For the optimization of personnel have some basis for how to improve themselves

we read to understand the knowledge system of Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai optimization guide proposed "proposal" is actually should focus on the mastery of the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er novice should learn carefully, one by one sentence read these guidelines, and then refer to the knowledge of the other Shanghai dragon. The optimization guide is updated, it is able to provide love Shanghai optimization of the latest trends and tendencies, if I really want to provide an optimized standard white paper love Shanghai optimization is undoubtedly the best medicine.

third is a shortcut, but be careful to choose training. Any industry there are some training institutions, especially the Internet so developed, a variety of training, online and offline training dizzying, before he also think to attend a training class, but gave up the idea. Here, the author also advises a new Shanghai dragon, actually the training do not want you so perfect, the training of deep water. Especially some well-known institutions, their words are not optimized to the industry, you don’t expect them to give you what, so its better to find their own self the books. Of course, the author is a trick like this here and so the training institutions is not negative, but in the current training market, this situation is too much. So, in the choice.

as soon as possible?

first, love Shanghai guide to find the answer to the question. Optimize the staff love Shanghai optimization guide especially suitable for a certain basis, love Shanghai love Shanghai outline optimization guide is to optimize the search engine, website for details, details you never attention have a very clear statement, you have to do is really hard to read.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er optimization basis, but sometimes for their site ranking ups and downs, always not very good grasp of this time, we should improve our that? Well, we have a base, in fact Shanghai dragon is important thinking, you can optimize the success often depends on where you are the industry, so how to improve the

second, looking for some books of Shanghai Longfeng system upgrade. Why are you as a dabbler, optimized website page third neither dead nor alive around second, is not to enter the home page, as well as you know to do the content and the chain, the user experience, but why your technology as well as others, the author thinks that the lack of systematic knowledge guide, like a barrel, the the height of the water depends on the minimum of the plank, if I recommend some books to you. Here recommended Zac "code", "Shanghai dragon combat" Shanghai dragon art teacher, Zac itself is dean of Shanghai dragon world, white hat method has been used in the optimization process of their own blog, his blog lasting the word Shanghai Longfeng do love sea home, this have some excellent practical experience it is difficult to complete, so the learning materials is really very comprehensive, authoritative, so it’s worth the novice to read Shanghai dragon a.

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