The Disco Biscuits Wrap Up Explosive Washington, D.C. Weekend At The Anthem

first_imgOn Saturday, The Disco Biscuits returned to Washington, D.C. for a show at The Anthem, following an old-school Friday night dance party at the nearby Lincoln Theatre.The Disco Biscuits opened their first set with “On Time”, setting a trancey vibe for the evening. The four-piece worked into “Tricycle”, with Jon “Barber” Gutwillig laying down some intricate guitar solos behind Marc Brownstein’s thunderous bass groove. Aron Magner quickly joined in on the fun, firing off some space-like riffs on his synth. The band kept on pushing forward with an inverted “Aceetobee”, before smoothly transitioning into “Loose Change”. Allen Aucoin set the tempo for “Loose Change”, as Brownstein quickly found his bandmate to weave an intricate pocket, allowing Barber to take the lead. Barbs let it all hang out during last nights “Loose Change”, firing off a series of earth-shattering solos. The Disco Biscuits decided to sandwich their entire first set last night, bringing things to a close with “On Time”.Following a brief set break, The Disco Biscuits returned to open their second set with “Magellan”, following a “Magellan Reprise” encore the night prior. Magner led the band into “Magellan” with some delicate work on the keys, before Barber ran into the vocal segment of the song. The quartet invited the crowd on a breezy ride, that quickly turned into a more rowdy affair. Following “Magellan”, the band sandwiched “Munchkin Invasion” in between a hearty “Jigsaw Earth”, showcasing their innate ability to let loose and see where the music takes them. A colossal rendition of “Story of the World” with an inverted “Therapy” brought the improv-heavy second to an end. A lone encore of “Highwire” gave fans one last chance to boogie down, as The Biscuits ended their two-night Washington, D.C. weekend on a high note.Next up on The Disco Biscuits schedule is a three-night run next weekend at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY’s.For ticketing information and a full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates, head to The Disco Biscuits’ website.Setlist: The Disco Biscuits | The Anthem | Washington, D.C. | 1/26/2019Set One: On Time-> Tricycle-> Aceetobee (inverted)-> Loose Change-> On TimeSet Two: Magellan, Jigsaw Earth-> Munchkin Invasion-> Jigsaw Earth, Story of the Word-> Therapy (inverted)-> Story of the WorldEncore: Highwirelast_img read more

