Black October is necessary to submit website directory


since October 23, 2012, Shanghai issued the fight against cheating love chain, directory sites has been in decline, the website weight is worse than before, many owners are hesitant to also don’t classification directory submission site, because this kind of website weight high, a popular search engine’s favor, therefore, although we are now know the directory sites has been greatly inferior to the past, but still did not immediately withdraw from, there are still many webmaster has been diligently submitted to classified catalogue web site, hoping to have a qualitative change Many a little make a mickle.. The Tuiyou network (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝/) with you talk about whether there need to submit sites directory

, everything is possible Although Three,

search engine algorithm is always changing, but we have to change constantly, believe that "content is king, the chain for emperor", no matter how cattle are not from the website of the two most basic elements, you want to make your site to hold feet in the search engine, it is necessary to chain good work, after all, not only can do the website weight one aspect of the work in a short time, and an important way to improve the weights of the website that is increasing the high quality of the chain, and the high quality of the chain, "

, a quantitative qualitative change

search engine algorithm in Shanghai love change constantly, constantly adjust, 12 years in October to combat these sites, perhaps 13 years has become a search engine xiangbobo? That we do not know, after all, we are dealing with search engine, search engine can not transfer with happiness and we will therefore, the webmaster can not just look at the eyes, but also to the long-term development of the future, to unbeaten status in the website to search engines, promotion will be diversified, not only do one or two kinds of current search engines love the way you know for a long time, the search engine spiders also will be tired therefore, the webmaster friends as much as possible the choice of promotion, can do to try to do, don’t change the search engine algorithm, for some kind of network Stand a blow, you have finished playing.


believes that the chain for the emperor

actually, what is the directory sites Many a little make a mickle., although the weight is reduced, but it does not mean that this kind of website is never used, want to know all of this kind of website has a lot of, each site has a certain weight, although the directory sites before the authority has not so high weight but, it doesn’t mean that a little weight is gone, the weight is still there, still more than just established new sites right important high, therefore, we should change the strategy at this time, but should not abandon this kind of website, since this kind of website weight before so high, that we can be more of this kind of website submit this day to day accumulation, when this kind of website is accumulated to a certain amount, the effect will appear, then, will give you a surprise!

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