Shanghai dragon combat summary analysis of the weights of the website name

a website in Shanghai Longfeng take to promote the role, we all know this, now first off the inside of the website content, the quality of the external links do not say, only analysis of a domain name age, one for 3 years and just do a web site than up, the optimization of the degree of competition long tail keywords, if the latter can optimize keywords up, so for the former, the keywords optimization up is one thing though, an easy job to do! The weight is often a domain name, but how many people really feel the weight of this domain power? Now in this area experience, to share with you the next

3, high update frequency snapshot. I like the relief murals, every day does not take care of him, it also frequently updated snapshot, although not to update every day, but a snapshot of the frequency is very high; while the sound lease fee tremendous effort, snapshot or >

The weight of ! ! for keywords

1, the old station keywords optimization go up more easily. Even if you are not many articles, the chain is very few! Want for new sites to update every day, every day, the stability of the chain, keywords to optimize up, spend much need

from the optimization of customer site can analyze an old domain name and a new domain has the following advantages:

2, keywords ranking is stable! Won’t have too big fluctuations. Key words do go up, generally do not need to maintain every day, occasionally to update the site, send the chain OK; new words, is always to serve good, one not careful he will fall to


recently received a two list of optimization, is a lighting sound lease, a-relievo fresco decoration, the following an analysis of the two domain name. The registration time is March 2008! The latter is November 2010! For more than 2 years, without any trace of optimization but be sure which signature relief murals site inside the content of chaos, navigation using flash, a Links No. Customers stand I said can’t spend too much time to deal with, just bring persuasion! So I don’t care so much, only to put keywords in the title website, which sent two or three articles, outside a few hair the chain, key words will be ranked! Then the lighting and sound rental that is their own company to do, but the former station architecture is relatively different! The station sent a lot of articles, Links for 10 months, finally put 3 keywords optimization to the home page, but there are two who do not

domain has a certain component in Shanghai Longfeng among government and education as everyone knows, the weight class domain name natural is relatively high, but this kind of domain name is not only the price is relatively high, and record through the very difficult, need to have some background, now no record of the site are not the normal operation. So to such high weight of the domain name, need a price of

!Domain name weight !

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