The chain blog now really do

can also is a snapshot of the day, but obviously included less than Sina, but also for the recent new space, love Shanghai are ignored, people do not know is not the case, the author of a space for more than a month before the construction, until now the article also confiscate the book, but the old account is not the same, he collected or normal, the contents of the article is whether original or false original, almost everywhere are included.

This included ?


according to the results of the query, visible not included is not alone, but a common phenomenon, believe that a lot of blog outside the chain of friends have experience, these high weight blog like this, not to mention the popularity is not high, a small blog.




recently, the author in several free blog post, Sina found in almost all the love sea fight not included, first thought is the content of the problem, then published several articles of the original article, but still has not changed, the blog as an important promotion the chain, if lost far too.



Look at the Sina

is 163,

look at love Shanghai love their products, Shanghai space

Hexun is like this, a month has not included the number of pages, recently it is less and less, from the collection of a month, from his earlier had not been included in

do not know this is not just an individual case, specially checked each high weight blog included:


Shanghai is going to love these bloggers are pulled into the blacklist? The author thinks that it is not possible, in addition to blog advertising, some junk information, there are still a lot of outstanding original content, search engines can not give up this aspect. I believe that love is in Shanghai may make some adjustments, some filtering of spam.

included OK, 520 thousand, is the next snapshot of sina Shanghai, love Bo Wen almost is wonderful, whether you are the original or false original, as long as the link does not appear.

included the amount is almost 0 more in a week ago, the amount included in the recent week is almost 0, but recently included a month is also normal, that love Shanghai started recently that he, what is this


data can be seen from the figure, Sohu is also included in the gradually reduced.

The following

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