SMC presidential candidates discuss platforms

first_imgSaint Mary’s students gathered Wednesday night to listen to the platforms of the three potential student body president and vice presidential candidates.Junior Shannon Golden said her and fellow junior Margaret Faller’s Saint Mary’s pride led them to run for president and vice president, respectively.“I realized that I wanted to make every second here count,” Golden said. “I want every girl to feel the inclusion of the Saint Mary’s sisterhood and to be able to love the school as much as I do.”One of Golden and Faller’s main goals is to change the selection dates for Opus Hall, Saint Mary’s newest residence hall, from the spring to the fall of junior year, which they believe will make deciding senior housing an easier process.Golden and Faller also hope to increase the alumni relations network and show the Student Government Association’s support for every student-run organization. They hope to extend Angela Athletic Facility’s hours, promote healthy options in the dining hall and ensure everyone feels safe on campus.“We plan to address any and every concern that students have and bring it to security right away,” Golden said. “We want to be extremely proactive when it comes to this topic.”Juniors Kaitlyn Baker and Maddie Kohler, running for president and vice president respectively, also discussed safety on campus. They said they hope to fund a second Blinky driver, who will remain at Saint Mary’s after transportation has ended for the night.According to Baker, her position as Resident Hall Association president has taught her how to communicate effectively with students and how to set up activities.“I truly understand the demands of the position of student body president and what it means to be a leader,” Baker said. “I know I speak for Maddie and myself when I say we absolutely love all of you and all of Saint Mary’s. That really is why we’re up here today.”The pair said it hopes to reduce email clutter through the creation of a weekly newsletter that will keep students informed. Additionally, one of their goals is to establish personal bonds with everyone and remain open to suggestions while implementing their own changes.“We want to work with the student body to make sure that we can all call Saint Mary’s our home, a place where the food might not be as good as mom’s home-cooked meals, but with new healthy options — such as a veggie bar and a smoothie station — it isn’t far off,” Kohler said.Kohler and Baker said they will support bonding by initiating bowling events, trips to Chicago and ice-skating nights, as well as hosting the Navy Ball. The candidates said they will also limit paper use and fundraise for water-filtering stations in all academic buildings.“It is our goal to make next year the finest year of your college experience,” Baker said. “Your vote is the first step to having your voice heard.”Juniors Kristen Whalen and Breanna Elger said they also want to create a more environmentally friendly campus. Both transfer students, Waelin and Elger said they came to Saint Mary’s already knowing what it takes to promote sustainability across a college campus.Whalen and Elger said that their devotion to Saint Mary’s inspired them to seek the leadership positions of president and vice president, respectively.“While it’s arguable that our facilities might not be the latest and the greatest, the heart of each student at Saint Mary’s is what makes this school special,” Whalen said. “This passion for Saint Mary’s has compelled us to fully dive into the community.”The duo said it hopes to collaborate with Sodexo, the company that runs Saint Mary’s dining services, and expand the variety of food in the dining hall, as well as make the coffee machine in the library permanent.“We are excited to provide this no-cost luxury to our students, using our financial backgrounds to explore options for subsidization and alternative budgeting,” Elger said. “Additionally, we hope to partner with the document center to make color printing available for your personal use.”Whalen said economic transparency with tuition and extended hours at the Angela Athletic facility are among her and Elger’s priorities, but responding to the needs of students and more clearly defining what it means to be a Belle will always come first.“We hope to use our business experience to ally with admissions and to partner with the recent marketing firm they’ve hired to make a tangible description of the often unclear notion of what a Belle is,” Whalen said. “As Belles, you exude charisma, you have spunk, you have heart, and you have an iron will.”Voting took place Thursday on OrgSync and the results will be announced Friday.Tags: Breanna Elger, Kaitlyn Baker, Kristen Whalen, Maddie Kohler, Margaret Faller, Saint Mary’s College student body elections, Shannon Golden, SMC Electionslast_img read more

Pecan Blog

first_imgA pecan blog is helping University of Georgia Cooperative Extension horticulture specialist Lenny Wells reach growers in Georgia and across the world.Started in April 2014, UGA’s pecan blog addresses all issues concerning pecan production, including irrigation scheduling, common insect pests and scab disease. Wells, UGA Extension’s pecan specialist, says the blog was necessary due to Georgia farmers’ interest in pecan production. Once Wells began updating his blog regularly, enthusiasm for pecan production information grew. Over a 30-day period, Wells estimates the blog receives between 5,000 and 6,000 hits, or views. The blog also draws interest from readers in several South American countries, Australia, South Africa and India.The blog format makes sharing information easy and allows Wells to distribute information on specific topics at specific times throughout the season. “At different times of the year, you seem to have certain topics that everybody’s dealing with, and I’ll get a lot of calls on that one issue,” Wells said. “I thought the blog would be a good way to go ahead and get information out there, especially to the Extension agents. At a specific time each year, you can expect to see ‘this,’ ‘this’ is what’s going on and ‘this’ is what you need to do for it.”During the summer, one of Wells’ most popular posts covered is the water needs for pecans. Given the dry conditions Georgia has experienced since May, irrigation scheduling is essential to producing a desirable crop in the fall. “We’re getting into the time (of year) when water demand starts to increase. Growers want to know how much water to apply to get the nut size they want,” Wells said.Normally, insect problems and scab disease are relevant pecan-growing topics during the summer months. Fortunately for pecan growers, the drier temperatures and lack of rain in south Georgia in May and the first part of June has caused scab disease to taper off as compared to 2014.“It’s not as bad as we’ve seen the last two years. It started out looking like it was going to be because April was pretty wet, and we did start out seeing a fair amount of leaf scab out there. But it turned dry in May, and I think that has saved us,” Wells said. “So far, I haven’t seen any pecan scab to speak of. The crop looks to be in pretty good shape.”When the marketing season arrives, Wells will use the blog to provide growers information on where to go to find the price of pecans and to keep producers updated on the latest news in the industry nationwide.“I will try to update the blog at least once a week. At certain times of the year, I may update it two or three times a week. Then, in the offseason, I may do it a couple of times a month. It just depends on what’s going on,” Wells said. “During the growing season, I try to keep up with what’s going on with the crops and get information out there so people will know what to look for and what they need to be doing.”To access Wells’ pecan blog, go to read more

