Cornered the webmaster can The path winds along mountain ridges.

or, after these updates. Do not stand outside promotion: the low quality of the chain is rubbish, the high quality of the chain is cheating, not outside the chain may have good rankings, to the Commissioner of the chain or network promotion. The station optimization not to do too much: Links may cheat too much, the anchor is not normal, the original article is not original, as well as optimization excessive good nature, chain specialist, Shanghai dragon er. At least, the network Department of the company to scale layoffs


you are still bustling about to edit the article keep updating; or in a release link quality requirements put all sorts of things together; or you at that site was thrown from the K with unfounded abandon… A hour. As a webmaster, for the unrest in 2012 Shanghai dragon industry, in addition to loss, helplessness, palpitation, belief, whether some sense of crisis?

Keywords: Hefei decoration company, !


index is about 200, the owners of the house that optimization of moderate difficulty, included three million, the top fifty have 45 home. Of which: ranked first, more (at the beginning of optimization to the home, after failing to make any optimization, in April is not outside the chain and articles); ranked second, red ant (included and the chain is very few, not Links, the complete acquisition and update of the chain, the quality is not high). The study found that the first two pages of website, most obvious even Title Accumulation keyword "low-quality" for a long time not updated station.

short, love Shanghai cornered the webmaster, whether or The path winds along mountain ridges. >

attention to the status quo of Shanghai Dragon Industry: 6.22 years before, love Shanghai fight spam, released a link to expect, network promotion useless; after 9.22, love Shanghai against TAGS cheating, named after the title "official" may be implicated in the station optimization was questioned; after 10.23, love Shanghai against hyperlink cheating Links, and soft, all Wikipedia implicated, website optimization excessive reason far fetched. The following case:

allows you to climb high, just to kill you! What domestic Shanghai dragon industry development, it is inevitable just think: Master Zac flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? Shanghai dragon will never disappear, because the search engine will not disappear, the most in a form! Forbes comments: Shanghai dragon is dead, the social popular real-time content! Optimists feel, network information is the trend of development, enterprise network cannot do without Shanghai dragon. Pessimists argue that, with the improvement of search engine, Shanghai dragon or transformation into marketing positioning

believe that you also have a normal website, updating, 100% original articles and pure hand chain, why is K or drop right? I believe you have seen, the site does not normally low quality, pure copy articles and accumulation of key word content, why good rankings? Not even in the rankings, completely subvert the love Shanghai high quality user experience and website ranking good lies".

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