Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning why become a paper talk

positioning problem of the occupation of Shanghai Dragon

as the saying goes, attitude is everything, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners generally has what kind of psychological? The first is a negative attitude to the future occupation of Shanghai dragon is more confused, is now Shanghai dragon is difficult than before, in fact, is the love of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Shanghai requirements more and more high, plus like the chain specialist treatment itself is poor, resulting in a lot of the chain Commissioner be negative. The second is the utilitarian attitude, always want to ask for the moon, of course everyone wants to do up the rankings quickly, so that not only appreciate your leadership, more it is making more money faster, but now the love Shanghai optimization to great effort can quickly get good rankings. Young people impetuous psychological understandable, but over time you will feel for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love is a magical search engine, so everything is possible, the right to be reduced, K stations are not afraid, as long as not to cheat, generally can be restored. But sometimes the required time is too long, may your client or boss can’t wait until that day. Third is not a positive attitude, that is used to copy and paste the day of hardships for the worst, though not so serious, but this attitude is enough to make you back.

? Shanghai dragon

you do not know the orientation of Shanghai Longfeng occupation is how, is IT or senior white-collar migrant workers? Is dependent on the love life of Shanghai and Google forced people? ZAC said not to Shanghai Longfeng people as technical personnel, and see themselves as marketing staff, how to think how to through the Internet to sell the product, this is the real reason of the existence of Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon get traffic from love in Shanghai, then flow into the order, in addition to Shanghai dragon there are many network promotion means, to operate a site, Shanghai dragon is part of a combination of online and offline, let your website traffic flowed. For the future of Shanghai dragon.


: the first Shanghai dragon practitioners mentality


practitioners almost are starting from the Commissioner of the chain, is different and some people do the chain Commissioner in recent years, some people can become ashamed of the leadership, is the author of almost two years as a Commissioner of the chain, so a lot of Shanghai dragon called themselves IT migrant workers. In fact, not many young people with the Shanghai dragon no occupation standard, perhaps at the beginning you want to be like ZAC industry of God, but later learned that God after all the whole industry only a few. Then you might want to mix a head like leadership, at least the rich. After the day you will slowly kill, you gradually forget your purpose, you forget your plan, you forget your dream. The status quo, and live, which became the reason you know ahead. Why are there so many Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning become a paper talk is plan

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