Vermont unemployment rate at 7.3 percent, job growth flat

first_imgTotalNumberNumberMay-09Apr-09May-08AreaLabor ForceEmployedUnemployedRate (%)Rate (%)Rate (%) VERMONT LABOR FORCE AND UNEMPLOYMENTLABOR MARKET AREAS BY RESIDENCE (Not Seasonally Adjusted)May 2009 Estimates Private Industries241.3241.5254.8-0.2-13.5-0.1-5.3Construction13.513.215.70.3-2.22.3-14.0Manufacturing30.931.135.1-0.2-4.2-0.6-12.0Durable Goods21.721.825.5-0.1-3.8-0.5-14.9Non-Durable Goods9.29.39.6-0.1-0.4-1.1-4.2Trade, Transportation & Utilities56.956.559.40.4-2.50.7-4.2Retail Trade38., Warehousing & Utilities8. Activities12.612.612.90.0-0.30.0-2.3Professional & Business Services21.120.823.20.3-2.11.4-9.1Professional., Scientific & Technical12.812.713.60.1-0.80.8-5.9Administrative Support & Waste8. & Health Services60.160.258.8-0.11.3-0.22.2Private Ed. Services13.513.613.2-0.10.3-0.72.3Health Care & Social Assistance46.646.645. & Hospitality30.831.232.9-0.4-2.1-1.3-6.4Arts, Entertainment & Recreation3.73.93.8-0.2-0.1-5.1-2.6Accommodation & Food Services27.127.329.1-0.2-2.0-0.7-6.9Other Services9. Government54.253.954. Government17.517.618.2-0.1-0.7-0.6-3.8Local Government30. May -09Apr-09May-08Apr-09May-08Apr-09May-08Total – All Industries295.5295.4308.80.1-13.30.0-4.3 Changes From May 2009April2009May 2008April 2009May2008 Total Labor Force361,000361,000355,00006,000Employment334,500334,700339,000-200-4,500Unemployment26,50026,30016,00020010,500Rate (%) s labor force, employment and unemployment statistics are produced from a combination of a Statewide survey of households and statistical modeling. The data are produced by the Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program (LAUS) a cooperative program with the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Vermont Department of Labor.Vermont Seasonally Adjusted Nonfarm Employment in ThousandsBY NAICSPrelim.RevisedRevisedChange From:% Change From: PRELIMREVISEDREVISEDCHANGES FROM% CHANGES FROMINDUSTRY BY NAICSMay-09Apr-09May-08Apr-09May-08Apr-09MAy-08TOTAL NONFARM295,650291,950308,4503,700-12,8001.3%-4.1%TOTAL PRIVATE239,250235,650252,2003,600-12,9501.5%-5.1%GOODS PRODUCING45,75043,95052,2001,800-6,4504.1%-12.4%MANUFACTURING30,85030,80035,10050-4,2500.2%-12.1%Durable Goods21,80021,75025,65050-3,8500.2%-15.0%Computer & Electrical Equipment Mfg.8,5008,5009,2500-7500.0%-8.1%Fabricated Metal Products Mfg.2,5002,5002,5500-500.0%-2.0%Non-Durable Goods9,0509,0509,4500-4000.0%-4.2%Food Mfg.3,8003,7503,90050-1001.3%-2.6%CONSTRUCTION14,05012,35016,2001,700-2,15013.8%-13.3%MINING & LOGGING85080090050-506.3%-5.6%SERVICE-PROVIDING249,900248,000256,2501,900-6,3500.8%-2.5%TRADE, TRANSPORTATION AND UTILITIES56,50055,45059,0501,050-2,5501.9%-4.3%Wholesale Trade9,9509,85010,300100-3501.0%-3.4%Retail Trade37,90037,15039,950750-2,0502.0%-5.1%Food & Beverage Stores10,0009,85010,100150-1001.5%-1.0%General Merchandise Store2,7002,7002,8000-1000.0%-3.6%Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities8,6508,4508,800200-1502.4%-1.7%Utilities1,7501,7501,750000.0%0.0%Transportation & Warehousing6,9006,7007,050200-1503.0%-2.1%INFORMATION5,5005,5005,7500-2500.0%-4.3%FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES12,65012,55012,950100-3000.8%-2.3%Finance & Insurance9,4009,3509,65050-2500.5%-2.6%Real Estate, Rental & Leasing3,2503,2003,30050-501.6%-1.5%PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS SERVICES21,25020,45023,400800-2,1503.9%-9.2%Professional, Scientific