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keyword layout needs more natural skill (on), from the two aspects and share the basic skills of keyword layout needs, namely hierarchical structure, reasonable grouping is the key, through the article, we can understand from the whole to the hierarchical structure of key words and how to logically group. Today and then after the article, and then share the other two important aspects and we are to avoid internal competition, keywords and corresponding to the URL.

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avoid internal competition, keywords and corresponding to the URL is not only the details, has a crucial impact on the two aspects of the construction of the long tail and ranking. Many websites because the internal optimization is not too reasonable, which leads to the long tail keyword ranking is not ideal. After all, the site as a whole, there may be a small will be a factor affecting the website weight and keywords ranking, so today and share in two aspects is also very important. Hope to see this paper can let everyone know some skills and methods of the layout of the long tail word do internal links clearly. Well, begin today’s text below.

site requires a lot of content, also need to make a lot of long tail keywords, long tail keywords can be well integrated into the content of the website, and presents the corresponding relationship between the internal links, then you need to make a separate table, this table we called keywords and corresponding URL table. When we update an article, the title.

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avoid internal competition

here to avoid internal competition mainly includes three aspects, one is only two to three each page optimization keywords, and these words have a certain relevance, but the personal feeling is a good word optimization. This page is more targeted, will make web pages more prominent theme; two is to avoid repeated keywords caused by the content of competition, a good location for each page keywords, other pages don’t use this word for keywords to do optimization, do not appear many times the word. Some will think of a number of words appear more will get good rankings, in fact this is a misunderstanding, different pages appear with a word, will only lead to internal competition, no matter how many pages appear with a keyword search engine you have, it will only pick out a most relevant page in the front row. If you have a large number of pages of the same word, it will disperse the internal weights, and will not give the page points; three is the content of planning should focus on the keywords, website content writing and planning, all need to develop around the keywords, so that we can ensure that each page will have more relevance, will be more, and the optimization of the key, but also to help the site to give some help in the expansion of content on. Although the size of the site and a keyword ranking is not directly related, but the content is more, the correlation is stronger, it will get more opportunities for the long tail, to obtain the corresponding ranking opportunities will become more.

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