The content of the website included four steps how will the spider keep at home

two steps: high quality web content

has stressed that the quality is high, because the search engine is to judge the quality of the content of the website. The quality is high, given its attention is more natural. Such as: the nature of the content of the words, screening, semantic repeat degree, will be the search engine on content quality criteria. What kind of content is high quality content? The first word is not just a few words can be concluded. In general, the best maintained at more than 500 words, or three hundred or four hundred words can describe what kind of reason? And repeat, the main screening is an original content, as everyone knows, the original content, search engine is always given a high degree of concern. At last, with natural semantics, with natural language text, is cheating and do false original screening rules. If the content of the website to meet the above demand a little weight, the search engine will undoubtedly give generally higher than general website, even without the weight of new sites, included will soon, which is why the new station can reach the second one of the reasons.

high quality sites, there is usually a performance: the content included in a timely manner, way to protect a timely original content is indexed by search engines, on the other hand, instant communication in the Internet, it is bring incalculable opportunity for web site traffic. Therefore, the content of the second has become the common desire to hope the process of construction. Although people say, new sites can also close second, but how many people can guarantee the long railway station is the second on? But the second is not representative of high weight, but on the other hand, has a high weight website, the content can be seconds. These sites generally have a constant rule: you can put the spider T24 "raise" home. How to build a lasting weight can raise spider web site? If you are interested may wish to read as follows:


one step: reasonable structure of

to make the site quickly recognized by search engines, the first step is to do the content of the chain, the more important is to optimize the structure, more conducive to search engine for content index. Whether in the long-term development, optimization of the imperfect will always restrict the height of ranking. If the design is reasonable: robots.txt file, shield useless or repetitive content; use nofollow tags to shield the dilution page keyword to the search engine, but of no great importance of hyperlinks; page check whether there is a dead link, and not conducive to the search engine. The H tag page whether proper or not; this search engine is very important; and the weight distribution of navigation is reasonable, not some home is right down, many of them are so caused; the chain optimization is in place, such as the addition of 3-5 related links, so that the search engine’s index; whether the site make a site map, easy fast indexing search engine. In short, the structure optimization is beneficial to the search engine, the more you use, the effect is better.

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