How the on-line sites rated:

first_imgRating Very jolly. The animated type is fun the firsttime but after a while became annoying but it’s quick to download. The homepage makes it clear that there are a good range of incentives on offer and theNational Insurance and tax information is clearly written and easily accessedfrom the outset. A few things irritated us along the route of choosing a gift,such as having to scroll down to get to a proceed button but placing an ordertakes a matter of minutes. Our only beef was that we ordered £97,000 worth ofchocolates and then didn’t seem to be able to cancel this once we selected itbut this could be because we were using a dummy account. Rating The intention behind it is ambitious but itoffers a high degree of functionality and is a heavyweight system. It is welldesigned and easy to find your way around. Employees log on and are taken totheir section of the site, which has a personalised MyBenefits interface. Againthis is well designed and the copywriting on the site is good, explainingthings in easy language. Throughout the site does a good job of building arelationship with the individual. We saw working demos of its interactivity,such as being able to alter your pension contribution by simply keying the newamount in a box and clicking. Overall, the site is impressive and evidently alot of thought has gone into its usability but then again, you’d expect this ina site of this stature. Rating The site works well and the design is clean.eDefined has done a fair amount of usability testing and it does a good job ofbuilding up a relationship with the customer. It also addresses their needsimmediately, letting a user choose which car they want at which price. We didnote there weren’t as many cars available as we thought there might be andwould get a fed up of repeated “cannot match your search criteria”messages coming up. eDefined acknowledges this on the site and you can requesta car and it will go off and search for it. Comments are closed. What is it? A concierge system for time-starvedemployees to readdress their work-life balance. It acts as a middleman betweenthe employee and the service they require, which ranges from booking theatretickets to keyholding. Cost is £55 per month per employee. is it? An on-line reward and incentive shop,selling everything from flowers and chocolates to gift vouchers and trips to ahealth farm. It can accessed on the Internet by individuals or account holdersor can be branded on an intranet. Rating It’s impossible to glean from the site howwell Enviego works since it is merely an interface to a range of services itoffers (prospective clients are able to trial the system properly). It’s aminimally designed interface which takes the user quickly through to the rangeof services available. After choosing the service you want a list is given ofoptions to book. These aren’t as comprehensive in some sections as we expected– one trainer was listed in Health and Beauty and a single dog walker underpets. What remains to be seen is how it will cope with demand when the servicetakes off. Service providers are linked to the Enviego system whichautomatically notifies them of a job request. Enviego collates and compares thequotes submitted and then forwards them to the users for approval. We didn’tactually book a service but given that the suppliers are all linked to thesystem, it should work well. is it? A dedicated pensions administration site,which can be accessed by both HR and the employee. It takes daily digital feedsfrom each of the pension providers it deals with and is able to calculate thevalue of a fund at any time, day or night. We accessed a working model withinthe Smith & Williamson site. the overall cost is calculated to be withinthe stakeholder cap of one per cent and Swipe, which developed the site willcharge a fee of £1,000 to install its software. How the on-line sites rated: www.edefined.comOn 23 Jan 2001 in Personnel Today What is it? Web Award Redemption Programme (Warp) is aglobal on-line reward scheme. Employees can log on to a tailored area on thesite to select and choose an award. We were able to access Nortel’s section ofthe site to see it in action. Price on application. Rating Nortel’s site shows how flexible Warp is andit was well tailored to the needs of this particular client. The overall lookand feel is impressive but it is a bit over-designed in places – areas of thesite took a while to download which is frustrating. It aspires to giving theemployee an enjoyable shopping experience and succeeds in doing so – youcertainly feel like you’re being rewarded. However, you need to make sure allemployees have been given lessons in navigation or they may otherwise stumblearound the site. If you have offices around the world and want to streamlineyour reward programme, this is certainly worth looking at and the veryimplementation of a system such as this would show employees that you are verycommitted to rewarding them. www.eurobenefits.comWhat is it? It claims to be the first digitalflexible benefits system. Designed for employees and HR departments to view andmanage their benefits package at any time. It’s Internet-based but users can berouted through a company intranet. We were shown a working model of the site.The cost is £100 per employee per year. Start-up price is on application. Related posts:No related photos. What is it? An on-line used car buying site for employees,which, typically, is accessed via a company’s Intranet. It attempts to addressthe imbalance between those who do and don’t get a company car and increase thescope for voluntary benefits. Previous Article Next Article Unfortunately, we were unable to gain access to the Motivanosystem because of client confidentiality but, as one of the market leaders,feel it should be included. Motivano takes a holistic approach to benefits andrewards and offers clients a complete range of on-line and offline tools tohelp implement a benefits system. It has negotiated a number of deals withbenefit providers and also offers discounts on a range of perks from cinematickets to holidays. We like the fact that the system can be managed via afully branded intranet. It claims to have signed up 250 clients in the pastseven months and that it can install a system in a matter of days. Rating Although the design lacked some of thesophistication of, we preferred the simpler approach. It doesexactly what it claims to and is extremely easy to use for an employee. You cancut straight to your own personal details via a home page login and withinminutes we were tinkering with the contributions in our dummy fund via the“What-if” option. We upped our monthly contribution by £50 and within 30 secondsa What-If fund analysis box appeared on screen next to our original one, so itwas easy to compare the two. There is also a handy glossary of pension terms,written in plain English.last_img read more

