7 questions to be taken care of when using shlf1314 Adwords keyword advertisingSina blog Web2.0 anal

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think the concept of boom of Web2.0 last year, and, bokee, Kijiji and Donews, a time is raging like a storm, lively and full, but with sina now national enthusiasm than a blog, it is not the lack of a tiny bit. And then Sina, is quiet, and basically did not take the initiative to join the concept of Web2.0 what, willing to be countless articles as "boat difficult U-turn" of the old Web1.0 forces criticized. It is almost a time, under the banner of "celebrity blog" banner, Sina sprint Web2.0 cake for bigger.

question four: using generalized keyword

before that, we talked about Web2.0, referring to Blog, and more emphasis on the importance of regular users as content providers, emphasizing centralization, emphasizing the transition from "read" to "write". From the point of view, Sina such traditional portal, does not have the advantages of rapid transformation, in advertising as the main revenue direction determines the Sina must continue to attract eyeballs and click as your goal. But the combination of sina and Web2.0 media themselves is very clever, the use of celebrity appeal, the original content transfer center from sina to editorial content to the attention of the majority of Internet users on the "celebrity". On the one hand, these celebrities attracted to their own service platform and provide a full set of promotional strategy, Sina has been in a dominant position to lead the trend; on the other hand, whether it is a celebrity among the controversy, or Fans banner, and indeed the users contribute more in the rolling snowball for sina. In the process of "Blog elitism", Sina has consolidated its core status as Web1.0 by means of Web2.0.

of course, I don’t just mean the number of keywords. Many people use their favorite tools to conduct research on the key words, pick out the search frequency before 10 or 20 of the highest keyword or phrase, and by these keywords to defeat all opponents, talent shows itself. It is precisely because almost everyone in the spare no effort to bid for these keywords, it will lead to these keywords so hot. The results of these keywords will also increase, bidding high staggering. In fact, there is a better way, that is, select hundreds of, preferably thousands of opportunities to get higher ranking words.

shlf1314’s Adwords keyword ad is really a great tool! If used properly, you can attract a large number of highly targeted customers, and let them crazy procurement of your products. But on the other hand, if you’re not careful, keyword advertising is also the place to empty your advertising fees. Like any other automated system, Adwords keyword ads also require constant input and attention, which prevents us from losing more than we can afford to invest in a large amount of advertising costs, but has received very little in return. Here are some of the problems I’ve noticed.

think, if we have nearly two thousand words, of which most can get the top 8 or the first page of search results good rankings, so in the fierce bidding and chasing those expensive words, although these words for cheap, but often can bring us more traffic. Step back and say, even if we only have hundreds of low bid keywords, and even every word every day only these words bring us a few visitors, also add up is not a small number, you see!

is most worthy of pity and are filled with "and set up", can’t let Sina jijieshishi sing to play, can only say that the gap.

problem two: the ad group

recent blog circle, because of the involvement of sina, almost immediately on smoke filled. Luo and Han Han, their face is a lot of controversy more than the opponent, coupled with the popular Xu Jinglei, Pan Shiyi, Zheng Yuanjie et al., sina is a celebrity blog circle, immediately attracted millions of eyeballs, can not help but lament the power of capital. keywords

, this feature should never be missed! It helps us to focus more effectively on advertising. By focusing around the key words in the ad groups of 10 to 30 words and creating ad headlines for each of them, we can see what keywords are good for advertising, and vice versa. It also provides us with a good opportunity to test different content, advertising headlines and text content.

a problem. The lack of

, maybe Tim, O, Reilly never thought of it, and the concept of Web2.0 can be interpreted like this. And that explains Web2.0’s embarrassment as a concept of being fired.

it’s also necessary, and it’s very easy. Just add -free or any other don’t want it to appear at the same time with the search word, thus avoiding the burden of those facts of your advertising is not interested in people who click on your ad and the advertising expenses.

when we spend money for it, especially when it comes to a highly competitive market, we tend to try to know as accurately and as precisely as possible. >

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

problem three: the lack of reverse keyword

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