and Technical12,70012,70013,4500-7500.0%-5.6%Administrative, Support and Waste8,2507,4509,600800-1,35010.7%-14.1%EDUCATIONAL AND HEALTH SERVICES60,15060,20059,100-501,050-0.1%1.8%Educational Services13,55013,85013,400-300150-2.2%1.1%College, Universities and Professional7,1507,3507,150-2000-2.7%0.0%Health Care and Social Assistance46,60046,35045,7002509000.5%2.0%Ambulatory Health Care Services16,15016,20015,950-50200-0.3%1.3%Hospitals12,70012,65012,050506500.4%5.4%Nursing and Residential Care Facilities6,9506,9506,85001000.0%1.5%LEISURE AND HOSPITALITY28,00028,15029,900-150-1,900-0.5%-6.4%Arts, Entertainment and Recreation3,8003,2503,900550-10016.9%-2.6%Accommodation and Food Services24,20024,90026,000-700-1,800-2.8%-6.9%Accommodations7,7508,9008,100-1,150-350-12.9%-4.3%Hotels & Motels6,9008,2007,200-1,300-300-15.9%-4.2%Food Services and Drinking Places16,45016,00017,900450-1,4502.8%-8.1%OTHER SERVICES9,4509,4009,85050-4000.5%-4.1%GOVERNMENT56,40056,30056,2501001500.2%0.3%Federal Government6,5006,2506,2002503004.0%4.8%State Government Education8,1508,8508,350-700-200-7.9%-2.4%Local Government Education25,20024,85024,9003503001.4%1.2%Other State Government9,3509,2509,750100-4001.1%-4.1%Other Local Government7,2007,1007,0501001501.4%2.1%NOTE: DATA COMPLIED IN COOPERATION WITH THE U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS ESTIMATES ARE PRELIMINARY AND SUBJECT TO REVISION. SEE ANNUAL SUMMARY FOR DETAILSBeginning with the January 09 estimates CES has implemented a change to the Super Sector previously titled Natural Resources & Mining to Mining & Logging . It s merely a change of title to better reflect the true makeup of the Super Sector in CES.center_img Statewide Total – All Industries estimate is seasonally adjusted independently.Note: Beginning January 2009 Vermont will publish a seasonally adjusted Total-All Industries estimate for the Burlington – S. Burlington MSA.Produced by the Vermont Department of Labor in cooperation with the U.S Bureau of Labor StatisticsVERMONT(not seasonally adjusted) Barre-Montpelier29,40027,4501,9506.67.64.3Bennington13,55012,4501,1008.29.33.9Bradford5,0004,6503507.28.94.5Brattleboro23,80022,1001,7007.27.64.8Burlington-South Burlington114,300107,3506,9506.16.53.7Hartford20,05019,2508004.04.92.6Manchester12,10011,0501,0008.59.64.7Middlebury18,50017,2501,2506.77.83.8Morristown-Stowe20,65019,0501,6007.79.14.8Newport14,35013,0501,3009.211.16.1Randolph8,8508,1507508.49.05.5Rutland25,80023,1502,70010.49.96.0Springfield12,25011,2501,0008.38.94.5St. Johnsbury15,30014,1501,2007.79.84.5Swanton-Enosburg14,30013,2001,1007.59.04.5Warren-Waitsfield3,7503,5002506.96.33.2Woodstock3,7003,4502005.86.53.1Vermont Total357,950332,50025,4007.17.94.3 Note: Rate is unemployed divided by total labor force, expressed as a percent.Source: Vermont Department of Labor in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Burlington-S. Burlington MSA The Vermont Department of Labor announced today that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for May 2009 was 7.3 percent, unchanged from the revised April rate and up 2.8 points from a year ago. While the job market remained stable and the unemployment rate was unchanged, monthly job growth remained sluggish. Unemployment rates for Vermont s 17 labor market areas ranged from 4.0 percent in Hartford to 10.4 percent in Rutland. Local labor market area unemployment rates are not seasonally adjusted. For comparison, the