Shanghai dragon Er remember the great leap forward in the optimization process do not implement


optimization is also more than 2 years, more than 2 years from the time the first rookie to now, to optimize the definition, it is able to gain a foothold in this industry. As far as I know now eighty percent of the site is through the optimization to realize the promotion of any company, I have stayed at their Shanghai Longfeng work as the most important part of marketing, today I will talk about our Shanghai dragon ER in the optimization process need to pay attention to

: the first optimization to pay attention to. Shanghai dragon is a boring job, exercise is a patient work! We are all in the process of Shanghai dragon "follow the chain for the emperor, the chain is king" the truth, but many people insist for a long time in the process found no effect to give up, or find a reason to say that this domain is not old domain name the domain name is K, or the reason and so on! In fact in my web site optimization, old and new domain name, domain name, K domain name space, foreign domestic space, space junk I have these web sites to the front, the reason is I persist, there is some certain factors on the domain name space. But the main factor is the main content of the site itself, provides much practical value for the user! So any website stick to it, to find a method to optimize NO1 it is very easy to.

second: attention to detail optimization. Details determine success or failure, the details determine the key, perhaps to our Shanghai dragon Er is more a day to master the course, we not only optimize the details in the external construction results, but from the site itself, for the construction of Shanghai Longfeng details especially the reasonable establishment, the site itself in the picture chain site general layout format, description the words, the norm of the written code. This is our details, a good web site no matter from which is a look, these details are decided after your workload, a lot of friends only to website function, and ignoring a lot of code, easy to grab a spider program! This hope everybody can draw attention, even a successful web site the construction of the chain how successful internal do not good enough, so he will work in the future to spend a lot of time to fill in the gaps. So the chain is also very important.

today we came to this 3>


third: focus on Optimization method. Other way we go easy, Shanghai dragon is also a way to find a good method, but also a very important aspect of excellent means of learning from others. For the true Shanghai Longfeng, a suitable method to achieve the ultimate you will have the same effect, such as we do in the chain, while, we write soft will not care about the chain, but how many soft, published where quality, which not only from each other’s website, PR, outside the chain, the weight and volume of comprehensive index analysis and this will make our effort! Method, everybody has a habit, find their own optimization methods are particularly good at is perhaps a very happy thing, because he can make your job easy!

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