Shanghai dragon combat summary analysis of the weights of the website name

a website in Shanghai Longfeng take to promote the role, we all know this, now first off the inside of the website content, the quality of the external links do not say, only analysis of a domain name age, one for 3 years and just do a web site than up, the optimization of the degree of competition long tail keywords, if the latter can optimize keywords up, so for the former, the keywords optimization up is one thing though, an easy job to do! The weight is often a domain name, but how many people really feel the weight of this domain power? Now in this area experience, to share with you the next

3, high update frequency snapshot. I like the relief murals, every day does not take care of him, it also frequently updated snapshot, although not to update every day, but a snapshot of the frequency is very high; while the sound lease fee tremendous effort, snapshot or > read more

The 2013 key factors affecting Google ranking


2, many algorithms in the "brand effect" seemed to be Nothing is right.

3, social signals the ranking of the site is great.

"brand effect" can be said to be an out of Shanghai Longfeng, out of the way to promote the search engine algorithm. In the survey, "brand effect" is one of the best. Even if the brand’s Web site to a certain extent, does not comply with the search engine algorithm, still can get good rankings. It seems in Google’s eyes "brand effect" should be in the ranking of search results plays the role of "the winner".

website ranking is always the focus of the webmaster. In order to find out the influence of the relevant indicators website ranking, website search engine of searchmetrics贵族宝贝 were systematically studied in the United States Google ranked 300 thousand website. Results showed that the quality of the content on the website, the quantity and quality of reverse link, website structure planning indicators have a crucial impact on the ranking results. In addition, the "brand effect" and "social repercussions" is also a magic weapon for winning website. read more

On the website of Shanghai dragon — the status quo of hyperlink

site links in general will have navigation links, links, notes Links etc. [i.e., internal links (within the chain) and outbound links (chain)], in fact, the link is still very important for the website of Shanghai dragon, but this piece of content is easy to most people ignore and neglect.

will focus on product classification, honor, etc. application case and add the corresponding links, and ensure the link position is correct, so there are two aspects of the role,

error: we will find daily Links many customers at the bottom of the site links, many large websites, because this can increase my traffic.

then how should we set up a website in these links? I will share with you to use their own methods and skills in daily work:

news >

1, Links

small by a search engine to search the "gift packaging" open several websites, find links to attention and application in the low degree of the site, in addition to the site’s own (which is convenient for people to view reading) navigation links, the above mentioned links are no corresponding reflected. read more

Analysis of Shanghai dragon Optimization Website optimization direction and important

Shanghai dragon is a very important job. When you see this sentence, in Shanghai dragon industry, certainly not strange. If there is no informed friends, you do not bother to try to fall in love with Shanghai dragon sea search test, found the results certainly with such a prompt: "love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to love Shanghai about Shanghai Longfeng advice" (see photo)

, a website internal analysis

Shanghai dragon


Shanghai dragon is a very important job, when you see these words, do you think, love Shanghai attaches importance to Shanghai dragon, it will not affect the ranking of Shanghai, the dragon and the work would be difficult to add it back. I’m sure there is thought, including my own, I also think so, Shanghai dragon ER tired, that we only know in the industry. Layman a recognized the Shanghai dragon industry, good money, and easily, oh, what a cloud. Of course, you can also change the angle to the same kind of problem, through such tips, love whether Shanghai has been approved by Shanghai dragon in this industry, Shanghai dragon ER back work will be more easy, then, only technology competition between Shanghai dragon ER with Shanghai dragon ER. All of this is only my personal guess. The reality is it? Recently many clients have a reaction, say Shanghai is a robber, the bid is too costly. read more

Cornered the webmaster can The path winds along mountain ridges.

or, after these updates. Do not stand outside promotion: the low quality of the chain is rubbish, the high quality of the chain is cheating, not outside the chain may have good rankings, to the Commissioner of the chain or network promotion. The station optimization not to do too much: Links may cheat too much, the anchor is not normal, the original article is not original, as well as optimization excessive good nature, chain specialist, Shanghai dragon er. At least, the network Department of the company to scale layoffs


you are still bustling about to edit the article keep updating; or in a release link quality requirements put all sorts of things together; or you at that site was thrown from the K with unfounded abandon… A hour. As a webmaster, for the unrest in 2012 Shanghai dragon industry, in addition to loss, helplessness, palpitation, belief, whether some sense of crisis? read more

