Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has

first_imgWork and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has been accused of insulting disabled people by telling them to “work your way out of poverty”.His speech to the Conservative conference was short on policy detail but heavy with rhetoric, including a promise that the party would deliver on its election pledge to be “the party of working people”.It came a day after a conference speech by the chancellor, George Osborne, made repeated references to the need to deliver “lower welfare”.A large section of Duncan Smith’s speech was devoted to what he called “the sickness benefit”, employment and support allowance (ESA), which he said was “Labour’s last great legacy” and treated people as “passive victims”.Duncan Smith provided no information about any plans to reform or scrap ESA and its discredited eligibility test, the work capability assessment (WCA).He also failed to acknowledge any potential for his existing policies and reforms to cause harm to sick and disabled people, in the face of overwhelming evidence collected by campaigners, journalists and academics, particularly around the damage caused by benefit cuts, the introduction of personal independence payment and the ESA system.This week, relatives of two disabled people who died after having their out-of-work disability benefits withdrawn – and who believe that those decisions contributed to their family members’ deaths – were protesting outside the conference alongside Disabled People Against Cuts.Last month, Disability News Service uncovered a coroner’s report, addressed to Duncan Smith’s department, which said that the decision to find a London man, Michael O’Sullivan, fit for work had been the trigger for his decision to kill himself.Despite this widely-publicised case, Duncan Smith told the conference: “The evidence of our reforms is that people respond to incentives. We know that. We know that in our hearts.”He added: “We won’t lift you out of poverty by simply transferring taxpayers’ money to you.“With our help, I say to them, you will work your way out of poverty. That is the pledge we make to those who need our support.”There was anger among many disabled activists on social media who had listened to Duncan Smith’s speech.Disability Labour, @disabilitylab, tweeted: “No-one gives up good jobs or chooses sickness or disability, it can and does happen to anyone. IDS speech is an insult to us all.”One activist, @latentexistence, said: “Iain Duncan Smith telling sick and disabled people to work their way out of poverty is pretty much indistinguishable from [the Nazi concentration camp slogan] arbeit macht frei [work sets you free].”The WOWcampaign, @wowpetition, tweeted: “He thinks disabled people can work their way out of poverty as if we have a choice”Another disabled activist, @Quinonostante, said: “Next Idiot Duncan Smith will be suggesting #disabled chose that life! He’s decided they chose poverty! Horrific ideology.”And @elphiemcdork added: “I mean, he’s really not sugar-coating the ‘disabled people are fakey scroungers’ rhetoric now is he? He’s just comin’ right out with it…”Picture: Disabled activist Chris Hughes protesting outside this week’s Conservative conferencelast_img read more

Below is Jeremy Corbyns full Diwali message Happ

first_imgBelow is Jeremy Corbyn’s full Diwali message.Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating the Festival of Lights here in Britain, and to all the Hindu, Sikh and Jain communities across the world.Diwali, or Dee Par Va Li as it’s also known, marks the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and of hope over despair.Gifts will be exchanged and sweet festive meetai will be eaten as family, friends and communities come together to celebrate humanity and togetherness; lighting deeyahs to remember how life is a cycle of renewal.We know that within our communities there are many beacons of light. People who work tirelessly and selflessly for others. Those that give us hope in some of our darkest hours, and those who instil the spirit of family in us all.We are delighted that the UK, in particular in Leicester and London, hosts some of the biggest Diwali celebrations outside India. It is a truly joyous celebration for all.As the fireworks light up across our skies for Diwali, let us remember to light up our hearts too – to love one another – and to care for each other.To renew the true spirit of community and togetherness, to show that we are a community for the many, and not the few.Shubh Diwali!Yours,Jeremy CorbynLeader of the Labour Party Tags:Labour Party /Labour /Jeremy Corbyn /Diwali /last_img read more

Tags Newport West Ruth Jones

first_imgTags:Newport West /Ruth Jones / I am deeply honoured and humbled to be sworn in as the Member of Parliament for Newport West.I will represent you to the best of my abilities.I will seek to build trust, at a time when trust in politics is so dangerously low.Thank you for this opportunity to serve.— Ruth Jones MP (@RuthNewportWest) April 8, 2019Labour’s newest MP, Ruth Jones, has been sworn in. She will represent the Welsh seat of Newport West, previously occupied by Paul Flynn.Harriet Harman, the Mother of the House, tweeted her congratulations and photos of Jones in Westminster this afternoon:Congratulations & welcome to our newest Member of ⁦@HouseofCommons⁩ ⁦@RuthNewportWest⁩!— Harriet Harman (@HarrietHarman) April 8, 2019There was a photo for only Welsh Labour MPs too:Welsh labour MPs welcoming ⁦@WelshLabour⁩ newest mp to parliament today – congratulations ⁦@RuthNewportWest⁩— David Hanson (@DavidHansonMP) April 8, 2019last_img read more

