Talk about themselves after the site was K.

analysis of the log, I believe we all understand that if the site really no structural problem, then love Shanghai will definitely come back, then on the back is to watch the web log, after all web log is to explain their own space, is to look at what time the old spider came to our site, see what >

traction two: the links from

mentioned above make space down the right site, but if not open one day, then I believe one day can come back, but when the site right down time to influence Links, then has expanded, after all, Links is a fundamental, but when the site right down a large number of links, are likely to have this kind of situation, try to think at the same time disappear a lot of links on the site itself is a kind of hurt, and when the Links as a main link, effects do not have to say, nature of the website again under attack, if just one last time a slight drop right, then Links is directly to the Shanghai judge add fuel to the flames! Love, here is simply to solve it and it is diluted Links weight, Don’t let the Links acting as the main part of his site outside the chain, if one day the site out of the question, so Links is a wave of oil, burn directly to your site, so be sure to dilute the Links part, after all Links cooperative relationship, are the main points of interests of both sides, other forms of the chain must to do, must do well, can not let Links part affect the overall situation, this is after they must pay attention to the place.

on space, should be the direct cause, after the space was closed for a day, then the site is a problem, of course, the direct reason lies in the space, the space problem is we have already noted, however, there are some problems are inevitable, then get the whole space is closed for a day, then home directly without lost, helpless, space, an old topic, why always appear in these times, when a spider, space! Not one day when you stand, what do you think of, say, the station is not good faith, cannot access a day, no food to eat and this is the reason it should now be at that time, the space is closed, make the problem now, so please pay attention to space, after all, some of the problems is qianyifaerdongquanshen.

love Shanghai included for 0, just love Shanghai checked, helpless, to drop the right is always very tangled, have to say about their website drop right and K problems, some recent behavior may also influence the love of Shanghai, may affect it to the problems included the website, or your website down right, but there are some things must be written to more understanding of the gold pen, also has its own deep feeling on this problem.

is one of the direct reason: feeling, space.

, expand the influence

traction three: log analysis, re latent

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