Students ‘overdose’ on Boots drugs

first_imgOn Saturday, Oxford played host to one of the 10:23 “mass overdose” protests which took place across the country.Around 35 people attended the protest in Oxford which was organised to put pressure on Boots pharmacy to withdraw homeopathic products from their shelves. Nationwide, more than 400 people took part in various protests.At 10:23 exactly, participants “overdosed” by consuming entire bottles of homeopathic medicines. They stated beforehand that they would come to no harm because homeopathic tinctures are simply water, while the pills are just sugar.A spokesman from the campaign, Martin Robbins, confirmed on February 1st that nobody had been harmed.He stated that the only damage had been “to their wallets – using homeopathy is a very expensive way of buying sugar.”Rosie Olliver, a pupil at Oxford High School, organised the Oxford campaign. She commented, “We all hope that Boots will withdraw homeopathy from their shelves, or put up signs saying this is a placebo treatment.”She continued, “They know it doesn’t work, we know it doesn’t work, they need to stop lying to their customers.”Boots have been targeted due to the fact that they have admitted that they sell homeopathic remedies because they sell, rather than because they believe they work.Paul Bennett, professional standards director for Boots, stated to a committee of MPs last Novemeber, “I have no evidence to suggest they are efficacious. It is about consumer choice for us and a large number of our customers believe they are efficacious.”In an open letter to Boots, the 10:23 campaign asks the store to “do the right thing, and remove this bogus therapy from your shelves.”As the campaign was aimed at Boots, all the protestors took Boots own-brand homeopathic remedies.Paula Ross, chief executive of the Society of Homeopaths, took a very negative view of the protest, commenting, “This is an ill-advised publicity stunt in very poor taste, which does nothing to advance the scientific debate about how homeopathy actually works.”last_img read more

10,000 Thousand Turkeys Die in Washington Barn Fire

first_img10,000 Thousand Turkeys Die in Washington Barn FireDECEMBER 27TH, 2018 MITCH ANGLE INDIANA An investigation is underway after 10,000 turkeys died in a barn fire in Washington, Indiana.Officials say the barn caught fire in the morning hours of December 26th and was fully engulfed in flames when crews arrived.Veale Township and Steen Township Fire Departments were on hand to assist with the fire.No injuries were reported and a cause of the fire has yet to be determined. TwitterFacebookcenter_img FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

Press release: Large fine for Leicester textile firm

first_imgDyehouse operators across England who do not currently hold an Environmental Permit from the Environment Agency should proactively assess the capacity of their sites to check whether they require a permit. Any company, who finds that their site’s capacity is above the threshold of 10 tonnes per day, should contact the Environment Agency for advice and guidance on their application for a permit. Leicester based Euro Dyers Ltd have been ordered to pay a total of £59,259 after operating an illegal textile dye house in a residential area.Euro Dyers Ltd pleaded guilty at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on 25 July 2018 and were ordered to pay a fine of £40,000, costs of £19,084 alongside a £175 victim surcharge.The company, who operate at the Saffron Works, Saffron Lane, Leicester had been told on several occasions that they needed an environmental permit to operate. Despite numerous warnings from Environment Agency staff who encouraged and tried to assist them with an application, they never successfully applied for a permit.A permit would have introduced conditions to manage odour, regulate emissions to air and sewer, the generation of waste, noise pollution and the prevention of accidents. The latter would have been especially important as inspections found flammable liquids stored on top of oxidising chemicals and chemicals stored with no containment to control leaks.Environment Agency officers also found waste water leaking into a roadside drain outside.Speaking after the ruling, an Environment Agency officer involved with the investigation said: Despite several attempts to assist the company and after numerous warnings, this company still refused to be brought into the permitting regime., We hope that this fine will serve as a warning to them and others in the industry that there are strong penalties if they flout the law. This is great news to the residents who live nearby, the environment and to competitors who do the right thing and comply with the law. We are committed to working with the industry to ensure they operate legally. However, we will take enforcement action where a company refuses to comply. We make sure the impacts from these sites are controlled in accordance with a permit and that all companies in the industry are operating on a level playing field.last_img read more

