Search engine optimization strategy (three) five major factors influencing website ranking

third position. Highlight the key is to arouse the attention of search engines, so we have to put the main keywords in the value of the page location. This part of the content search engine will focus on "the importance of these contents are higher than other pages, so this is the" highlight the keywords "


second: keyword density. There are words beyond count on a page, then the search engine is how to determine the keyword or search engine? How to distinguish what keywords to describe your site. For these, the search engine statistics of your entire page character, those words or phrases appear frequently is defined as "keyword. Key words and words of the page called keyword density, which is one of the important factors to do search engine optimization. In order to get a good ranking keywords to optimize your must appear in the page many times repeatedly stressed the need to optimize the keywords, or range of recognition in the search engine that. Optimization of the general keyword repeatedly stressed in 2% to 8%, the density is too big it will be considered in cheating. read more

Talk about how to use the site map hold Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

two, how to optimize the site map set hold live Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

in the source program, it will bring the function of the site map generation, of course some self-developed program may ignore the map making, but also never mind. Method for making the website map there are many methods, first if you can write a code, the independent is very simple. Second online map, if you do not code, can be in the search engine search tool to make online website map, now there are a lot of tools, third by Google online to create a site map, Google currently supports a variety of multi map, at the same time, we don’t have to write your own code, but also made more in line with the search map engine crawling. Therefore, the map making method is simple but also difficult, whether you understand it or not, and will not write code code can independently create maps, lead to Rome. read more

Net nest hand in hand DST cooperation, create BBS-CMS seamless combination for the benefit of the we

, SEO, VS, SEM keyword PPC

      official announcement address:

3, network advertising must first try 1 weeks to do, do not believe the data and its commitment to website, must try again after the formal pay investment, look at the real input-output ratio to do otherwise would not do or you just wait and was forced to resign. To avoid the set page bring technology flow joint false illusion almost all the websites to advertise it, the effect will be so be sure to set the advertising code to evaluate the real and effective flow.

      DST is Discuz; official support, recognition and recommendation of the third party team, founded nearly a year, released a number of influential classic plug-in and style, carried out free style upgrades and other activities. In this nearly a year, for the user free to provide a variety of works, DST subordinate DHT is free of charge, hundreds of thousands of Discuz users to solve the installation, use, installation and demand on the difficult. read more

Give some suggestions to Shanghai Longfeng novice website optimization

remember 08 years at that time, when studying the Shanghai dragon, then we really do not have any expectations, just for the industry on this matter with love, silly, every day, in-depth study and research, and finally summed up our own way of thinking.

the Internet, not fish, but the fish eat slow fish;

often saw a friend said, you feel what is good, you can do, but you have to understand, now the individual times long past, is no longer alone in any development needs to have a team, only in this way can we go to a better development.

a while ago, several staff training Shanghai Longfeng classmates lecture, come to ask me, what time can they learn Shanghai dragon, what time can do online said Wangzhuan, what time can be a monthly salary of thousands, this problem is not that I don’t answer, I just don’t want to give them too much blow and too high expectations, anything is needed to process accumulation and the experience of the. read more

Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain outside the chain it is also important to explore

finally suggested that we must master the controllability of the chain. First, to failure outside the chain, the chain failure to fill second, refusing to buy or sell the chain can not buy the chain on the spur of the moment, can only say that the short-term, long-term effects may cause you not to accept the.

said the chain to write articles, the article is a lot of content is king, the chain for the emperor to emphasize the importance of the chain, since Scindapsus algorithm revision, it is the chain for the emperor? Recently seen in various forums at most a reply is secretly tell you, the chain is still useful. Does the chain position secretly tell you, in fact it should be content for the emperor, the chain is king. Careful people found, the position switch. Since the algorithm to increase the revision since the original content detection efforts, and the foreign chain has intensified a crackdown on the chain of garbage. Think about it since its revision algorithm, how many friends despise the foreign chain construction, or in a lot of thought forum signature reply message on the line, so often heard friends say I’m a chain with good weight how old do not go on? If you are the way to do a website, you can only say you OUT… read more

Five reasons for the decline in ranking websites

Shanghai dragon friends all know the chain, webmasters often only the pursuit of the number of the chain, but ignore the quality, resulting in the decline in ranking websites. In order to save time, many owners find some chain group tools, although it can be a massive increase in the chain in a short period of time, but the chain that belongs to the garbage outside the chain, the search engine is denied. So when the construction of the chain is not only the pursuit of quantity, but to ensure the quality, steady increase in the number of.