Designing Affordable Housing in SFs Mission District

first_imgBut Baker and other architects around the Mission are trying to meld the two, working to design buildings that are legally required to offer all of their apartments at below-market rate while continuing to employ many of the best practices of mixed-income housing design. The result, at the intersection of design and public policy, may ultimately ease the Mission’s housing pressure while simultaneously enhancing community development.The first thing the architects note is that while the housing developments they are designing are designated as 100 percent affordable, they do serve diverse populations.Herman Coliver Locus Architecture is designing the building going in at 1296 Shotwell St., which will provide 94 affordable apartments to seniors — and even in that group the seniors come from different backgrounds.“[It’s] partly low-income seniors and party formerly homeless seniors. So that is a mix of incomes,” says Susie Coliver, one of the firm’s principals. “And frankly, those communities are not the same.”The site of the planned affordable senior housing at 1296 Shotwell Street. Photo by Sonner KehrtThe project at 1296 Shotwell St. The white box on the right is the heigh of the proposed development at 1515 South Van Ness Ave. Design by Herman Coliver Locus.“There’s plenty of integration,” says Baker, referring to the nine-story building to be constructed at 1950 Mission St. Of the 157 units, 20 percent will be reserved for formerly homeless residents. Other apartments will be offered to families making between 45 and 60 percent of the area median income, or between $48,400 and $64,600 a year for a family of four.The 60 percent tier, Baker says, is essentially working middle-class housing. “They’re really mixed-income, effectively,” he says, “even though they’re called affordable.”As with more traditional mixed-income communities, which typically offer market-rate apartments alongside below-market rate ones, the developments are structured to help ensure that there is no sense of segregation between groups within the buildings themselves.The units are intentionally designed to be similar, says Coliver. And in both projects, units for various income tiers are spread equally throughout the buildings.The exception, says Yakuh Askew, principal at Y.A. Studio, is when particular groups may require certain support programs. His firm, in conjunction with Mithun/Solomon, is designing the 127-unit affordable family housing building that will be going up at 2060 Folsom St. between 16th and 17th streets.Some 20 percent of the units will be reserved for young adults, typically between 18 and 24 years old, who are aging out of the foster care system and often have no home or support system. In 2006, San Francisco identified this population as particularly vulnerable to homelessness, with fewer than 350 units dedicated to housing some 1,600 young adults.About 25 of the building’s studio and one-bedroom units will be set aside for these so-called transitional age youth. Askew adds that the building will also offer support services and community rooms dedicated to the group. The remaining apartments will be offered to families making up to 60 percent of the area median income.Support services will also be available to people previously living in shelters or on the street.People who have not recently had a home of their own will receive many of the basic necessities for setting up an apartment, like cooking utensils and cleaning supplies, says Coliver. “[They’re] things that most people already moving into a home would already own, especially by the time you’re a senior. But there’s a recognition that those living on the streets usually don’t.”These services are coordinated by the non-profits working with the design teams.Herman Coliver Locus Architects and Y.A. Studios are both partnered with the Mission Economic Development Agency and Chinatown Community Development Center to ensure a support system for residents at 1296 Shotwell St. and 2060 Folsom St. and to develop ways to connect them to the larger community. David Baker Architects has been working with BRIDGE Housing and Mission Housing Development Corporation at 1950 Mission St.“Mission Housing is a great asset in the mix,” says Baker. “It really pushed to make the building really listen to the community and really integrated into the community.”That idea—integration in the community—is at the core of the concepts guiding the new developments. Being centrally located within a bustling urban center can, in itself, help to alleviate many of the problems historically faced by tenants of affordable housing.“Where you place affordable housing and support services right in the center of the city, you’re basically opening up a lot more opportunities in terms of just socialization, access to transit, and other core services and community services,” says Askew.But there should not be an assumption that the developments have nothing to offer in return. Rather, the designers say, affordable housing communities can provide services not just to residents but also to the community at large. This not only helps the neighborhood, but also encourages a rapport that may insulate against the problems of isolation that plagued earlier fully-affordable housing projects.At 1296 Shotwell St., a 1200 square foot community space will provide room for resident gatherings. But, says Coliver, it “will also be available to the broader community to hold different events or meetings.”The 2060 Folsom building also aims to serve both its residents and the larger community.“The ground floor is basically about 50 percent community-focused and about 50 percent building-focused,” says Askew. “We have building systems in there, but we also have PODER, we have Jamestown, Mission Neighborhood Center is providing childcare services,” he says, listing community development organizations within the Mission.Such services help to ensure a connection between residents of affordable housing and the larger community.