Lib Dems’ survey reveals high stress

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article The results of a recent survey among NHS trusts reveal stark evidence of howlow morale has sunkSix out of every 10 NHS staff say they are unable to cope with work-relatedstress and more than half feel that morale is not good, research has shown. The survey by NHS trusts of 80,000 NHS staff in England has been publishedby the Liberal Democrats. According to Paul Burstow, Liberal Democrat health spokesman, the findingsshowed NHS workers were “stressed out and overworked”. The surveyfound that 64 per cent of staff felt unable to cope with work-related stress,and 51 per cent said they did not feel morale was good within their trust,while 37 per cent did not feel adequately protected from abuse or attack whileat work. And 31 per cent did not believe they had sufficient training to do their jobadequately. “These surveys are a snapshot of the views of NHS staff; they will notmake pleasant reading for ministers. The results are stark evidence of how lowmorale has sunk is in the NHS,” said Mr Burstow. Occupational health nurses need to be at the centre of tackling the problemof stress in the NHS, argued Dr Amanda Kirby, a GP and expert panel member ofNeurolink, an independent body specialising in studying mental health problems.Particular problems faced by NHS workers that could exacerbate stressincluded the fact that recruitment of medical staff at all levels is an issue. NHS staff also often complained of feeling unappreciated or unable tocontrol their working environment, particularly when changes – oftenpolitically led – were being implemented, she added. OH departments could help the situation by ensuring there was a”cascade” of information, advice and education right the way throughthe system, tackling symptoms, causes and possible solutions to stress, sheadded. A seminar on dealing with conflicts in healthcare is being held inManchester on 20 June and 10 July in London.  It will look at tackling stress in the NHS, which, it says canoften be the result of dealing with difficult colleagues not difficultpatients. Lib Dems’ survey reveals high stressOn 1 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. last_img read more

Company director jailed for manslaughter

first_imgCompany director jailed for manslaughterOn 1 Jul 2002 in Personnel Today The surprise inspections during May led to enforcementaction being taken at more than half of the 444 sites visited. The case was the result of a joint investigation by theHealth and Safety Executive, Staffordshire police and the Crown ProsecutionService. Previous Article Next Article The two workers were killed in July 2000. They weredemolishing a tunnel kiln in Stoke-on- Trent when it collapsed, burying themunder tonnes of rubble. Comments are closed. Dave Boulton, HSE investigating inspector, said: “It isimportant to understand, if you are in charge of work activities and someone iskilled, you could be on trial for manslaughter.” George Brumwell, leader of the construction union UCATT,added: “This sentence should send shockwaves through the building industrywhere health and safety regulations are all too often ignored.” Brian Dean, director of Stoke-on-Trent firm Brian Dean,Builders and Civil Engineers, was sentenced in May to 18 months in custodyafter being found guilty of the manslaughter of Michael and Carl Redgate. The HSE’s campaign will continue across the country for thenext 12 months. It follows a similar blitz on sites in London, which led toenforcement action being taken against almost two-thirds of the 223 sitesvisited. Dean was also charged with failing to provide a safe systemof work and failing to provide information instruction, training andsupervision to ensure their health and safety. A director of a construction company has been sent to jailfollowing the death of two workers for which he was responsible. This is thefirst time a custodial sentence has been given in these circumstances. The HSE’s ‘blitz’ on construction sites that began in Aprilhas been continuing, with inspectors descending on sites in Scotland andnorthern England. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more


first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. PeopleOn 12 Nov 2002 in Personnel Today Christine Littler has been appointed head of HR and training at NCN ExpressParcels. Littler has more than 16 years’ experience in the overnight parcelsector, having spent 14 years with Nightspeed Services working through a numberof positions. In her new role, she will be responsible for the HR and trainingfunction focusing on employment law, employee relations and managementdevelopment. The company operates in the parcels sector of transport anddistribution. Law firm Dickinson Dees has recruited Simon Cassidy (pictured) as its newhead of HR. Cassidy is a graduate in psychology and has previously heldpersonnel and training roles at Northern Rock, Girobank and Darlington Collegeof Technology. The company has doubled in size over the last four years and amajor area of Cassidy’s role will be to ensure HR is represented in thestrategic framework. His remit will also include drawing up a clearlydocumented HR strategy. Richard Lockley has joined the HR department at pub chain Greene King. Hewill be the new training manager and will assume responsibility for themanagers in training scheme. Prior to joining the company, Lockley was thetraining and development manager for the retail division of Scottish &Newcastle. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