Link in the construction of common problems of TOP10

has nothing to do with the industry Links

a link may seem completely conform to the format (i.e. the keyword in the anchor text and no nofol>

now, this error is a common problem, you should focus on the relevant industry website to find Links when. If you have a dating website, then a financial industry chain is not great significance to you. Just add a chain only, if you are a new word, no other links are optional, to consider.

exchange links are very common, but there are many webmaster, will add a nofollow attribute in your link. The search engine is unable to crawl the content inside, in the invisible, you can do a one-way link for him, so add Links, also check whether the nofollow property in the link.

1, check whether there is a link to the Nofollow property of

5, the

picture link text link effect is good, but if the picture link is the only choice, don’t refuse, because this ~~~ read more

Love Shanghai love Shanghai search results page is garbage or user experience

in order to obtain a better user experience? This view seems to be nonsense, such that the search result is actually requires the user to at least one click to get the original love Shanghai search page. If you love Shanghai on this, Baidu has been clicking on the search results page love Shanghai love Shanghai will always provide the search page, will allow the user to enter a cycle of death. Let users stay until the crazy love Shanghai, love Shanghai leave.

through the picture we can see that love Shanghai found recorded a lot of love Shanghai search page. Love Shanghai such a large number of repetitive manufacturing search results

business team inadvertently found love Shanghai love Shanghai had included the search results page, that is to say we search for a keyword in love Shanghai, and get a search results page, then love Shanghai grab this search results page. read more

Search engine optimization of those things two

Hello, I am the snow leopard, Tomb-sweeping Day has passed, today to the official working hours, an article on "search engine optimization is one of those things" to introduce the first step of search engine optimization, also received a lot of friends agree, today we went on to class continue search engine optimization of those things two.

introduced more than a simple search engine optimization that section second, the contents of the above said although not much, but it is very messy, very critical, need to want friends to finish.

is a title written it is very important Oh, because the title can be said to occupy the most important position in your page, the spider crawling your page is from left to right, from top to bottom, from the web page source code check, your title is at the top of the title, so how is the key Oh, don’t put all the words to write in the title, as the title of a write a long column. In the structure of the page search engine simply could not show the title, so as to shorter, short and pithy, as the saying goes "fullyequipped small sparrow", we also have such a request in writing the title, both short, and can contain many contents of requirements. Try to do is to put your keywords into a word written. Whennot long is the most appropriate, another point to note is the core keywords to write on the left. The keyword in right side row. read more

Keywords Natural layout needs more skills (lower)

keyword layout needs more natural skill (on), from the two aspects and share the basic skills of keyword layout needs, namely hierarchical structure, reasonable grouping is the key, through the article, we can understand from the whole to the hierarchical structure of key words and how to logically group. Today and then after the article, and then share the other two important aspects and we are to avoid internal competition, keywords and corresponding to the URL.

and URL corresponding to

avoid internal competition, keywords and corresponding to the URL is not only the details, has a crucial impact on the two aspects of the construction of the long tail and ranking. Many websites because the internal optimization is not too reasonable, which leads to the long tail keyword ranking is not ideal. After all, the site as a whole, there may be a small will be a factor affecting the website weight and keywords ranking, so today and share in two aspects is also very important. Hope to see this paper can let everyone know some skills and methods of the layout of the long tail word do internal links clearly. Well, begin today’s text below. read more

Original, the chain site optimization rapidly

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also in the website optimization process in addition to the station optimization we can increase website weight through the chain of the corresponding. For example, the Internet A5 webmaster can chain to the second collection so as to provide more credit for website optimization.

love Shanghai weights for the website ranking effect is very large. For the website ranking we must not only update the website content, at the same time for the original degree love Shanghai weight can not be ignored.

for novice network optimization because love Shanghai suddenly at a loss, the ventilation will make our website ranking instantly disappeared. In order to make our website optimization more effective, not only need to be dispatched from the site of the whole picture, the structure, at the same time for the website internal news updates to guarantee timeliness. read more