Watch Phish’s Performance Of “Exile On Main St” With Sharon Jones, Horn Section

first_imgJust months after Phish reunited, the band made their way to the Empire Polo Ground in Indio, CA for Festival 8. Not only was it Phish’s first festival since reforming, but the festival also included a performance on Halloween night. The anticipation rose as fans guessed what Phish would pull out for their musical costume set, and the band defied expectations with a full performance of The Rolling Stones’ pivotal 1972 album, Exile On Main St.To properly recreate the album, the band brought on a three-piece horn section, with Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone, as well as vocalists Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams. From “Rocks Off” through “Soul Survivor” and everything in between, the soul-drenched rock album serves as a classic moment in Phish history.In honor of Ms. Sharon Jones today, set aside some time to watch Phish rock out Exile On Main St.You can also watch some selected footage from this show as well, including “Loving Cup” and the final song of the performance, an encore rendition of “Suzy Greenberg” with horns and vocal accompaniment. Setlist (via 1: Sample in a Jar, Divided Sky, Lawn Boy, Kill Devil Falls, Bathtub Gin, The Squirming Coil, Runaway Jim > Possum, Run Like an Antelope[1]SET 2: Rocks Off[2] > Rip This Joint[2], Shake Your Hips[2], Casino Boogie[3], Tumbling Dice[4], Sweet Virginia[5], Torn and Frayed[3], Sweet Black Angel[2], Loving Cup[5], Happy[4], Turd on the Run[4], Ventilator Blues[4] -> I Just Want To See His Face[6] > Let It Loose[4], All Down the Line[4], Stop Breaking Down[4], Shine a Light[4], Soul Survivor[4]SET 3: Backwards Down the Number Line > Fluffhead > Ghost, When the Circus Comes, You Enjoy MyselfENCORE: Suzy Greenberg[5][1] Lyrics changed to “Been you to have any Coil?”[2] Phish debut; Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone.[3] Phish debut.[4] Phish debut; Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals, Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone.[5] Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals, Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone.[6] Phish debut; Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals.This show was part of the three-show Festival 8. Playbills were distributed on-site (beginning at 12:30 p.m., 8 hours in advance) confirming that the second set (the band’s “musical costume”) would be the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main St. After Divided Sky, Trey acknowledged the beauty of the venue and announced that Page would now play a love song to the lawn since it was the first time they had played on grass in a long time. Antelope’s lyrics were changed to “Been you to have any Coil, man?” (The Coil was an art installation on the venue grounds.) Set 2 began with a video highlighting selections of the 99 classic albums displayed and then systematically eliminated on the web site leading up to the festival. Selections in the montage included snippets from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, T.Rex’s Electric Warrior, Metallica’s Master of Puppets, Miles Davis’s A Tribute to Jack Johnson, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and The Doors (self titled), among others. All of the Exile on Main St songs were Phish debuts, except for Loving Cup and Sweet Virginia. All songs in the second set except for Casino Boogie, Torn and Frayed, and I Just Want To See His Face featured Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone. Tumbling Dice, Sweet Virginia, and Loving Cup through Soul Survivor also featured Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals. Trey introduced the horn section after Tumbling Dice and again after the completion of the costume, before saying “We are the Rolling Stones. See you later.” Suzy Greenberg was played with Jones, Williams, and the horns. This show featured the first Sweet Virginia since September 26, 1999 (173 shows).last_img read more

