like this here and so the training institutions is not negative, but in the current training market, this situation is too much. So, in the choice. read more