The content of the website included four steps how will the spider keep at home

two steps: high quality web content

has stressed that the quality is high, because the search engine is to judge the quality of the content of the website. The quality is high, given its attention is more natural. Such as: the nature of the content of the words, screening, semantic repeat degree, will be the search engine on content quality criteria. What kind of content is high quality content? The first word is not just a few words can be concluded. In general, the best maintained at more than 500 words, or three hundred or four hundred words can describe what kind of reason? And repeat, the main screening is an original content, as everyone knows, the original content, search engine is always given a high degree of concern. At last, with natural semantics, with natural language text, is cheating and do false original screening rules. If the content of the website to meet the above demand a little weight, the search engine will undoubtedly give generally higher than general website, even without the weight of new sites, included will soon, which is why the new station can reach the second one of the reasons. read more

Optimization techniques of mobile e-commerce site

2: let your users have the option to switch to the desktop at any time. Add one can view the whole web links at the bottom of the page can be very good to improve the availability. The desktop version of this link can be dynamically pointing to the current page.

2: try to reduce unnecessary steps in the purchase process, will increase your conversion rate.

4: use the shopping cart and checkout in each page has a button, convenient for the user to complete the purchase.

3: the content page content try not to be too much, do not force the user to scroll to view multiple segmentation of the page, or you can use the jQuery tag to reasonable in the limited space within the organization.

1: create a mobile site for you >

The number of users of

availability is very important for intelligent mobile phone. Here are some tips to improve usability, can help you reduce the bounce rate and improve your mobile phone users to buy satisfaction. read more

Shanghai dragon net is really do chicken ribs how to not let the net again at a disadvantage

(2) classification to handle their own work, to write the contents of a valid classification, so that different users can find the first time needed in the enterprise website.

(3) net is not a literary youth, we write the article is not only presented to the user, is also presented to the search engine, so every time to write the article to be carried out.

4 network series is not literary youth, we write out something more in line with the Shanghai dragon.

we should first understand the net work is not a simple copy paste, although the focus of our work in the content, but also the skill of writing we should pay attention to the place, so in the process of writing or some tips should be noted.

1 the status quo, not their own industry deep understanding, with a fixed salary, doing mechanical work, though boring, but no pressure. read more

Love Shanghai mobile upgrade algorithm to teach you avoid ranking crash risk

will always be behind the unbridled, unbearable, love the Shanghai mobile bucket algorithm upgrade thoroughly to those "opportunistic" webmaster really poured a bucket of ice water. Today we will talk about, search mechanism at present, which can affect the ranking results:

C, a data download, if the mobile terminal has the download link, when users click on the download request can be downloaded directly, such as: no jump to other pages to download, as well as: registration, login before you can download action, but also can not for profit and the "false information download".

in the past we often say is to the mobile terminal adapter, complete with basically no problem too big. The official is not directly involved in the mobile terminal page ranking, the most obvious is the use of Canonical tags, pointing to the PC terminal to extractauthoritative link. However, it is because of this, many websites learned a loophole, in PC station disorder. read more

A5 marketing Shanghai does not love what love website


website is rather baffling right down, the website weight is not stable, repeated down right? After all is only a word: love is not love will naturally fall right in Shanghai. So don’t love what love Shanghai website? Today we will make a detailed summary, if your site is down right, should be careful!

five: use the two domain of

The more common

three: website internal construction of poor

is a fresh and smooth website search engine users not only love, the same love, in turn: super long, super multi page advertising pictures, or left and right, middle, large floating ads, will seriously affect the user experience. At this point, a lot of traffic sites do.


station is because pan analytic be right down, there are also many stations because of its pervasive use of two domain names is down right. Not to say that the use of the two level domain does not allow you to determine: every domain value, if the construction of 1000 two level domain, at least 80% of these domain names should be valid. read more

Station group optimization papers how to use the software management system of station group

The essential factors of > ;2, ;

stations from the first site to start

above 9 conditions is the operation of the site, here in Luoping called Shanghai dragon website.

Daily website Shanghai Dragon:

is a website to survive, must have 3 conditions:


has the ability to make a living website;


content value is

, must have 3 conditions:

, 3 station program.

3, learning ability, self-motivated, have a sense of responsibility.

