Search engine optimization strategy (three) five major factors influencing website ranking

third position. Highlight the key is to arouse the attention of search engines, so we have to put the main keywords in the value of the page location. This part of the content search engine will focus on "the importance of these contents are higher than other pages, so this is the" highlight the keywords "


second: keyword density. There are words beyond count on a page, then the search engine is how to determine the keyword or search engine? How to distinguish what keywords to describe your site. For these, the search engine statistics of your entire page character, those words or phrases appear frequently is defined as "keyword. Key words and words of the page called keyword density, which is one of the important factors to do search engine optimization. In order to get a good ranking keywords to optimize your must appear in the page many times repeatedly stressed the need to optimize the keywords, or range of recognition in the search engine that. Optimization of the general keyword repeatedly stressed in 2% to 8%, the density is too big it will be considered in cheating.

1: content and theme. The actual content of the site is an important strategy for your site optimization, content and theme are interdependent with each other. If you want a website in search engine ranking, then there must be actual content reference topics. The main contents through the text to convey information, to express the content of pictures, do not use flash instead, because the search engine is not recognized. In the web pages have enough content available to the search engine index is a basic element of search engine optimization. So we know why it is difficult to have a website to achieve a high ranking, when people search things are always trying to find some information rich and comprehensive website. So the content rich website ranking, nature is higher than those without substance website ranking more. So webmaster do optimization to remember, don’t forget to update your website, should be more substantial update. Whether it is the search engine, or users are keen to see more innovative things all the more.

on how to improve the core competitiveness of the construction site site traffic. In the previous two articles in our preliminary account of the screening of recombinant keywords, and discusses the importance of writing and further analysis of the label ". In this section we finally make the first two contents: analysis of factors influencing website ranking, and how to improve the core site ranking for fine.

2, text hyperlink. Hyperlinks can be connected to the web site or the content of the page, text and description can bring you the website key >

1, TITLE and META tags. In the last chapter we mentioned that TITLE is the most important "optimization of the label. So the key words placed in TITLE also is particularly important. If TITLE can optimize keyword tag, the site’s ranking is very good.

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