Li Xuepeng on how to establish a website internal links

The role of

as mentioned above, the internal link is easy to control, low cost. You can be directly deployed in their station, as the chain is not controllable.

2. to improve the ranking: the correct internal anchor text can optimize the page ranking, we are most familiar with is the external links, in fact, external links and internal links, the internal links between the vote can also increase the weight of the page, which proved that the weight of a web site for what is the highest basically, because all of the column page, content page has

1.: speed up the collection of internal links can effectively accelerate the site included, as long as a spider that collected as much as possible a series of pages;

The advantages of

guide language: Li Xuepeng today also to catch the trend, I recently found within the group of many children are asking Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, website promotion issues, some of the problems I can call the shoes to my blog to see a children’s shoes, asked me how to set up internal links yesterday, I am going to have my blog to see him, only to find my blog was not the construction about the inner chain of the article, in order to fill the loopholes in Li Xuepeng today to sum up the construction method of the site of the internal links I know.

what is the internal links of

and external links (i.e. links) on the contrary, internal links refers to the same site content page link to each other. Such as the channel and column, ultimate content page links and keywords Tag links between stations can be classified as internal links, so the internal links we can also called Sitelinks, optimization of the internal links is actually on the website of the internal links optimization.

3. upgrade: weight and chain as internal links can also pass PR, SR, and PR as mentioned above is mainly on the link to get the PR value, so the chain is the same.

we all know that external links can improve the site authority, which enables the top, then the internal link what effect? The importance of reverse link, many Shanghai dragon project to actually exchange later is an external link and maintenance, which also shows the importance of the external link site ranking. But a lot of Shanghai dragon will as external links all of the web site optimization, this is very wrong, because the arrangement of internal links reasonably, especially large sites, reasonable internal link deployment strategy also can greatly improve the site of the Shanghai dragon effect. As the Shanghai dragon, we should not ignore the great role played by internal links. Said the popular point of the chain can bring the weight of our web site, but the chain can not be controlled, because it is on the website of others, the internal link is different, all in their website, free operation, ranking the chain and chain can also enhance the keyword.

internal links?

internal links? ? link to the home page;

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