… in brief

first_img… in briefOn 1 Apr 2003 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. This week’s news in briefPT goes for glory Personnel Today has been nominated in two categories in the prestigiousPeriodical Publishers Association Awards for editorial and publishingexcellence. Our Refugees in Employment Campaign has been shortlisted in theEditorial Campaign of the Year category. Personnel will also be goingfor glory after being shortlisted for Interactive Business Magazine of theYear. rights delayedUnion learning representatives (ULRs) will have to wait atleast another month before gaining the same statutory rights as other unionofficials. The DTI is changing draft guidance that will clarify the remit ofULRs, which is due to go before Parliament later this month. compensationThe Strategic Rail Authority plans to compensate nine trainoperators affected by last weekend’s guard strikes by staff. Millions of poundsearmarked for rail network improvements will be used to cover company losesincurred by the two 24-hour walkouts by train guards over safety. under scrutinyThe National Audit Office (NAO) is to investigate the CriminalRecords Bureau (CRB) over delays employers have faced in checking theback-grounds of prospective staff. The CRB, set up in March 2002, has facedcriticism over its failure to cope with the volume of applications. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

On the move

first_imgThisweek’s on the moveAnnMcCawley, previously HRdirector at London Underground, has joined the Shaftesbury Society charity in the same role. McCawley will be bringing herextensive personnel experience to the Christian disability and community regenerationcharity.JackieBornor has joined spreadbetting firm IG Index as head of HR. She boasts 20 years experience in theindustry spanning roles at Cable & Wireless, the Woolwich and most recentlyas HR manager at global legal firm Clifford Chance.StuartFairbairn has beenappointed head of learning and development at the Tote gambling organisation.He joins the HR team from the Yates Group where he wastraining and HR manager. The new position has been created to reflectthe company’s increased commitment to the development of its people.JoBond has been appointed managing director of RightCoutts,the UK’slargest career transition and organisational consultingfirm. Bond has more than 27 years’ experience in the career management area, initiallyworking in HR for BA and 3i, before joining the management team at CouttsConsulting in 1994. Previous Article Next Article On the moveOn 14 Sep 2004 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Position Descriptions of Christmas Past

first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Are the multi-skilled, or the specialists among us, more future-proof & better equipped for organisational evolution?I believe there are two trains of thought on this. These days with organisations advocating agile or iterative processes, we have witnessed a shift in not just how we meet deadlines and time restraints but in our professional mentalities. Everything is quicker, processes more streamlined and we are always looking for ways to create new efficiencies as we all deal with ever changing goalposts on a day to day basis. With this we of course become more than just what our defined position descriptions would have meant 5 to 10 years ago and instead we must be broader skilled, dynamic, out-of-the-box problem solvers who have to turn our hands daily to tasks which historically wouldn’t have been ours.On the other hand, we have a growing trend of positions being broken up into several roles where in the past they may all have been taken care of by one position. An example of this could be the role of an internal recruiter. In years gone by, a recruiter would be responsible for the end to end process of finding candidates for any given role – engaging them, appropriately screening them, interviewing them, coordinating interviews with relevant hiring managers – and thereafter would also be responsible for “closing” or hiring. However these days, a large number of recruitment roles are broken up more distinctly into sourcing, recruiting and account managing.There is merit in both methods but I will be interested to see moving forward whether it is the specialist or the broader-skilled that demonstrates more staying power. Read full article center_img Position Descriptions of Christmas PastShared from missc on 19 Dec 2014 in Personnel Today Comments are closed.last_img read more

