Jon.Z the importance of good title to the website you how to write the title

buy bags the intention of people focus on "what is popular this year", "summer fashion trends and fashion bags" and other words;

search engine:

understand the cosmetics information people focus on the "national quality inspection administration announced substandard cosmetics list", "a certain cosmetics brand new experience sharing" and other words;


judge a good title for the simple standard is to observe the expression of the theme clear and accurate, but also eye-catching has a higher click rate.

How to write the title:

first, a good title will give you what? More likely to attract attention, the target flow more accurate, more easily search rankings and so on;

talk about the title or articles have been written in too many to count, this text, I have searched for related content, generally written have some limitations, from the writing point of writing, from the search engine optimization perspective, the feeling is not comprehensive enough to read, so fragmented. Today I have a concept of adding the trimmings here, don’t talk about generalities, just to share my own experience:

to write a good title to start from your audience analysis, understand your receipt, to select a good entry point of view, they are most interested in collecting the text please you. In addition, some common words itself has very strong eye appeal, such as what "10", "magic", "recommended", "free", as well as some kind of attack with meaning words and so on. Here are some titles I used, some may seem very popular, but often very effective:

is a high rate of the title itself is one of the elements of search engine ranking. For professional SEO people he should know the natural ranking in search of the top 10, in statistics about first and second, third and subsequent qualifying click rate distribution is not the same, usually is the first hit rate is far higher than that of the subsequent qualifying hits, if your article on the list, but because the title of the outstanding lead hits in qualifying row with higher you good article, search engine will think your article has value to the users, so what do you think will improve your search engine ranking effect is a conclusion?.

for the beauty of the human population will focus on "the beauty Master vinegar experience sharing", "10 minutes to make your skin white and other words.

for visitors

a good title to the visitors in the decision to determine whether or not to read your article a second time, in fact, this habit in common life, because only belong to the sense of completion is not easy to find, that such a Title How to write it? If you are editing a student, you must have some experience, if not, then I also behind the simple list of some ideas for reference.

The title for the

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