Discussion how to optimize the article to the home page

keywords flow inside pages for some long tail traffic to the site, so what can I do to the Shanghai home page optimization to love us. Here to share the experience of


when a web traffic to reach the bottleneck of long tail keywords is the best breakthrough, when our website occupies a large number of long tail keywords will no longer worry about the drop right home. (source: Mascherano – Micro Internet 贵族宝贝ma4.net/maas-0.html

We all know that )

4, the label page selection, we do the inside pages optimization, the best choice is to do the label page aggregation page, also the label page make up words related to the bounce rate, click rate of user experience will be better than some ordinary page. But the label caution, love Shanghai tight.

In 2, the chain into

1, the first point is the home to our own weight high. A high weight of the home page will put their weight transfer to the inside pages, so we will have the inside pages of high ranking. Of course, if the home page are not high weight began to optimize the long tail, I think….. We all know the

3, the choice of keywords, the optimization of the inside pages of the keywords as far as possible to choose some relatively less popular keywords, if a keyword is someone else on the front page of the site if we want to use the inside pages more than they then give up as soon as possible. If you really want to use the inside pages take such key words, so we can only wait for the weight of the home page when the high. Admin5 is just a tag page to occupy a key home is a common thing.

, the internal links inside pages, want a good ranking in the need to import the related keywords. When we need to optimize the inside pages of each page as a whole website to optimize. Then the distance is not far away. Of course, some amount of the chain is a must. Don’t bother to do that, Shanghai dragon.

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