1 Year Later, HeadCount’s All-Star Election Night Party Is Still The Strangest Show We’ve Ever Been To

first_imgToday, November 8th, 2017, marks one year since the United States electorate chose Donald Trump as their 45th President–one year since one of the most collectively shocking evenings in American history. With Hilary Clinton overwhelmingly favored to win, HeadCount had organized a very special election results viewing party at Brooklyn Bowl billed as “Soundtrack to History”. But while most presumed that 11/8/16 would be “historic” as the day we elected our first woman President, it wound up being historic for significantly more worrisome reasons: It was the day we elected the supposedly “un-electable” President Trump. Listening back now, the music that served as the “Soundtrack To History” was incredible…but the fact that it was being performed in front of a screen displaying historically shocking news made it hard to swallow in real time. Like many others, I spent the majority of this show sitting in a corner watching the results roll in on TV, essentially ignoring the concert going on behind me. It made for one of the most bizarre, disorienting concert experiences of my life: my heart told me to enjoy the music, but my brain argued that there were more important things at stake. You could feel everyone in the room going through that internal struggle, however you may have felt about the results themselves. In the end, the “Soundtrack To History” made good on its promise. While it may not be a day that we remember fondly, it is surely a day that nobody will ever forget.Read the original piece below: All Star Musicians Perform The Soundtrack To A History We Never Expected[Originally published November 9, 2016]It had all the makings of an incredible celebration.After HeadCount‘s noble and tireless efforts to register voters and engage the electorate in the political process throughout the circus that was the 2016 election season, the polls were closed, and their work was finally done–at least for the time being.All that was left to do was sit back and watch the results of this monumental election roll in, and the HeadCount team had put together an appropriately monumental “soundtrack” for the historic evening. Billed as “Soundtrack To History“, the Election Night party was set to mix the pride of electing a new President with the familiar excitement of live musical improvisation. As a projection screen on Brooklyn Bowl‘s stage (and TVs throughout the venue) showed ongoing election coverage, a star-studded Everyone Orchestra lineup would play two all-improv sets of music.Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner (The Disco Biscuits), Steve Kimock, Mihali Savoulidis (Twiddle), Vinnie Amico (moe.), Jay Jennings and Chris Bullock (Snarky Puppy), Jeremy Salken (Big Gigantic), Natalie Cressman (Trey Anastasio Band), former The Motet frontman Jans Ingber, Marco Benevento, Karina Rykman, unannounced special guest Robert Randolph and more collaborated and improvised impeccably throughout the evening, delivering the sort of special performance that stays with you, that inspires the feelings of appreciation, awe, and elation that live music enthusiasts constantly chase.But on this night, the energy in the room was not in sync with the music in the air. The crowd was not buzzing with the excitement that this amazing performance should have inspired–and it was no mystery as to why. While the band wailed away, the crowd grew increasingly distracted by the elephant in the room: Despite virtually every early media prediction pointing toward an easy Hillary Clinton victory, controversial Republican nominee Donald Trump had taken the lead. As contested states continued to go in Trump’s favor, a palpable air of dread began to permeate the audience. Gradually, the crowd in front of the stage began to thin, and the crowds around the TVs in the front of house steadily grew, fixated on the incoming poll numbers in stunned silence.By the time the band finished their second set and began to take their bows, the outcome that virtually no one expected was slowly but surely becoming a reality…Donald Trump was going to win. No glass ceilings would be shattered on this night. The crowd was in a state of disbelief as HeadCount founder Andy Bernstein stepped onstage to address the audience, himself visibly shocked by the outcome. “We all came in here having no idea what the night was going to be like…We’re all going to remember this night for the rest of our lives. And whatever you think of what happened, we had beautiful, powerful music and we were all here together.”At the time, these words rolled off my back without sinking in. The utterly astounding turn of events that we had just seen unfold had descended on me like a thick fog. I love and appreciate the unifying powers of music–more than most, I would even venture to say. But on this night, that sentiment did little to console me. We, as a country, had just elected President Donald Trump. This man that has consistently horrified us for over a year was going to be the leader of the free world. The crowd thinned slowly, many in attendance reluctant to leave this small bubble of like-minded music folk and walk out the door into the real life.It wasn’t until I woke up this morning that I was able to truly appreciate what Andy had said. Despite the crushing blow of watching something supposedly “impossible”–the one thing many hoped and prayed would never happen–occur before our eyes, and despite the palpably distressed cloud that the results cast over the the “Soundtrack To History” show, I had spent a historically upsetting evening watching beautiful live music surrounded by great friends, all coping together. While no one is sure of the challenges we’ll face under this new regime, all is not lost. We can still create this magic. We can still strive to make the world a better, more positive place, even in the face of overwhelming negativity. Together, we can still do good. And that’s something we can all be thankful for.Below, you can watch full video of the “Soundtrack To History” Everyone Orchestra performance courtesy of, and view a full gallery of photos from the historic evening’s event courtesy of Andrew Scott Blackstein Photography.[Video: nugsnet / Jonathan Healey]For information about how you can get more involved in our country’s political process and affect positive change through democracy, head to the HeadCount website. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Watch Lettuce Jam With Legendary Drummer & Former Teacher, Kenwood Dennard, At Wormtown Music Fest [Full Show Video]