The Running Plateau

first_imgMost runners who have been in this sport for a few years have experienced a plateau in their running performance at some point. The personal records (PR’s), also what I call the “low hanging fruit” come rather quickly and more easily in your first few years of running. Then almost quite suddenly it is much tougher to lower your fastest times at various distances. A mental roadblock sets up as well and you feel stagnant, thinking your fastest days in this sport are long gone.I’m amazed at how many runners lament that their best days are behind them and that they just can not seem to get faster. More times than not as I continue to dig deeper and ask more questions, which is easy, as most runners like to talk about their own running. I quickly find out that they are not logging enough miles to get the outcome they expect. I’m not advocating that grinding out more miles is simply the answer for everyone but in many cases this is the key component that is missing.I guess I should not be so shocked when almost every major running periodical gives training plans to run your fastest 5k to marathon distance with a sparse mileage plan. The fast food, faster technology, faster everything even has cemented a place with running. What these cookie cutter plans offer is getting the most while doing the minimum, boasting instant success! I’m just amazed that there is not more information about running more miles not less to eventually become a faster, stronger runner. I know that finding the time to do more running can be the main deterrent but if you want it badly enough you can get creative and work it into your schedule. You may have to drop that spin class or day of paddling for a period of time. I know runners who do all sorts of crazy things to get the miles needed to be successful which can involve a headlamp and a forgiving spouse. I also know runners who complain that they will never PR again but run only 3 days a week.I’m a huge advocate of adding an extra a run or two per week to improve your running performance. If you fall into the category of running less than seven days per week and you want to get better then an extra run or two should improve your running. On the flip side this needs to be done smartly to avoid injury. You need to pay attention to how you are feeling and keep a good descriptive running log for feedback. By slowly ramping up your mileage you will see the benefits down the road.Most runners who are pretty serious already crank out the long runs and the speed workouts each week. However a lot of runners including myself do not like the recovery runs or mileage sandwiched in between the epic more fun stuff. These runs are often not as glamorous as that Tuesday night track workout. This is also the main reason why these miles are often neglected. However this is where you pick up the extra benefit of more training time on your feet. These added miles will build your overall fitness and endurance. The effects of added miles take longer for some and needs to be followed by a good taper leading up to your goal event. How much will you improve also depends upon your biomechanics and physiology but overall an improvement should be seen.So if you are looking for a magic bullet to get faster than look no further to adding some slower mileage to your weekly plan. You’ll probably curse this training tip now but reap the rewards later. The choice is yours, accept the status quo or get out there and hit the trails.last_img read more

Colombia Announces Arrest of Five Guerrillas by Ecuadorean Authorities

first_imgBy Dialogo December 23, 2011 The commandant of the Colombian Navy, Admiral Roberto García, reported that Ecuadorean authorities arrested five FARC guerrillas in an area on the border between the two countries. “General (Fernando) Proaño of Ecuador conducted the operation, which resulted in the arrest of five individuals with 200 kilos of explosives, 25 improvised explosive devices, and radios; they were all wearing black uniforms, and they had a ton of provisions,” the high-ranking officer told reporters. García indicated that the arrests were made in the town of “Piñuña Blanco, on the Ecuadorean bank of the Putumayo River” and that these guerrillas were “explosives experts from Front 48” of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Those arrested will be tried in Colombian courts on charges related to “rebellion and terrorism,” the admiral indicated on a visit to Tres Esquinas military base, in the department of Caquetá (in southeastern Colombia). “This is an example of how by collaborating, in this case with Ecuador, it’s possible to fight the FARC more effectively,” said Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who participated with García in the launch at the military base of a campaign to provide incentives for guerrilla demobilization. On December 19, Santos visited his Ecuadorean counterpart, Rafael Correa, in Quito, in the first official visit by a Colombian president since the diplomatic crisis caused by the Colombian bombardment of FARC guerrillas in Ecuador on March 1, 2008. Correa broke off ties with Colombia as a consequence of the bombardment of a clandestine FARC base on Ecuadorean territory, which left 25 dead, including that rebel group’s second-ranking leader, Raúl Reyes. That incursion was authorized by Santos while serving as defense minister in Álvaro Uribe’s administration (2002-2010). Ties were reestablished in November 2009. The FARC is Latin America’s oldest guerrilla group, with 47 years of armed struggle, and currently has fewer than 9,000 fighters, according to the commandant of the Colombian Military, General Alejandro Navas.last_img read more