Watch Phish’s Performance Of “Exile On Main St” With Sharon Jones, Horn Section

first_imgJust months after Phish reunited, the band made their way to the Empire Polo Ground in Indio, CA for Festival 8. Not only was it Phish’s first festival since reforming, but the festival also included a performance on Halloween night. The anticipation rose as fans guessed what Phish would pull out for their musical costume set, and the band defied expectations with a full performance of The Rolling Stones’ pivotal 1972 album, Exile On Main St.To properly recreate the album, the band brought on a three-piece horn section, with Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone, as well as vocalists Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams. From “Rocks Off” through “Soul Survivor” and everything in between, the soul-drenched rock album serves as a classic moment in Phish history.In honor of Ms. Sharon Jones today, set aside some time to watch Phish rock out Exile On Main St.You can also watch some selected footage from this show as well, including “Loving Cup” and the final song of the performance, an encore rendition of “Suzy Greenberg” with horns and vocal accompaniment. Setlist (via 1: Sample in a Jar, Divided Sky, Lawn Boy, Kill Devil Falls, Bathtub Gin, The Squirming Coil, Runaway Jim > Possum, Run Like an Antelope[1]SET 2: Rocks Off[2] > Rip This Joint[2], Shake Your Hips[2], Casino Boogie[3], Tumbling Dice[4], Sweet Virginia[5], Torn and Frayed[3], Sweet Black Angel[2], Loving Cup[5], Happy[4], Turd on the Run[4], Ventilator Blues[4] -> I Just Want To See His Face[6] > Let It Loose[4], All Down the Line[4], Stop Breaking Down[4], Shine a Light[4], Soul Survivor[4]SET 3: Backwards Down the Number Line > Fluffhead > Ghost, When the Circus Comes, You Enjoy MyselfENCORE: Suzy Greenberg[5][1] Lyrics changed to “Been you to have any Coil?”[2] Phish debut; Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone.[3] Phish debut.[4] Phish debut; Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals, Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone.[5] Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals, Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone.[6] Phish debut; Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals.This show was part of the three-show Festival 8. Playbills were distributed on-site (beginning at 12:30 p.m., 8 hours in advance) confirming that the second set (the band’s “musical costume”) would be the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main St. After Divided Sky, Trey acknowledged the beauty of the venue and announced that Page would now play a love song to the lawn since it was the first time they had played on grass in a long time. Antelope’s lyrics were changed to “Been you to have any Coil, man?” (The Coil was an art installation on the venue grounds.) Set 2 began with a video highlighting selections of the 99 classic albums displayed and then systematically eliminated on the web site leading up to the festival. Selections in the montage included snippets from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, T.Rex’s Electric Warrior, Metallica’s Master of Puppets, Miles Davis’s A Tribute to Jack Johnson, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and The Doors (self titled), among others. All of the Exile on Main St songs were Phish debuts, except for Loving Cup and Sweet Virginia. All songs in the second set except for Casino Boogie, Torn and Frayed, and I Just Want To See His Face featured Dave Guy on trumpet, David Smith on trombone, and Tony Jarvis on saxophone. Tumbling Dice, Sweet Virginia, and Loving Cup through Soul Survivor also featured Sharon Jones and Saundra Williams on backup vocals. Trey introduced the horn section after Tumbling Dice and again after the completion of the costume, before saying “We are the Rolling Stones. See you later.” Suzy Greenberg was played with Jones, Williams, and the horns. This show featured the first Sweet Virginia since September 26, 1999 (173 shows).last_img read more