May unadjusted unemployment rate for Vermont was 7.1 percent, down eight-tenths of a point from April 2009 and up 2.8 points from a year ago. The May unadjusted unemployment rate for Vermont was statistically different form the April rate. Job and employment levels remained stable in May, said Patricia Moulton Powden, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Labor. This is the second month in a row where job and employment losses have plateaued from the steep declines of 4th Quarter 2008 and early 2009. While we do not see any significant signs of job growth yet, the Vermont labor market is doing better than the US as a whole.Job GrowthIn May, we typically see seasonal job counts begin to rise after their 1st Quarter lows. Before seasonal adjustment, Total Non-Farm (TNF) jobs grew by 3,700 over the month, but remain down by 12,800 or -4.1% on an annual basis. This rate of annual loss is slower than what we saw in the revised April numbers (-5.3%). Construction, (+1,700 jobs or +13.8%) led the over the month growth. Retail Trade (+750 or +2.0%), Administrative Support & Waste, (+800 or 10.7%) also grew unadjusted jobs over the month. However, only Healthcare (+900 or 2.0%), Government, (+150 or +0.3%) and Education, (+150 or 1.1%) showed any annual improvement.When seasonally adjusted, May job levels were essentially flat, (+100 jobs) from April, but still remain down by 13,300 or -4.3% from May of 2008. The Construction sector grew by 300 seasonally adjusted jobs or 2.3% over the month. Administrative Support and Waste grew by 400 jobs or 5.2% driven by landscaping and temporary services. The Retail Trade sector grew by 200 seasonally adjusted jobs or 0.5% over April. Leisure and Hospitality and Manufacturing were the largest job losers, shedding 400 and 300 jobs respectively.Employment GrowthVermont s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was unchanged in May at 7.3 percent as a result of almost no change in either the number of employed, (334,500) or unemployed, (26,500) Vermonters. Vermont s observed May seasonally adjusted employment, unemployment levels and unemployment rate were not statistically significant from April. For comparison purposes, the US seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for May was 9.4 percent, up five-tenths of a point from the revised April rate of 8.9 percent.The preliminary estimates of nonfarm jobs for May, and the revisions to the estimates for November 2008 through April 2009, incorporate substantive changes made in the Current Employment Survey estimation procedures. These new procedures are designed to bring the aggregate monthly change in jobs for individual states into closer alignment with the change in national job counts reflected in the estimates produced and published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result of these changes, the November 2008 and forward estimates may not be totally comparable to previous months’ data. The impact of these changes in methodology will be better understood when we are able to make comparisons to Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. We expect to make these comparisons beginning in May of 2009. For details of these changes, please contact Andy Condon at the Vermont Department of Labor at 802-828-4153 or sends e-mail).Vermont Labor Force Statistics (Seasonally Adjusted) Total – All Industries109.4109.2114.40.2-5.00.2-4.4last_img read more

