Ceng Yuwen the construction of the chain should be formulated according to demand

, the chain is to see a spider

! website promotion !

spider since it is not, so even if you write a good article, he also can’t understand! Although the search engine technology has been constantly improved, but now the spider can really like that read the article is wonderful, whether the original certainly can not?. A site from others to copy of the article, put in front of you, you can not distinguish whether to write their own! Besides is a small spider! When we send outside the chain site in others, use tool! Pseudo original tools are not always available to everyone know after the original article, the readability will be worse, but to see absolutely no problem! If you send the chain is to write every single word or phrase original, no matter how strong your writing skills, a day to write two or three articles, you are great! But it is not only a waste of time, and let your

chain is self-evident in Shanghai dragon, which high weight website does not have strong support the chain? Strong chain of a website weight lifting and keyword ranking to take an important role! But the chain is only immutable and frozen many friends? No matter what station. Are in accordance with their original method, a strength of hair hair! In fact, in my opinion, the chain should make decisions according to their own needs! What cannot stand is to use the same method to build the chain! With you about today for an understanding of the

SNS links is generally no effect! Such as kaixin001贵族宝贝 and renren贵族宝贝, because the contents are the contents of the privacy of customers! Are shielding search engine spiders! But we have to consider the charm of viral marketing! This is not the chain of 10 Fen relations for the website weight! But for the sale of the product. Promote the brand, can not be ignored that the expert

brand is not innate! Is acquired through promotion, build and packaging out! The external in large site chain. Such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, 163 other large portals, a chain, not only the weight of keywords, on the website of the rankings have a great impact, and it is a "person"

The is very hard!

four, large portal brand

three, SNS

two, that is to see and to customers see spider

if an article can promote your website and give your site to bring the weight, the chain quality of this type can be said than above only to see that the spider, the quality must be high! Because the quality determines whether users to browse your site of interest, whether you are interested in the product, a killer of the article, often will let you play an unexpected surprise! Like this chain to the correlation between the general web site, such as your site is the desktop wallpaper, you go to the desktop wallpaper blog, forum post, not only a high correlation, and the user of this also interested in


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