Fish may cause six reasons to love Shanghai decline

the webmaster forum, Shanghai dragon forum, promotion forum, "love Shanghai ranking why down" is one of the most frequently asked questions. Therefore, according to the fish has sub opinion, summed up the result for everyone (including the target keywords and long tail) in Shanghai dropped the love factor:


3. update surge. For example, you every day before is to update the article about 10, suddenly you today suddenly update 1000 articles. (a little joke: so you will love Shanghai scared of spiders. He is afraid, maybe tomorrow will not dare to come. Love Shanghai) will think you are a collection of behavior, in order to you under the pain killer.

. This is not to say, if you are new, so your ranking floating and you eat shit as normal. Don’t shout and wrangle. One to three months, do you have to do, then naturally dense willow trees and bright flowers. read more

Shanghai Longfeng occupation planning why become a paper talk

positioning problem of the occupation of Shanghai Dragon

as the saying goes, attitude is everything, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners generally has what kind of psychological? The first is a negative attitude to the future occupation of Shanghai dragon is more confused, is now Shanghai dragon is difficult than before, in fact, is the love of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Shanghai requirements more and more high, plus like the chain specialist treatment itself is poor, resulting in a lot of the chain Commissioner be negative. The second is the utilitarian attitude, always want to ask for the moon, of course everyone wants to do up the rankings quickly, so that not only appreciate your leadership, more it is making more money faster, but now the love Shanghai optimization to great effort can quickly get good rankings. Young people impetuous psychological understandable, but over time you will feel for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love is a magical search engine, so everything is possible, the right to be reduced, K stations are not afraid, as long as not to cheat, generally can be restored. But sometimes the required time is too long, may your client or boss can’t wait until that day. Third is not a positive attitude, that is used to copy and paste the day of hardships for the worst, though not so serious, but this attitude is enough to make you back. read more

Jon.Z the importance of good title to the website you how to write the title

buy bags the intention of people focus on "what is popular this year", "summer fashion trends and fashion bags" and other words;

search engine:

understand the cosmetics information people focus on the "national quality inspection administration announced substandard cosmetics list", "a certain cosmetics brand new experience sharing" and other words;


judge a good title for the simple standard is to observe the expression of the theme clear and accurate, but also eye-catching has a higher click rate.

How to write the title:

first, a good title will give you what? More likely to attract attention, the target flow more accurate, more easily search rankings and so on;

talk about the title or articles have been written in too many to count, this text, I have searched for related content, generally written have some limitations, from the writing point of writing, from the search engine optimization perspective, the feeling is not comprehensive enough to read, so fragmented. Today I have a concept of adding the trimmings here, don’t talk about generalities, just to share my own experience: read more

7 questions to be taken care of when using shlf1314 Adwords keyword advertisingSina blog Web2.0 anal

was not created

think the concept of boom of Web2.0 last year, and, bokee, Kijiji and Donews, a time is raging like a storm, lively and full, but with sina now national enthusiasm than a blog, it is not the lack of a tiny bit. And then Sina, is quiet, and basically did not take the initiative to join the concept of Web2.0 what, willing to be countless articles as "boat difficult U-turn" of the old Web1.0 forces criticized. It is almost a time, under the banner of "celebrity blog" banner, Sina sprint Web2.0 cake for bigger.

question four: using generalized keyword

before that, we talked about Web2.0, referring to Blog, and more emphasis on the importance of regular users as content providers, emphasizing centralization, emphasizing the transition from "read" to "write". From the point of view, Sina such traditional portal, does not have the advantages of rapid transformation, in advertising as the main revenue direction determines the Sina must continue to attract eyeballs and click as your goal. But the combination of sina and Web2.0 media themselves is very clever, the use of celebrity appeal, the original content transfer center from sina to editorial content to the attention of the majority of Internet users on the "celebrity". On the one hand, these celebrities attracted to their own service platform and provide a full set of promotional strategy, Sina has been in a dominant position to lead the trend; on the other hand, whether it is a celebrity among the controversy, or Fans banner, and indeed the users contribute more in the rolling snowball for sina. In the process of "Blog elitism", Sina has consolidated its core status as Web1.0 by means of Web2.0. read more

Ceng Yuwen the construction of the chain should be formulated according to demand

, the chain is to see a spider

! website promotion !

spider since it is not, so even if you write a good article, he also can’t understand! Although the search engine technology has been constantly improved, but now the spider can really like that read the article is wonderful, whether the original certainly can not?. A site from others to copy of the article, put in front of you, you can not distinguish whether to write their own! Besides is a small spider! When we send outside the chain site in others, use tool! Pseudo original tools are not always available to everyone know after the original article, the readability will be worse, but to see absolutely no problem! If you send the chain is to write every single word or phrase original, no matter how strong your writing skills, a day to write two or three articles, you are great! But it is not only a waste of time, and let your read more

Good sound program on the method of keyword mining site

? Here you can see the

again cannot do without the song

online is always a secret, this kind of flow is huge, has epoch-making significance to do keyword list.

well, on Friday night The Voice of China said here, I hope every friend can find their own keyword list from your own love program, and fitness forum webmaster original A5, 贵族宝贝bbs.iyodong贵族宝贝, every friend to find the key word list, good cheer.

      here we can get on Youku keyword list, I believe we can see that the general "The Voice of China + date", is to search for more, is more concerned about the trend of search this program created, so we can find some date when searching keyword traffic. These words belong to our information acquisition.


: the second key prompt cannot do without the singer (such as love Shanghai, soso) read more

Case study the site was down the right of the two or three details.

after the revised website, decided to enable the static URL. I believe many people know, the search engine on the static URL love is better than dynamic URL, so enabling static URL has become our inevitable. But we did not handle the static server, so the choice of dynamic static open, static pages into static pages, not into the dynamic page. But a few days found included in the site repeatedly, always suddenly increase a lot, and then reduce the number of. Keywords ranking just start with good rankings, then the next day began to decline. Through the analysis to know, because of the dynamic URL and static URL was retrieved at the same time, the same content page is included, has produced a great deal of repeat page, this violated the rule of the search engine, so the search engine to give a warning. read more

For the optimization of personnel have some basis for how to improve themselves

we read to understand the knowledge system of Shanghai dragon. Love Shanghai optimization guide proposed "proposal" is actually should focus on the mastery of the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er novice should learn carefully, one by one sentence read these guidelines, and then refer to the knowledge of the other Shanghai dragon. The optimization guide is updated, it is able to provide love Shanghai optimization of the latest trends and tendencies, if I really want to provide an optimized standard white paper love Shanghai optimization is undoubtedly the best medicine.

third is a shortcut, but be careful to choose training. Any industry there are some training institutions, especially the Internet so developed, a variety of training, online and offline training dizzying, before he also think to attend a training class, but gave up the idea. Here, the author also advises a new Shanghai dragon, actually the training do not want you so perfect, the training of deep water. Especially some well-known institutions, their words are not optimized to the industry, you don’t expect them to give you what, so its better to find their own self the books. Of course, the author is a trick like this here and so the training institutions is not negative, but in the current training market, this situation is too much. So, in the choice. read more