first_imgOver the weekend, the funk gurus of Lettuce headlined Greenfield, MA’s Wormtown Music Festival alongside other fan-favorite artists like Turkuaz, Leftover Salmon, The Original Wailers, and more. Lettuce performed a two-set show on Saturday night, and had plenty of surprises planned for the festival crowd.Recently, Lettuce has been experimenting with extending their songs and going deeper into jams, creating winding, psychedelic explorations within and between tunes. Appropriately and sticking with this evolution, the band kicked things off with a four-song first set, with each of the four tunes—”Reunion”, “Yakitori”, “Gang Ten”, and “Sam Huff’s Flying Ragin’ Machine”—ringing in at over 12 minutes, with the longest song of the first frame being a nearly 20-minute rendition of “Gang Ten”.However, a major highlight of the night came during Lettuce’s second set. After opening with a 14-minute take on “The Force”, the renowned funk group worked through “Larimar” and “Ghost Of Jupiter” before the set’s standout number—an 18-minute rendition of the group’s beloved “Lettsanity”, which featured a sit-in from Kenwood Dennard, a famed jazz drummer who has previously worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Maceo Parker, and many more. Notably, Dennard also serves as a professor at Berklee College Of Music, where Lettuce’s members originally met, and previously taught Lettuce’s own Adam Deitch.As Deitch noted in a Facebook post,Honored to have had one of my favorite drum gurus/ Teachers sit in with Lettuce last weekend!! If you HAVENT heard Maceo Parker‘s album, “Life on Planet Groove” you better listen right now!! Im talkin bout Kenwood Dennard!!!! Go friend request him, drum friends!! His elevated approach of teaching funk and life lessons is unparalleled!!However, Adam Deitch is not the only high-profile drummer in the live music scene who has studied under Kenwood Dennard. Jason Hann, percussionist for String Cheese Incident, also offered his experiences with the prolific jazz master and teacher. He added,Kenwood was one of the first drum clinics I saw in Miami when I was around 12. I still have the cassette tape of it. He was playing 2 keyboards on their side next to his feet. Made me get a Krumar to try and play keys while playing drums. His feet were playing the beat and he did a rap – all at the same time – that I still remember about Elvin Jones and Stewart Copeland. Got to sing it back to him when he sat in with SCI (with his collection of jaw harps) and he freaked out that anyone knew that. He’s a mega talent and super influential for being unique at the highest of levelsYou can watch a video of Kenwood Dennard’s sit-in with Lettuce at Wormtown Music Festival 2018 below. You can also check out complete video of both of Lettuce’s Wormtown sets below, courtesy of gerryjdvideo. Setlist: Lettuce | Wormtown Music Festival | Greenfield, MA | 9/15/2018Set One: Reunion, Yakitori, Gang Ten, Sam Huff’s Flying Ragin’ MachineSet Two: The Force, Larimar, Ghosts Of Jupiter, Lettsanity, Tryllis, House, TrapezoidSet One Set Two[Videos: gerryjdvideo]last_img read more

ND College Republicans prepare for 2018 midterm elections with focus on South Bend