Port of Redwood City Dredging Project Included in the Plan

first_imgThe Port of Redwood City has just announced the allocation of $7.95 million from the United States Army Corps of Engineers Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Work Plan.As reported, this appropriation advances a critical federal dredging project in 2019, supporting the port operations, ensuring continued ship access to the port and furthering economic activity to the Silicon Valley region.“The funding of the channel dredging and federal investment into our region is great news for the Port of Redwood City, providing certainty that the Port continues to secure and expand maritime activities in the future,” said Lorianna Kastrop, Port Commission chair.The Port of Redwood City is the only deep-water port in the South San Francisco Bay, with a channel depth of 30 feet mean lower low water (MLLW), offering three deep-water berths and five wharves to support international foreign trade and maritime activities of the Silicon Valley region and west coast of the United States.Dredging throughout the port’s waterways and the San Francisco Bay Channel maintains and improves the width, depth and length to berth large vessels.The port recently announced their best year in history generating $8.6 million in revenue and over 2.3 million metric tons of cargo moving across the port docks, a 49% percent increase in cargo over the prior year. The last record-breaking year was in 2005, which generated 1.9 million metric tons of cargo. The port anticipates continued growth in revenue and cargo activities in 2019.last_img read more

Guardiola admits Man City squad needs rebuild this summer

first_img “Some players have to be replaced. But it’s not a disaster thing, or bad thing, it’s part of football for the age, for the normal situation and circumstances. “It happens in other clubs and players who are considered important players for the club decide to leave. They don’t want to be here – and that was the case for Jadon Sancho and Leroy (Sane), especially Leroy because Jadon Sancho was in the academy. read also:Guardiola eyes ‘incredible’ season end despite Premier League failure “We cannot do anything else, as a club, if guys don’t want to stay. They have to leave, we are not getting the best of these players if in their mind they are not happy here. “This is the first thing and the second is with the age. But it happened and we have to rebuild it. It happens at clubs around the world, you never can be eternal, and we have to accept it and try to take the right decisions as a club to try to maintain the level that we have.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… Promoted ContentOnly The Chosen Ones Can Appear On-Screen Even After Their Death6 Extreme Facts About Hurricanes10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooBest Car Manufacturers In The World20 Facts That’ll Change Your Perception Of “The Big Bang Theory”10 Of The Worst Celebrity Dads In HollywoodCan You Recognize These Cute Celeb Baby Faces?11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks7 Universities In The World With The Highest Market Valuecenter_img Pep Guardiola has admitted that changes will have to be made to his Manchester City squad at the end of the season. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola Liverpool were confirmed as Premier League Champions last week after they beat Crystal Palace 4-0 and City lost 2-1 against Chelsea. And Guardiola admits his squad needs a regeneration to go again next season. “It’s not for the lack of quality but for the absence of Vinny and David,” he said. “Dinho and Sergio have one year left, but I don’t know if they will extend or not.Advertisementlast_img read more

Women’s soccer: Final regular season game will bring No. 11 Penn State to Badger territory

