Google K station in the first half of the website is how to recover

then I carefully studied the Google webmaster guidelines, and did not find my site where there is a clear violation of the guidelines, Lenovo to use the same template of many sites are K, I think will not be because the template is called the problem, because Shanghai has clearly pointed out by love not love iframe call Google, although did not say, but not to the exclusion of love and do not love Shanghai. My website template is used in the iframe call, so I wondered how to change the JS call, because of this code is not how familiar, so spent a tremendous effort in helping others is finally put into a iframe call JS call, try holding the mentality to Google again submit your web site, in the course of the audit asked Google to reason your site column, I wrote the iframe call into the JS call the fact, but the attitude is very sincere.

the first to talk about my website, the website is my agent network is the last New Year’s on-line, basically every day will update a original article, so the beginning of love Shanghai and Google are also included. Google’s PR was up to 3, but soon found the PR value dropped to 1, because at that time included did not decrease, all did not care how, thought is the problem of Google. Who knows the cup is coming in a few days later, the site was Google K, and K is very thorough, an article is gone! Was also trying to find the reasons, but did not find, plus other things to do to put this thing to forget. Until I saw a post and use the same template website also has a lot of Google K one day, so I just tried to analyze what is the cause of the collective K Google station, because the content of the website is mostly original, and we all know that Google requirements for content than the love of Shanghai should not loose a lot, because the site’s content is K. It is likely that the problem is in the template, and consulted the template developers, but unfortunately he himself did not understand what is the cause of Google collective K station, according to his words on this template when doing the test included Google is very good, the result now, he is also expected.


by Google K half site that recently restored, I was surprised to be honest. Although after the Google restoration included did not give me too much traffic, but I do want to get some experience I used to share with you, because I know there are some and I like the webmaster, their website has also been seen in the Google dark room without dark sun life. Do a web site’s friends all know that Google has always been a good temper, is generally not the K station, even some people mistakenly think that Google never is actually Google K station, K station, K station relative to Google just love Shanghai much less, and the Google K station is usually because you are a serious violation of it’s not love Shanghai rules, sometimes it is rather baffling to put you to the K.

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