The optimization of a few things to consider Shanghai dragon and SEM enterprise website


The program does not meet the

web scripting language choice, I advocate PHP, open source quickly! A lot of advantages, but I also reject the ASP or.Net, but.Net in Northeast China is not particularly popular, that is not who will, then later modifications will encounter problems (once you cooperate with home network company splitting), network company is the implementation of is because the price of new technology to the normal enterprise station ASP.NET 30~60% will be more expensive than the ASP, but in fact the procedure quality is determined by the language but the programmer working attitude

website search engine crawling habits, many enterprises are responsible for the company’s marketing network received telephone said its website how to search engine, how to rank, but the fact is that most people don’t know what search engines crawl habits, how to build the chain (very embarrassed how to judge their own thing) to spend money to do the website is in line with the search engine grab habits? A very simple way, see your site all the page title, keywords and description are the same, this is a detail of the construction site, a small, and even a lot of people are not that this is enough to explain this website maker (this work belongs to the programmer) whether considering the Shanghai dragon.

page design website does not meet the user experience (although I think), is in accordance with the user experience mainly depends on our mind, if we want to build a website that will sell things when we do the user experience should be focused on: the product (service), quality assurance, customer service, contact to the fastest speed to show the convenience of visitors before there is operation, obviously I don’t have the potential of site analysis……

in the construction site before to think how to promote! This is very important.


maybe you still thinking whether I need to do business. Would you please read another article about the "Shanghai dragon and network marketing personnel standards" continue to read the content that I believe you will understand more, if you think I need to build a website, then please continue reading, and pay attention to what I said before the need to consider the network station construction points (I believe this is the person in charge of the enterprise as you are most concerned about the issue of

based on the above analysis the problem and some previous sentiment summed up several companies need to pay attention to in the construction site before things:


customers to consult me about matters [Shanghai Longfeng and site ranking in this does not release the names of today, this article for the Changchun Shanghai Dragon ( Cactus original released in A5 to reprint please indicate the personal website: Changchun Shanghai dragon], after the analysis of his website mainly found the following three questions:

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