Station group optimization papers how to use the software management system of station group

The essential factors of > ;2, ;

stations from the first site to start

above 9 conditions is the operation of the site, here in Luoping called Shanghai dragon website.


Daily website Shanghai Dragon:

is a website to survive, must have 3 conditions:


has the ability to make a living website;


content value is

, must have 3 conditions:

, 3 station program.

3, learning ability, self-motivated, have a sense of responsibility.

1, have the ability to give birth to a website;

following previous work in Luoping has built the website group in A5 published two articles, an article is about how to avoid home is right down the problem: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110509/339728.shtml; we are interested can refer to the reference, and we know that the station is very particular about the sprocket strategy, before this I also share about Pyramid sprocket strategy map introduced: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110503/337719.shtml; characteristics of Luoping station group today analysis software management system: if you want to ask what is the use of Luoping station group software, I am sorry No comment., because the market is not for sale, my friend made software, he is a software engineer, making all kinds of software is his hobby, ha ha, today’s topic is how to use the software management system to replace the manual more stations The new website.

just personal website on the Shanghai dragon view, think Luoping is summed up in these 9 conditions, but how to make a web site by the search engine, favored by the majority of users love, and reflect the value of the site, create more wealth, and the network management station on the site in the process of operation strategy related to Luoping have also only sparse shallow knowledge, please understanding not further elaborated. Luoping Shanghai Longfeng blog theme in this article on how to use: station group software management website, and the rankings to get traffic to make money, so it was referred to as the website of Shanghai dragon.

operationThe birth of a web site

station group, what is the station group? In fact and website is the same, and not to say what special, special is the number of stations in more than tens to hundreds, the most important purpose is to use the station group promotion website weight.

a webmaster, also must have 3 conditions:

The work of the 2

1, the theme of

1, the domain name

stations from the first site to start

space; operation

3, the search engine love.

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