August Climate

first_imgPrecipitation across Georgia for the month of August 2015 varied widely, from more than 10 inches near the coast and in north-central Georgia to less than 2 inches in the southwest corner of the state. A few isolated areas received more than 15 inches during the month, according to Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) observers.  Three daily rainfall records were set in August. Columbus, Georgia, received 3.8 inches on Aug. 6, breaking that city’s old record of 1.65 inches set in 1966. Brunswick, Georgia, received 4.07 inches on Aug. 31, breaking that city’s old record of 1.36 inches set in 1991. Alma, Georgia, received 4.65 inches on Aug. 28, breaking that city’s old record of 1.64 inches set in 1954. The highest single-day rainfall was 5.22 inches, recorded by CoCoRaHS stations west of Valdosta, Georgia, in Lowndes County on Aug. 31, followed by 5.04 inches recorded west of Bethlehem, Georgia, in Gwinnett County on Aug. 23. The highest monthly total rainfall was 18.55 inches, observed east of Savannah, Georgia, in Chatham County. Another nearby observer reported 16.06 inches in August. Severe weather was observed on 15 out of 31 days last month. Almost all of these incidences brought on scattered wind damage. A microburst caused significant tree damage to the Rock Eagle 4-H Center facility near Eatonton, Georgia, on Aug. 6, a date that also saw widespread wind damage in other parts of the state. The highest monthly total precipitation, according to National Weather Service reporting stations, was recorded at 7.84 inches in Savannah — 1.28 inches above normal — and the lowest monthly total precipitation was recorded in in Augusta, Georgia, at 3.74 inches — 0.58 inches below normal. Atlanta received 5.77 inches of total precipitation, 1.87 inches above normal; Athens, Georgia, received 6.78 inches, 3.25 inches above normal; Columbus received 7.50 inches, 3.73 inches above normal; Macon, Georgia, received 5.07 inches, 0.97-inch above normal; Alma received 4.65 inches, 0.76-inch below normal; Brunswick received 6.76 inches, 0.46-inch above normal; Albany, Georgia, received 5.42 inches, 0.58-inch above normal; Rome, Georgia, received 4.38 inches, 0.25-inch above normal; and Valdosta received 6.39 inches, 1.05 inches above normal. Coastal areas of Georgia as well as areas to the east of Atlanta were the wettest parts of the state, and the driest area was in southwest Georgia, near Thomasville. Agriculture ImpactsCrops generally did well statewide in August, although dry conditions caused some stress and increased pest pressure. The U.S. Drought Monitor shows that drought increased across Georgia again in August. Drought conditions across large parts of the state are expected to increase for the next three months. However, if El Niño conditions come early this winter, wet conditions could reduce dryness drastically. These wet conditions could occur early this year due to the strength of the El Niño, so farmers should harvest in a timely manner, especially on fields that are prone to flooding. September temperatures are expected to be above normal across the state and may aid in maturing crops. The expected dry conditions could hamper efforts to plant wheat, cool season vegetables and fescue. TemperatureTemperatures were very close to normal across the state, and the coolest areas were, generally, also the wettest. In Atlanta, the monthly average temperature was 79.9 degrees Fahrenheit, 0.5-degree above normal; in Athens, 79.8 F, 0.2-degree above normal; in Columbus, 81.6 F, 0.3-degree below normal; in Macon, 80.6 F, 0.3-degree below normal; in Savannah, 81.8 F, 0.3-degree above normal; in Brunswick, 81.6 F, 0.2-degree below normal; in Alma, 82 F, 0.7-degree above normal; in Augusta, 80.6 F, 0.1-degree above normal; in Albany, 82.8 F, 0.8-degree above normal; in Rome, 78.5 F, 0.2-degree below normal; and in Valdosta, 82.5 F, 1.3 degrees above normal.   No temperature records were broken this month, but a record high minimum temperature of 75 F was tied in Alma on Aug. 12 — the city hit the same high minimum temperature in 2013 — and a record low maximum temperature of 84 F was tied in Brunswick on Aug. 2 — the city hit the same low maximum temperature in 2007. Columbus also tied their record high maximum temperature of 99 F on Aug. 4 — the city hit the same high maximum temperature in 2011. For more information, see the “Climate and Agriculture in the South East” blog at or visit our new Web page at Please feel free to email your photos or stories of how Georgia weather and climate impacted agriculture in your area to [email protected], so she can share it on the blog.last_img read more


first_imgAfter paying about USD 50 in compensation for the damage After paying about USD 50 in compensation for the damage to the station, they left unharmed and returned to the athletes Village. “There was no robbery of the kind reported by the athletes,” Rio de Janeiros police chief Fernando Veloso said. “The images do not show any kind of violence against them.”Still, Lochtes lawyer said there was more to uncover about the actions of the security guard who forced the swimmers to pay for the damage.”I hope that there is more that comes out of it, find out a little bit more about the security guard or the military police or whoever it was specifically that extorted the money,” he told USA Today. Free to go ============== The three swimmers kept in Brazil retracted the mugging story in interviews with police on Thursday.Bentz and Conger were then given back their passports and left immediately. Feigen was brought before a judge and ordered first to pay 35,000 reais (USD 10,800) to a charitable institution in order to be freed, police confirmed yesterday. “The swimmer accepted the proposal,” police said in a statement.The swimmers will now have to face Olympic team leaders back home.”We do not condone the lapse in judgment and conduct,” USA Swimming executive director Chuck Wielgus said.Blackmun also called the swimmers conduct “not acceptable.””We will further review the matter, and any potential consequences for the athletes, when we return to the United States,” he said. Violent city ================ Rio is plagued by violent crime and Brazil has deployed 85,000 police and soldiers to secure the Olympics. Numerous athletes — including a British team member on Tuesday night — have been mugged.advertisementBut given Lochtes high profile, his mugging claim and the reported involvement of someone with police identification caused huge embarrassment, overshadowing sporting action in the second week of the Games, which end Sunday.Brazilian media have covered the US athletes subsequent humiliation in exhaustive detail. The powerful Globo television network broadcasting leaked police evidence, shredding the swimmers story, far before the authorities made any public statement.In the United States, Lochte came in for some serious scorn, with comments in the media and on the Internet almost universally scathing.In his apology, Lochte — who has won 12 Olympic medals, six of them gold — said the gas station confrontation had been scary.”Its traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country — with a language barrier — and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money to let you leave,” he said. But he said: “I accept my responsibility.” AFP AH AHlast_img read more