first_imgThe University of Wisconsin women’s soccer team will finish their regular season this Wednesday against the No. 11 team in the nation, Penn State. The highest ranked Big Ten team will be the Badger’s last challenge before tournament play begins at the end of October. Penn State (10-3-3, 6-1-3) will visit the McClimon Track/Soccer Complex Wednesday to face No. 34 Wisconsin (11-4-2, 5-3-2).Women’s soccer: Badgers dominate Hawkeyes in final road challengeThe University of Wisconsin women’s soccer team took down the University of Iowa 3-0 Saturday evening in what was the Read…For Wisconsin, this game will be the final chapter of a regular season with abundant highs and lows. While the Badgers began the season 6-1 with a victory over then-No.3 ranked Virginia, the story has changed since conference play began. In their 10 Big Ten games thus far, Wisconsin has gone just 5-3-2, making for an under-performing year in the conference, with six of those contests going into overtime.However, the Badger women are coming off arguably their best win in over a month. Their 3-0 takedown last Saturday in Iowa was the largest margin of victory the team has had since their 3-0 victory against Drake on Sep. 7.The Badgers hope this victory against the Hawkeyes can be the spark for an offense that has been underwhelming for most of the season.  Wisconsin is hoping they can continue this upturn past Penn State and into the Big Ten tournament.Dani Rhodes looks to continue the leadership she showed in the previous contest against Iowa.  Rhodes hit her tenth goal of the season in the game and assisted Becca Harrison’s score with a deflection just minutes after.  After running various different formations throughout the year, it is clear that at this point Rhodes is the only consistent option on the offensive end.Rose Chandler, Penn State’s goaltender, will be a difficult obstacle for Wisconsin’s offense to overcome. Chandler has a .750 save percentage on the year and maintains an impressive 10-3-2 record.On the other hand, Wisconsin keeper Caitlyn Clem will look to end the regular season on a high note. After defending so many close contests of late, Clem must have felt relieved defending a three-point lead in the last game. Though Clem started off the year hot, she had slipped somewhat in her most recent contest, allowing two goals to Northwestern, before shutting out Iowa on Saturday.Wisconsin women’s soccer star Dani Rhodes is helping Wisconsin to blaze forward in Big TenThe University of Wisconsin women’s soccer team has began their season on a hot 8-3-1 start and this has been Read…Penn State’s offense is less top-heavy than the Badgers, with eight players having at least two scores on the season. Schafer, Ogle and Sheva will lead the way as the Nittany Lions most effective scorers, with five, four and four goals respectively.Kickoff is Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Madison, with live coverage available on BTN Plus.last_img read more

Niger Tornadoes’ Ammeh Relishes Aiteo Cup Victory over Plateau Utd

first_imgAmmeh said his side are not celebrating yet but will double their efforts to ensure they get a decent result in the reverse fixture clash on Saturday in Jos.“It was a difficult game. Plateau United proved their worth and gave us a good fight.“A 2-0 win is convincing and a testament that we can go a long way in the Aiteo Cup.“However, we believe that the outcome is not yet done and dusted.“We are convinced Plateau United will come out stronger in the next match.“That is why we are not celebrating yet. We will go back to the trenches to prepare harder for the second leg in Jos on Saturday.“We must double our effort to ensure we get it right in Jos.“We will attack from start to finish and try to score more goals to make it difficult for the opponents to come back in the clash.“We are determined to make it to the semifinals of the annual football championship,” said Ammeh to two top-flight teams will meet again on Saturday at the Rwang Pam Stadium in Jos to decide who progress to the semifinals of the annual football fiesta.AITEO CUP(Q’final, 1st Leg Results)MENIfeanyi Ubah 3-0 ABSOsun Utd 1-0 Sunshine StarsTornadoes 2-0 Plateau Utd*Akwa Utd Vs Katsina Feeders (pp)WOMENBayelsa Queens 1-0 Nasarawa AmazonsIbom Angels 1-0 Pelican starsRivers Angels 0-0 Edo QueensAbia Angels 1-0 Confluence QueensShare this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Niger Tornadoes attacking winger Wilfred Angel Ammeh is overjoyed at his side’s hard-fought 2-0 victory against Nigerian champions Plateau United wednesday.The Ikon Allah Boys defeated the Jos Elephants 2-0 in Wednesday’s Aiteo Cup quarterfinals clash at the Confluence Stadium in Lokoja.A goal in each half off the foot of Ebenezer Odeyemi and Bolaji Adeyemo was enough to hand the Minna landlords a head start in the first of the two-legged encounter.last_img read more

