By analyzing the news source website optimization need to avoid problems

Of course, the use of

news source in Shanghai Longfeng optimization although a great help, but there are also easy to let owners worry about things, and that is the news source itself is not stable, often let many webmaster investment ventures, which is mainly reflected in the following two aspects.

news source optimization to circumvent the problem

as the site of the chain optimization is more difficult to obtain low cost chain channels of high quality basically has been blocked, plus the common soft Wen in the Forum: the effect is not great, unless it is to be part of the potential flow, you want to make your site get better ranking, small class Forum soft Wen often effect. So now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work personnel began to look at the news source.

news source of the website optimization, it is necessary to mention the issue of investment, the overall investment costs, the news source is still far below the Shanghai bidding and love investment optimization of Shanghai dragon end. Because of the high weight news source can make the website optimization effort, it is possible to obtain a better ranking in a short time, although from the investment point of view, than the simple pseudo original and hand chain comparison, there will be some improvement, but the price is higher, which is why many webmaster love the important reason for news source optimization.

The error of


is one of the source of the news channel selection errors, now many news sources to promote the optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng own, at the same time there are many of these platform editors hope to gain more benefits, and some of these news source sites hope to get more benefits through this role, but are often not willing to for publishing more news source advertising is love Shanghai right down, losing the news source qualification, so many sources of news website just opened up a few channels for publishing news source soft, so it often leads to the news source soft is not stable, and the weight should be discounted.

use the news source to optimize the advantages of

news sources included the effect is very good, and very easy to be in love with Shanghai home, and the news source soft can take a variety of hyperlink and text links, although the news source is not able to quickly make their site ranking up, but because there are none of your website information for a long time in Shanghai love home page, so you can make the site to get more exposure, if sprocket plus the construction of news sources, to smell source to high weight news source by low power, between each other, this time on the site of the rankings is of great help, but also can let you the website address can be more lasting appear on the home page.

Optimization of

to the news source, the news source in the website optimization can indeed play a positive role, many owners think the news source is just a kind of chain construction, and so on various Internet plagiarism "

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