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classification "laptop computer", "super", "netbook, laptop bag, laptop battery"; on the right, we can see

generally, search this kind of word, the search for their products or services have a certain understanding, but also did not achieve their objectives and requirements, they search this kind of word is in order to get more detailed information. For example, if the "computer" is the navigation type search keywords, the "Tsinghua Tongfang", "HP" belongs to the type of information search keywords. A search for "Tsinghua Tongfang", "HP" is definitely the person of computer have a certain understanding, but want to know more about computer brand, performance, price and other more detailed information.

notebook, can have a "brand", "price", "price", "CPU" and so on many classification, these belong to channel page.

The following figure:

two, information search keywords how to optimize the

According to the classification of


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Because of this the

of a website, divided into three types: navigation type search keywords, search keywords information and transaction type search keywords. In this article, we describe the information search keywords layout.

information search keywords layout (classification and deployment) is very important, is a site navigation, not only for the customer plays an important role of guidance, but also plays an important role of guidance to the search engine crawlers, spiders along these keywords to pick your article.

search volume (love Shanghai index), the value and the degree of competition after navigation keywords (primary key), so we want to optimize the channel page, because in our website, channel page is the most able to meet these needs. For example, we take the "notebook" for example, we can write in the channel page "laptop battery, laptop case, notebook accessories etc..

We fell in love with , thank you! What is a type

haisou "computer", the first natural search results are Zhongguancun, entered Zhongguancun in the left navigation can be seen in

, information search purposes:

On the left side of the

The following figure:

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