Optimization techniques of mobile e-commerce site

2: let your users have the option to switch to the desktop at any time. Add one can view the whole web links at the bottom of the page can be very good to improve the availability. The desktop version of this link can be dynamically pointing to the current page.

2: try to reduce unnecessary steps in the purchase process, will increase your conversion rate.

4: use the shopping cart and checkout in each page has a button, convenient for the user to complete the purchase.

3: the content page content try not to be too much, do not force the user to scroll to view multiple segmentation of the page, or you can use the jQuery tag to reasonable in the limited space within the organization.

1: create a mobile site for you >

The number of users of

availability is very important for intelligent mobile phone. Here are some tips to improve usability, can help you reduce the bounce rate and improve your mobile phone users to buy satisfaction.

if your business is related to mobile e-commerce enterprises or APPS, then your aim is to reduce your bounce rate and improve the conversion rate. In order to achieve this, you must have the correct mobile phone website optimization. I will share in this article in your skills and experience to optimize the mobile e-commerce site.

from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the mobile e-commerce site some technical tips will help you to have a good ranking and visibility in search engines.

3: if your business is a real place, take a position based function (GPS) can make your site has the advantage in the mobile device, which will help you find the store location in the nearest distance to the user.

once you make your mobile users have a good user experience, your next goal is to let them buy. In order to enable users to easily transfer, we can be important to consider the following:

1: product details, such as product evaluation, will affect the user’s buying decision.

1: optimization of breadcrumb navigation products and categories including the top results page, these features enable users to more easily browse your entire mobile e-commerce store.

intelligent mobile phone every day with the astonishing rapid growth. At present, people not only can send messages through mobile phone calls or emails, more important is the mobile phone has become a tool for them to buy. According to comScore survey, there are 2/3 intelligent mobile phone users have used mobile phone to buy anything. Intelligent mobile phone currently has a first-class buy tools, because there are many websites or mobile phone APPS is designed to make the price comparison, product reviews and is convenient for users to find nearby shops to buy.

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