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also in the website optimization process in addition to the station optimization we can increase website weight through the chain of the corresponding. For example, the Internet A5 webmaster can chain to the second collection so as to provide more credit for website optimization.

love Shanghai weights for the website ranking effect is very large. For the website ranking we must not only update the website content, at the same time for the original degree love Shanghai weight can not be ignored.

for novice network optimization because love Shanghai suddenly at a loss, the ventilation will make our website ranking instantly disappeared. In order to make our website optimization more effective, not only need to be dispatched from the site of the whole picture, the structure, at the same time for the website internal news updates to guarantee timeliness.

website optimization is the first master of regularity and originality. The Shanghai spiders love it every day to crawl the website are based on the habits of those with the corresponding weights of the search, which included treatment. So for the webmaster optimization must adhere to the original update every day, so come down for a long time love Shanghai spider on your site will be a certain trust, so as to obtain the weights of the reward of love Shanghai.

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is the corresponding visual design technical personnel according to the needs of customers and the spider crawling path for the design of Web site structure. At the same time in order to help the website optimization, website news content in the framework of the update also need to design and corresponding guarantee. The news on the website update process is to optimize the process of website, and optimization is not three days fishing nets two days of drying. We have the following in the website optimization for those novice a knowledge guidance.

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A5 (Mcglaughlin 贵族宝贝mkl68贵族宝贝), please indicate the source in addition to the exchange chain can also provide information and support for the website optimization.

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