first_imgEditor’s note: Throughout the 2018 midterm election season, The Observer will sit down with various student organizations and professors to discuss political engagement and issues particularly pertinent to students. In this fifth installment, the Notre Dame College Republicans discusses its plans to shed light on local elections.As the road to the 2018 midterm elections heats up across the country, the Notre Dame College Republicans is taking steps to assure victory in both local and national races.Junior Jessica D’Souza, the president of College Republicans, said despite the importance of the midterm elections, a controversy-plagued political system seems to have numbed students to their right to vote.“I think people have become apathetic, I think that we have just kind of gotten disinterested,” D’Souza said. “I know that my freshman year it was a big election year, so obviously everyone was drummed up, but I’ve noticed that even people that are strongly Democrat or strongly Republican just don’t care as much. It seems to be much more of an effort to get people back. [The disinterest] might probably have to do something with the fact that literally every time you open Twitter there’s a giant list of both sides angrily tweeting. It gets exhausting.”Although interest may be lacking, D’Souza said College Republicans are pushing onwards with their efforts and trying to make the best use of each volunteer.“Our first step was to try to educate our members about the different roles that they can play in midterm elections and the different ways they can help,” D’Souza said. “If you’re interested in finance, and that’s the background you bring, there are opportunities to help out with fundraising and stuff like that. If you are more of a people person, door-to-door canvassing is an option. So just educating people on what they can do to connect their passion to help out and get them interested.”D’Souza said that with election day so close, the focus has shifted towards interaction with voters in the South Bend community.“Every single Saturday the local parties get together and go on a targeted canvassing event where there will be people working phone lines, there will be people out in South Bend actually going door-to-door asking survey questions, and then at the end we all meet back together at Jackie Walorski’s office to regroup and get excited for people voting and go from there,” D’Souza said.Even with races such as Democratic Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly’s re-election campaign and and Republican Representative Jackie Walorski’s incumbent bid for Indiana’s second district, D’Souza said the College Republicans are trying to shine light on local elections that have a more direct impact on the South Bend community.“I think that people really focus on the big contested races — who’s going to be governor, who’s going to be senator, who’s going to be representative — but they don’t understand necessarily the importance of how the people we elect at the city, town, village level impacts our day-to-day lives,” D’Souza said. “We’re really trying to raise awareness for that this year. We’re all living in South Bend for the majority of the year and ultimately the things that impact us the most intimately might not necessarily be tax reform or what we’re doing to help veterans — even though those are really, really important issues. The things that I think will get students drummed up is what’s going to affect our day-to-day lives.”Though political campaigns are ultimately measured only by wins and losses, D’Souza said a cast vote for any candidate is a victory for everyone.“The election turnout would be a big indicator of success,” D’Souza said. “Other than that, [success is] just engagement. The big thing would just be getting people registered to vote. … I don’t care if someone that we end up engaging is as liberal as Bernie Sanders — if we can get them involved in the conversation, that’s the most important thing.”Tags: 2018 midterm elections, College Republicans, Election Observer, Notre Dame College Republicans, Politicslast_img read more

The Running Plateau

first_imgMost runners who have been in this sport for a few years have experienced a plateau in their running performance at some point. The personal records (PR’s), also what I call the “low hanging fruit” come rather quickly and more easily in your first few years of running. Then almost quite suddenly it is much tougher to lower your fastest times at various distances. A mental roadblock sets up as well and you feel stagnant, thinking your fastest days in this sport are long gone.I’m amazed at how many runners lament that their best days are behind them and that they just can not seem to get faster. More times than not as I continue to dig deeper and ask more questions, which is easy, as most runners like to talk about their own running. I quickly find out that they are not logging enough miles to get the outcome they expect. I’m not advocating that grinding out more miles is simply the answer for everyone but in many cases this is the key component that is missing.I guess I should not be so shocked when almost every major running periodical gives training plans to run your fastest 5k to marathon distance with a sparse mileage plan. The fast food, faster technology, faster everything even has cemented a place with running. What these cookie cutter plans offer is getting the most while doing the minimum, boasting instant success! I’m just amazed that there is not more information about running more miles not less to eventually become a faster, stronger runner. I know that finding the time to do more running can be the main deterrent but if you want it badly enough you can get creative and work it into your schedule. You may have to drop that spin class or day of paddling for a period of time. I know runners who do all sorts of crazy things to get the miles needed to be successful which can involve a headlamp and a forgiving spouse. I also know runners who complain that they will never PR again but run only 3 days a week.I’m a huge advocate of adding an extra a run or two per week to improve your running performance. If you fall into the category of running less than seven days per week and you want to get better then an extra run or two should improve your running. On the flip side this needs to be done smartly to avoid injury. You need to pay attention to how you are feeling and keep a good descriptive running log for feedback. By slowly ramping up your mileage you will see the benefits down the road.Most runners who are pretty serious already crank out the long runs and the speed workouts each week. However a lot of runners including myself do not like the recovery runs or mileage sandwiched in between the epic more fun stuff. These runs are often not as glamorous as that Tuesday night track workout. This is also the main reason why these miles are often neglected. However this is where you pick up the extra benefit of more training time on your feet. These added miles will build your overall fitness and endurance. The effects of added miles take longer for some and needs to be followed by a good taper leading up to your goal event. How much will you improve also depends upon your biomechanics and physiology but overall an improvement should be seen.So if you are looking for a magic bullet to get faster than look no further to adding some slower mileage to your weekly plan. You’ll probably curse this training tip now but reap the rewards later. The choice is yours, accept the status quo or get out there and hit the trails.last_img read more

Stop making it so hard for people to do business with you!