1, website URL

we know that dynamic URLs tend not to be optimistic about the search engine, to make a suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimized website, we need to first put the site URL into static or pseudo static structure. But often because many programmers don’t understand Shanghai Longfeng, wrote in the program when they do not pay attention to this point. So whether it is to write their own programs, or to download the program, we must first consider the problem of URL, this must be solved at the start of the website before, or after the change is very convenient. read more

From the WordPress link management by our future trend of Shanghai Dragon

at two o’clock, let me the most shocking is that WordPress has removed the link management function, it makes me feel like "This is absolutely impossible", but in fact, it does delete

2012.10.23, love Shanghai super chain (please click to watch the cheating algorithms: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/73, Penguin) and Google baby noble algorithm update is similar, for the purchase of the link, the black chain, sprocket and so on link cheating to focus on.

, WordPress started to delete the "link" management, and so we have declared that "there is a period of time without removing a part of the function, now I should delete link management", although the WordPress is not love Shanghai, nor aristocratic baby, but it will not reflect the future trend of some Shanghai dragon industry from the side. It is, tell us, Links are now obsolete, no longer used, so you bloggers, you can discard Links read more

Talk about the pros and cons of website optimization using images for navigation from two aspects

, a search engine from the perspective of

code, which in turn corresponds is that

search engine and the webmaster know Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge, the use of picture as the site navigation directory will influence the optimization effect. But this is only relative, if the use of images can not play the Shanghai dragon or search engine optimization effect, not love pictures, then why the search engine will have a separate image search? And you will think of search engine friendly optimization using pictures, mainly because the bondage of traditional ideas the search engine not only know as text image recognition. This is actually a misunderstanding by the traditional ideological influence, for now the search engine still can not fully identify the picture inside the content, but we are slightly with a ALT label, nature can make the search engine know the contents inside, but also in the picture search engine, if the picture and keyword matching degree is high undoubtedly, can also bring some traffic to the site. If we do not see the navigation query code directly, it is difficult to distinguish the navigation is the use of the picture, as everyone knows, the search engine is just an ordinary visitor in one, and this kind of navigation picture is also unable to let search engine found adverse Shanghai Longfeng processing optimization. So, for navigation optimization, it is not necessarily that using the picture is not good, if handled well, the same picture type navigation can also fully reflected Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect. Let’s look at the following user experience. read more

Look at the ranking status of Chengdu network marketing from love Shanghai bidding system

optimization of network marketing, we see the auction on the left side of the only one on the right), for there are eight, full. (see Figure two). Chengdu network marketing search to find relevant results about 3260000. Independent website should be several hundred, there is no specific estimate, most enterprises station (network company, network marketing company, marketing company, training school) but many happy horse like Shanghai, Phoenix blog website.

(Figure two)

(Figure 1)

love Shanghai gradually abandoned the classic version of the bidding system, accelerate the bidding mode of Google. With phoenix nest know, phoenix nest system and Google Adwords are very similar, so it is easy to satisfy more users to use its new bidding system. Look at the "Chengdu love Shanghai network marketing". See love Shanghai official website www2.baidu贵族宝贝. Or see below 09 years notice (Figure 1). read more

Discussion how to optimize the article to the home page

keywords flow inside pages for some long tail traffic to the site, so what can I do to the Shanghai home page optimization to love us. Here to share the experience of

when a web traffic to reach the bottleneck of long tail keywords is the best breakthrough, when our website occupies a large number of long tail keywords will no longer worry about the drop right home. (source: Mascherano – Micro Internet 贵族宝贝

We all know that )

4, the label page selection, we do the inside pages optimization, the best choice is to do the label page aggregation page, also the label page make up words related to the bounce rate, click rate of user experience will be better than some ordinary page. But the label caution, love Shanghai tight.

In 2, the chain into

1, the first point is the home to our own weight high. A high weight of the home page will put their weight transfer to the inside pages, so we will have the inside pages of high ranking. Of course, if the home page are not high weight began to optimize the long tail, I think….. We all know the read more