ACCC demands new review of Tabcorp-Tatts merger highlighting ACT review failures

first_img Flutter moves to refine merger benefits against 2020 trading realities August 27, 2020 Tabcorp raises $371m through institutional entitlement offer August 24, 2020 Share StumbleUpon Related Articles Share The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has filed a federal court order demanding a ‘further judicial review’ of the AUS $11 billion merger of Tabcorp Holdings and Tatts Group Plc.The Tabcorp-Tatts combination to form the ‘outright Australian gambling market leader’ was approved on 20 June by the Australian Competition Tribunal (ACT). However, the ACCC who acted as the original acting regulatory supervisory body for the merger, stated that it has a litany of concerns regarding the impact of the deal on market competition and consumer pricing.Putting forward the court order ACCC Chairman Rod Sims states that ‘the ACT made three review errors’.Sims detailed that the ACT had taken an unfair position reviewing Tabcorp-Tatts, by stating that its review body had to be ‘satisfied of a substantial lessening of competition’ in order to object to the merger.The ACCC Chairman states that the ACT had been ‘inconsistent’ in its review approach, and should have taken into account wider stakeholder concerns of potential impacts caused by ‘any lessening’ of competition should the combination be developed.The Commission stated that the review placed too high an emphasis on the benefits of corporate synergies and cost savings, which were significantly favourableto ‘deal leader’ Tabcorp Holdings.Furthermore, the ACCC states that at no point had the Tribunal forecasted the potential future impacts to Australian sports betting, lottery and gambling markets/services caused by the merger of Tabcorp-Tatts, missing a fundamental process in its review.“We believe we had no option but to seek a review of these three, what we say, are reviewable errors, particularly because they set such important precedents for the decisions we have to make into the future,” Sims statedTabcorp governance has reacted to the court filing, issuing a short corporate statement detailing that it was aware of ACCC’s actions. At present, the company states that it will ‘provide further information as appropriate”The merger of Tabcorp-Tatts has faced an arduous nine-month regulatory compliance process, In which a number of market competitors have highlighted concerns regarding the combination.Following a rough opening to its full-year 2016/17 performance in which Tabcorp has been fined AUS $45 million by financial watchdog AUSTRAC for multiple compliance failures. Company governance has prioritised the merger at the forefront of its corporate goals.Acting as merger lead Tabcorp governance has highlighted that the business combination expects to deliver $130 million a year in earnings through combined cost savings, which the company wants to enforce by the end of 2017. Senet Australia appoints Paul Newsom as new client advisory lead  August 27, 2020 Submitlast_img read more

LeoVegas outlines strategic changes for UK operations

first_imgShare Submit StumbleUpon LeoVegas hits back at Swedish regulations despite Q2 successes August 13, 2020 Share Related Articles Ahead of publishing its interim report for Q4 2019, online gambling group LeoVegas has outlined a number of strategic changes that it plans to make, which will impact its UK-facing brands and future strategy.LeoVegas has reiterated that it plans to ‘fully use economies of scale in technology, product and organisation’, and has confirmed that its planned relocation to new offices in Malta has been called off.“The strategic initiatives we are now carrying out will create optimal conditions to be successful in the large, but at the same time complex, UK market,” commented Gustaf Hagman, Group CEO.“The consolidation of brands into one and the same platform will contribute to large economies of scale in the Group – both by allowing us to fully utilise our multibrand technology and through a more efficient organisation. Already during the second half of last year, the LeoVegas and Rocket X managed brands in the UK began to perform favourably, and the new structure gives us a good starting point to increase both growth and profitability in the UK market during 2020.“At the same time, Royal Panda – which has struggled with weak performance in the UK but has performed well in other markets – can now focus fully on growth outside of the UK and also launch the brand in a couple of new markets in and outside of Europe.”The mobile gaming operator also confirmed that during 2019, the marketing organisations for LeoVegas UK and Rocket X had been integrated into a single unit, and plans are in place to migrate the Rocket X brand portfolio into the LeoVegas multi brand platform, Rhino.In a statement, LeoVegas added: “Parallel with this, Royal Panda is leaving the UK market, which entails that all operations coupled to the UK going forward will be driven on the same technical platform and with a joint organisation for technology, products, customer service, marketing and compliance.”The strategic initiatives were begun during the fourth quarter of 2019 and are expected to be largely completed during the first quarter of this year. The measures are expected to generate cost synergies in areas such as marketing, products, payments and customer service, and will result in reduced complexity in compliance. Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 Kambi takes full control of LeoVegas sportsbook portfolio August 26, 2020last_img read more