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr “Why aren’t we growing?” Frustrated credit union leaders ask me this question when they’re trying to figure out why growth numbers are falling short. They’re proud of the fact that they’re leading a small not-for-profit financial cooperative, and they can’t see why anyone would choose a different banking option. They usually follow their first question with something like, “Why would someone do business with Wells Fargo instead of us? I just don’t get it.”I do. As much as I try to support independent, locally owned businesses first, sometimes they make it virtually impossible to do business with them. How so? Let me share an example. We recently decided to celebrate one of our team member’s birthday by treating #teamymc to a taco lunch. As we were scrolling through a variety of restaurant options, we came across a local taco joint with a remarkable story.After immigrating to the United States several years ago, the taco shop’s owner supported his family by working for a successful restauranteur. As he worked his way up in the kitchen, he would treat his coworkers to tacos made using his family’s recipe. The tacos were so delicious that the restaurant owner decided to open a taco joint with this gentleman. After years of sweat equity, the man was given the opportunity to run his very own restaurant, one that bears his name and features his family’s recipe. The American Dream. A success story. Kind of. continue reading »last_img read more

Days of Adriatic squid in Northwestern Istria as a real guide to the development of our tourism

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Adriatic Squid Days, now a traditional gourmet event, is returning to Northwestern Istria. From 1 December to 7 January, visitors to the Croatian capital of wine and outstanding culinary tradition will be able to enjoy a number of traditional and unconventional Adriatic squid dishes.This gourmet event, in addition to being an additional motive for visiting northwestern Istria during the Christmas holidays, seeks to valorize extraordinary squid from the Adriatic Sea which is hunted precisely in the winter. It aims to raise awareness of their value in the kitchen and encourages caterers to devise new, creative recipes based on this seafood.With emphasis on Adriatic squid, not the one from Patagonia, which in combination with modern cuisine are presented in an attractive way. And that is exactly the key to success and the very essence of tourism. Selling an authentic story. “Never forget who you are, what you are and where you come from, nor forget your knowledge of local products. I would not want Croatian chefs to make the same mistake as Italian or Spanish, who try to satisfy tourists and forget the tradition”Said French chef Lionel Levy with a Michelin star in Osijek after the workshop organized by the CNTB, where he literally opened the eyes of the audience and showed how local food can make a top presentation of dishes that belong to the very top of world cuisine. You just need to add innovation, presentation creation and respect local ingredients. The combination of tradition and modernity, that is the main message, and that it is certainly possible, he presented in a practical way – perk from the fish in an innovative and different way.”It is important to protect and defend the recipes of your ancestors, otherwise they will get lost. Defend the recipes of your ancestors!Levy concluded. A strong message from chef Lionel Levy that can certainly be interpreted as the philosophy of the whole tourism because that is exactly the very meaning of tourism. People travel to get to know new ways and culture of living, and authenticity is the very essence of tourism. We seem to be ashamed of our history, traditions, identity, way of life, etc.… we have to start respecting ourselves, so that others can respect us, and the tourism workers who create our tourism product are not aware that this is our biggest advantage, our incredible diversity. and authenticity. We constantly strive to be some copies, and figuratively we sell French wine to the French.Days of Adriatic squid in IstriaThat is why the Days of Adriatic Squid, as well as all other gastronomic events and tourist stories, were small or large, which respect the tradition of extremely important, long-term sustainable and a real signpost in which direction our tourism must develop. It must be our main tourist product – our authentic story. We can learn so many lessons from this example, and the most important one is to stimulate the local economy, which is the meaning of tourism, to increase tourist spending and disperse to as many participants as possible at the local level, not to finance imported products. It is insane to import tomatoes, lettuce, etc.… We are thus destroying our economy and our resource, and we are only dealing with form through rental tourism, not content. And that is not sustainable in the long run, which we can see day by day in any of our tourist destinations. Everyone loses, and even hotels in the end because the motive for coming is not accommodation, but diverse, quality and authentic content.Because I wonder why someone from Zagreb would come to Istria to eat a Zagreb steak? Of course not. This is exactly what they are aware of in Istria, and the most important interest of the guests goes in favor of that, so from year to year the event attracts more and more guests from the entire region. “Istria is a destination that has a rich offer for the whole year, and with this event we confirm that the season in our country never really ends. Everyone who decides to visit Istria before Christmas will be able to enjoy our rich tourist offer in which the Days of Adriatic Squid are the icing on the cake. Last year’s experiences have shown that such events are extremely popular, because they are rich and interesting, and at the same time Istria at this time of year provides an opportunity for a true vacation for everyone who needs it.”, Said Michelle Babić, director of the office of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Brtonigla.Delicious dishes of this prominent delicacy whose quality surpasses squid from other seas, this year will be prepared by as many as ten local restaurants that have prepared promotional prices for this occasion. Top chefs have also designed new creative recipes for their visitors in order to offer dishes for everyone’s taste. The squid is thus composed in several sequences, in more spicy and lighter variants and in combination with interesting side dishes. Exactly what chef Levy said, a combination of tradition and modern interpretation of food. “Our goal is to show visitors that squid, with a little imagination and creativity, can find a place on a plate for any occasion. I believe that our visitors will know how to recognize this and that they will be happy to return to us in the future, but also that they will dare to experiment in their own kitchen based on our creations.”, Said Anton Kernjus from the tavern Astarea. Inspirational squid dishes as part of this event are prepared in taverns and restaurants Astarea from Brtonigla, Rondo and Lux ​​Casino Hotel Mulino from Buje, Giovanni and San Bendetto from Novigrad, Buščina, Melon and Nono from Umag and Toni and Vila Vilola from Savudrija. See a list and locations of all restaurants here.During the year, northwestern Istria hosts as many as four different gourmet events in which it brings visitors closer to Istrian specialties, such as shellfish, asparagus and fish leaf. Although these events are held outside the summer months, from year to year there is an increase in attendance, which further confirms that Istria has positioned itself as a year-round destination that offers its visitors a rich culture and customs that guests are always happy to meet.Some will say that it is easy for Istrians and they again, but they see only the tip of the iceberg and forgetting how tourism in Istria has been developing strategically for years, and how they have successfully combined what is imperative – local tradition and culture and authentic tourist product . We all have the same opportunities, and it is only a question of our will and proactivity, and the answer to the main question: Do we want tourism or not?If the answer is yes, then we must start dealing with tourism strategically and sustainably.last_img read more