Financial services whistleblowing regime comes into force

first_img Previous Article Next Article Related posts: No comments yet. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.Comment Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website Financial services whistleblowing regime comes into forceBy Jo Faragher on 7 Sep 2016 in Financial services, Personnel Today, Whistleblowingcenter_img Photo: Global Warming Images /REX/Shutterstock New whistleblowing rules come into force today that apply to banks and building societies, and some investment and insurance companies. The new rules, introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority last year, are designed to encourage more employees to come forward if they suspect poor practice.Whistleblowing resourcesWhistleblowing: financial servicesApproved persons, senior managers and certification regimesWhistleblowing policyThey form part of the new Senior Managers Regime (SMR), which focuses on the behaviours of key individuals in financial services companies.Among the changes are the requirement for each company to appoint a senior manager as a whistleblowers’ champion and put in place internal systems to handle whistleblowing.The champion must be someone who is regulated as an accountable senior manager, such as a non-executive director.Financial services companies must also now produce annual reports on whistleblowing and update contracts and training to reflect their refreshed policies.The protection for whistleblowers will extend to anyone who raises concerns with the regulator, even if the concerns are not about a suspected breach of the rules.William Granger, partner at law firm Charles Russell Speechlys, said: “Firms and regulators must now offer more anonymity, which will make it harder to bury issues including in settlements with gagging clauses.“For employees, there is no regulatory duty to blow the whistle but there is increased liability for those that harm or obstruct whistleblowers.”The rules were introduced after calls for cultural change in banks in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, which exposed poor management and decision-making at a number of financial institutions.Granger added: “Effective whistleblowing policies will dovetail with a culture in which speaking up and challenging is normal and encouraged. Many firms are finding it easy to adapt. Others are finding cultural change a much longer process.“Some will do no more than pay lip service to the rules and remain at risk. Some say that the rules and risk of further toxic scandals will help catalyse change. Others say that protection for those who come forward is still insufficient and the personal risks too great, and so bad banks will again game the Regulations.”A recent analysis of FCA data by the law firm Pinsent Masons found that the number of whistleblowing cases dropped by 19% in 2015 – 1,104 whistleblowing cases were recorded in 2015, down from 1,367 in 2014, but up on the 948 cases reported in 2013.Michael Ruck, a senior financial services enforcement lawyer at Pinsent Masons, said: “Whether this reduction is entirely a direct result of the SMR is open to debate, but is a clear indication of individuals with senior management responsibilities taking the decision to terminate their roles in financial services firms, many of whom took the decision in light of the additional requirements and responsibilities under the SMR.” Features list 2021 – submitting content to Personnel TodayOn this page you will find details of how to submit content to Personnel Today. We do not publish a…last_img read more

Does your HR department need a solid HR software solution?

first_img Comments are closed. How does your organisation cope with the increasing demands on HR? The right software can facilitate your HR department and ease the pressure. But which systems suits your organisation best?This free information pack helps you to select and compare the best HR and Payroll solutions in the UK.The info pack will provide you with:Information on a tailored selection of HR solutionsAn extensive features checklistAn online interactive comparison toolInteresting literature on HR software implementationsA great service to get you started, 100% independent and free of obligations.Request your free HR software info pack now By registering for this information pack you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and to SelectHRM contacting you in relation to this bespoke report and its content. You also confirm that you have read our privacy policy and our cookie policy.First Name*Last Name*Email Address* Previous Article Next Article Telephone Number*Company Name*Address Line 1*Address Line 2*Postcode*Job Title*HR ManagerHR DirectorHR OfficerHR AdministratorHR ConsultantTraining/development ManagerTraining/development DirectorTraining/development OfficerTraining/development AdministratorTraining/development ConsultantTrainerMarketingLine managerCEO/MDOtherStudentUnemployedJournalistResearcherIf other please specifyCompany Size*1-45-910-1920-4950-99100-199200-499500-9991000-19992000-29993000-49995000-9999>10000Personnel Today Group may also contact you in the future about new products, events and services unless you object to receiving such messages by ticking the box below. Personnel Today will not pass your details onto any other third parties. Features list 2021 – submitting content to Personnel TodayOn this page you will find details of how to submit content to Personnel Today. We do not publish a…center_img Related posts: promoted Tick here Does your HR department need a solid HR software solution?On 1 Nov 2016 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

“Bullish on Japanese offices,” Sun Life unit plans $10B investment

first_imgShare via Shortlink BentallGreenOak CEO Sonny Kalsi (Getty) A unit of Canadian insurance giant Sun Life Financial says it will invest billions of dollars into the Japanese office market, betting on a post-pandemic rebound.BentallGreenOak plans to double staff in the country and invest $10 billion in Japanese property in the next three years, according to Bloomberg.As much as 70 percent of that money could go toward office properties in central business districts, said BentallGreenOak CEO Sonny Kalsi.“We don’t think that work from home is going to be a big long-term trend in Asia overall, and in Japan specifically,” Kalsi said. “That’s part of the reason we are bullish on Japanese offices — more so than any other market.”ADVERTISEMENTOther investors appear to agree. Investment in Japanese commercial real estate was up 27.6 percent in the first nine month of 2020 compared to the same period last year. Most other global cities saw a decline over that period.Blackstone is among those investors. The firm recently paid $1 billion for a portfolio of predominately Tokyo office buildings.The country has seen fewer cases of Covid-19 than many of its peers. As of mid-December, Japan has recorded 148 cases per 100,000 people compared to more than 5,000 cases per 100,000 in the U.S., according to CNN.Kalsi said that working together in an office is an important part of Japanese business culture, so employees will want to return.BentallGreenOak has spent around $968 million on Japanese properties this year and is working on a handful of other deals.[Bloomberg] — Dennis Lynch  Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedinShare via Email Share via Shortlinkcenter_img TagsCoronavirusJapanOffice Real Estatelast_img read more