1, have the ability to give birth to a website;

following previous work in Luoping has built the website group in A5 published two articles, an article is about how to avoid home is right down the problem: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110509/339728.shtml; we are interested can refer to the reference, and we know that the station is very particular about the sprocket strategy, before this I also share about Pyramid sprocket strategy map introduced: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110503/337719.shtml; characteristics of Luoping station group today analysis software management system: if you want to ask what is the use of Luoping station group software, I am sorry No comment., because the market is not for sale, my friend made software, he is a software engineer, making all kinds of software is his hobby, ha ha, today’s topic is how to use the software management system to replace the manual more stations The new website. read more

Talk about new people how to build the chain

2. to keep so few blog

1. does not depend on the BBS signature chain


"content is king, the chain for emperor", a website in addition to the need to support high quality content, but also need high quality of the chain support. With the strengthening of the audit system of Shanghai foreign love chain, when new people in the construction of the chain, to avoid as far as possible to their site to create some spam links, the chain of garbage accumulation to a certain extent, will let love Shanghai reduce confidence, on your web site, if things go on like this, will appear in the worst case, whether you how hard are difficult to re let love Shanghai trust your website. The new construction of the chain, we should hold a purpose: the more the chain to success, love Shanghai for its trust degree and gives higher weight, a high quality of the chain, be worth you to send hundreds of Forum irrigation obtained the signature of the chain. Therefore, if you are still crazy in the major forum for irrigation, or copy other posts with their outside chain release, so it is necessary for you to continue to look down, I believe there will be some help for your read more

Shanghai dragon Er remember the great leap forward in the optimization process do not implement


optimization is also more than 2 years, more than 2 years from the time the first rookie to now, to optimize the definition, it is able to gain a foothold in this industry. As far as I know now eighty percent of the site is through the optimization to realize the promotion of any company, I have stayed at their Shanghai Longfeng work as the most important part of marketing, today I will talk about our Shanghai dragon ER in the optimization process need to pay attention to

: the first optimization to pay attention to. Shanghai dragon is a boring job, exercise is a patient work! We are all in the process of Shanghai dragon "follow the chain for the emperor, the chain is king" the truth, but many people insist for a long time in the process found no effect to give up, or find a reason to say that this domain is not old domain name the domain name is K, or the reason and so on! In fact in my web site optimization, old and new domain name, domain name, K domain name space, foreign domestic space, space junk I have these web sites to the front, the reason is I persist, there is some certain factors on the domain name space. But the main factor is the main content of the site itself, provides much practical value for the user! So any website stick to it, to find a method to optimize NO1 it is very easy to. read more

Fish may cause six reasons to love Shanghai decline

the webmaster forum, Shanghai dragon forum, promotion forum, "love Shanghai ranking why down" is one of the most frequently asked questions. Therefore, according to the fish has sub opinion, summed up the result for everyone (including the target keywords and long tail) in Shanghai dropped the love factor:


3. update surge. For example, you every day before is to update the article about 10, suddenly you today suddenly update 1000 articles. (a little joke: so you will love Shanghai scared of spiders. He is afraid, maybe tomorrow will not dare to come. Love Shanghai) will think you are a collection of behavior, in order to you under the pain killer.

. This is not to say, if you are new, so your ranking floating and you eat shit as normal. Don’t shout and wrangle. One to three months, do you have to do, then naturally dense willow trees and bright flowers. read more

Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning why become a paper talk

positioning problem of the occupation of Shanghai Dragon

as the saying goes, attitude is everything, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners generally has what kind of psychological? The first is a negative attitude to the future occupation of Shanghai dragon is more confused, is now Shanghai dragon is difficult than before, in fact, is the love of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Shanghai requirements more and more high, plus like the chain specialist treatment itself is poor, resulting in a lot of the chain Commissioner be negative. The second is the utilitarian attitude, always want to ask for the moon, of course everyone wants to do up the rankings quickly, so that not only appreciate your leadership, more it is making more money faster, but now the love Shanghai optimization to great effort can quickly get good rankings. Young people impetuous psychological understandable, but over time you will feel for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love is a magical search engine, so everything is possible, the right to be reduced, K stations are not afraid, as long as not to cheat, generally can be restored. But sometimes the required time is too long, may your client or boss can’t wait until that day. Third is not a positive attitude, that is used to copy and paste the day of hardships for the worst, though not so serious, but this attitude is enough to make you back. read more