​AP1 hires former top ECB woman to fill CEO gap

first_imgAP1, one of the big four buffer funds backing Sweden’s state pension, has hired Kristin Magnusson Bernard – a former senior employee of the European Central Bank – as its new chief executive officer.The appointment ends a period of temporary leadership for the SEK352bn (€33.2bn) Stockholm-based fund, following the sacking of its previous CEO Johan Magnusson in September for breaching the fund’s trading rules.Urban Hansson Brusewitz, chair of the board at AP1, said: “In Kristin Magnusson Bernard, AP1 gets a CEO who combines long-standing experience from leading specialist and high-performing teams with excellent communication skills.“Kristin possesses broad and deep experience from the financial industry, both in Sweden and an international context, where she developed strategic and analytical asset management capabilities,” he said. However, by the time Magnusson Bernard steps into her new job, the fund will have been without a permanent CEO for a year, since she is set to start on 1 September 2020.At that point, she will take the reins from Teresa Isele, who has been acting CEO since September 2019.Hansson Brusewitz also said Magnusson Bernard’s strong commitment and engagement in sustainability matters would be valuable for the fund’s continued work in that field.The incoming chief’s most recent job was country senior executive in Nordea Markets Sweden and head of macroeconomic research in Nordea, AP1 said.After going to Nordea in 2016, she worked in several leading positions within the markets and investment banking divisions of the bank, the pension fund said.Before that, she held senior positions at the ECB in Frankfurt as well as at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington D.C. in the US.Magnusson Bernard said her mission as CEO of AP1 was to continue the assignment to manage the pension capital and achieve good returns, and at the same time support sustainable development.“The Swedish national pension fund system has a very significant task and I am very proud of being part of the continued development of AP1 as a stable, responsible and active investor,” she said.Magnusson Bernard’s appointment makes it likely that in September, three of the four main AP buffer funds – AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4 – will be led by women, since AP4 is now the only one whose chief is male.last_img read more