Give some suggestions to Shanghai Longfeng novice website optimization

remember 08 years at that time, when studying the Shanghai dragon, then we really do not have any expectations, just for the industry on this matter with love, silly, every day, in-depth study and research, and finally summed up our own way of thinking.

the Internet, not fish, but the fish eat slow fish;

often saw a friend said, you feel what is good, you can do, but you have to understand, now the individual times long past, is no longer alone in any development needs to have a team, only in this way can we go to a better development.

a while ago, several staff training Shanghai Longfeng classmates lecture, come to ask me, what time can they learn Shanghai dragon, what time can do online said Wangzhuan, what time can be a monthly salary of thousands, this problem is not that I don’t answer, I just don’t want to give them too much blow and too high expectations, anything is needed to process accumulation and the experience of the.

the day before yesterday and friends in the chat, talk about a situation on the Internet now, we all agree (interested friends can also add my personal QQ exchange: 123775108), from graduation to specialize in the IT industry, has been 4 years, during which we witnessed the rapid development of the Internet the moment, love Shanghai’s development into the overall reform, post competition expanded to the rapid development of Tencent, Alibaba and Taobao mall, and then later many group purchase network and B2C mall show, this, industry search, even communication, there are commercial and trading business, from the previous forum to SNS, and then to the current hot crowd of micro-blog, just a few years time, and feel for a new trend and the way of life, as Li Kaifu recently in the Davos forum said, before The needs of the times for 100 years now, a little change, 3 years will have a new change, change to what, in order to do better, to do more, or for the dream in our heart.

recently chatting with friends on the Internet, said little, the exchange did not before, some are busy work, some are eager to make money, it is all in micro-blog’s redundant communication.

in the face of the current market, the market is more and more people want to directly into the Internet business, because they see the development of the Internet and the opportunity to make money; and the Internet people on the Internet at the same time.

is not at intervals. How long did not calm down and serious heart to express some of their thoughts, do not know what is in the online publication of the last time, when once, he was completely obsessed with the study of website optimization at that time, every day update technology of my website Zhengzhou Zhixin Internet blog. Feel as if either live or work, everything is instantaneous and optimization of the Shanghai dragon.

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