Google’s recent three domestic websites need to identify the direction of motion optimization


recovery direction: don’t pay too much attention to PR, or not because of PR’s influence to their website optimization. Certainly not at all desirable, when we put the PR more and more high, so PR effects are positive in one direction, it is very good. The PR as a tool, let it create value for themselves, rather than making trouble, such as when the link exchange, some owners still pay more attention to the PR, the high PR station is better for the link.

1, Google PR frequently updated

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. For Google webmaster if Shanghai do we have sex much less attention, because Google to flow relative to love Shanghai is really a little less. According to some of my experiences in view of Google ranking, when high flow love Shanghai’s ranking is not too good, once love Shanghai ranked up, Google’s traffic and ranking may fall, maybe this is just because I don’t pay too much attention to the cause for Google optimization! But after all, or Google search engine, it’s absolutely every act and every move will have a big impact on the Google search engine, recently for the algorithm to do a lot of adjustment, the three aspects of one of the most typical is the following, these adjustments are based on some measures of our website Links etc. to make, and we most should do is in Google Mozhun these adjustments will affect us for some Shanghai dragon, timely remedy and identify the direction.


2, Google pays more attention to the quality of website

for Google, as we all know, it is to do very humane, for the website ranking is also very rational, the general content of the website and the website of the high quality of the chain will be in the front row, but it can not be excluded listed, such as many foreign websites, according to my knowledge on the use of black chain.

PR update frequently is a revolution to Google this year is premeditated, it is for the sale of the website links. Just think, if we go to buy links, bought a PR4 link, PR3 for a while, for our ranking will not have a big impact, this is very harmful to buy links; and for selling links, while if the sweep of the black chain chain of Ming PR is constantly changing and for their work, pricing, and customer loyalty is very big impact on the. This is just from the PR for some of the effects of the sale of the connection, in fact PR long time ranking in the search engine website rules have deep footprint, important degree even PR in the web page ranking in the accounts for a high proportion, once the PR do an update, the search engine for ranking do an update, this is a search engine to see, because each search engine Google is not willing to be led by the nose, so I love Shanghai at a time when the PR update will appear to influence by reducing the resistance of PR included.

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