“The day care that gets put in affordable housing, it’s available to the greater neighborhood, so you get a lot of mixing,” says Baker. In the ground floor of the 1950 Mission St. development, a Head Start program will join Mission Girls, a Mission Neighborhood Centers program that focuses on empowering young women, along with other non-profit programs.But the give-and-take between a neighborhood and a building can be even subtler. Community value is enhanced by aesthetic choices and the way neighbors experience the building on a daily basis.“There are ideas that have become standard, which are you don’t, you know, put a parking garage on the ground floor,” says Baker.At 1950 Mission St., the ground floor is designed to serve as an extension of neighboring ground-level space. In addition to housing residential and community services, it will also provide retail space. And, in keeping with the character of the Mission, the building’s design encompasses street-level artist studios and gallery space. Baker says these spaces will be rented at affordable rates, but will be an asset for the entire community.And then there’s the Paseo Artista.“It’s not for cars,” he emphasizes. Instead, it will be an art-lined pedestrian passageway, which will run along the base of the building. The alley will offer public daytime access to the artist studios and connect Mission Street with Weiss Street, while providing a literal nexus between the affordable housing community and the surrounding neighborhood.For the development at 2060 Folsom Street, the designers saw a similar relationship between the building and the new park at 17th and Folsom streets. Although the park and the housing project were developed separately, the new green space was a central focus for the building’s architects.The park allowed for “a sort of front porch approach to the design,” says Askew.The team worked to create a seamless integration between the park and the building, with the development’s central courtyard open to the park, and gates that allow access between the park and the pedestrian plaza at the base of the building. Some retail space in the ground floor will encourage further integration.Several of the non-profits that will be located in the ground floor of the building were also involved in planning the new park, says Karoleen Feng, the director of community real estate at Mission Economic Development Agency. The organizations’ plans to use the park for their own community programming will help further connect the building with what Feng predicts will be a very active park.“Even the design of the spaces within the park are based on what the community would actually use,” she says.A mock-up of 2060 Folsom St. from Shotwell and 16th streets. Design by Mithun Solomon and Y.A. Studio.The park will become even more important within the community as the area around 2060 Folsom St. changes. Multiple market-rate and affordable housing properties are slated for development in the area, including at 1990 Folsom St., where Mission Economic Development Agency, along with Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Center, recently secured funding for another fully affordable building.Fitting in well with the surrounding community is key to designing 100 percent affordable housing, says Coliver. “We work very hard to make sure it’s not isolated, that there’s nothing about it that suggests lesser or poorer or subsidized.”And she says, good design should actively honor the character of the neighborhood. The senior housing her firm is designing at 1296 Shotwell St. near Cesar Chavez St. is the first new development to be built since the area was designated a Latino Cultural District two years ago.“We’re excited,” says Coliver. “We don’t yet know how it’s going to play out, but we’ve been talking to Calle 24 [the community association that advocated for the designation] about what that might portend for this project.”That recognition, that a building and its neighborhood are inherently a part of each other, is a critical component of designing affordable housing in the Mission. Many of the characteristics of New Urbanism—diversity, walkability, character, community—are a natural part of the Mission. It’s old urbanism, the very ideas that the planning concept strives to replicate in places where it hasn’t naturally occurred.“There’s a lot sort of built in by doing projects in the Mission District,” Askew says.Construction has started on the new park at Folsom and 17th streets. The 100 percent affordable housing development at 2060 Folsom Street will be built next door.Julian Mark contributed the map to this article.  0% “That didn’t turn out too well,” says David Baker, whose firm, David Baker Architects, is designing the 1950 Mission St. development.The proposed mural alleyway at 1950 Mission St. Design by David Baker Architects.In the 1990s, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development began a campaign called HOPE VI to redesign affordable housing communities across the country. The program drew on the urban design concept of New Urbanism, which argues for neighborhoods that are diverse, both demographically and in terms of use, with layouts promoting walkability, public open spaces and human-scale buildings. In the Mission, Valencia Gardens and Bernal Dwellings — public housing projects — were both rehabilitated in part with HOPE VI funds.Several hundred HOPE VI grants have since revitalized some of the most impoverished and crime-ridden low-income housing communities across the country, replacing towering housing projects with scaled-down developments that often incorporate mixed-income units. The intent is to provide safer neighborhoods, economic opportunities and better overall well-being for low-income residents.Mosaica Apartments between Florida and Alabama streets, while not built with HOPE VI funds, showcases some of the ideas behind the concept: It’s a five-story building with apartments for low-income families and seniors, below-market and market rate condo units, space for residential services and commercial opportunities, and safe green space.But San Francisco is facing a severe housing shortage, and while smaller, mixed-income developments may be touted as an ideal solution, there’s a problem of practicality.“There’s a certain amount of pressure to address a really egregious problem, which is people living on the streets,” says Baker. “Ultimately, when we get that pretty much solved, we have to rethink affordable housing so that it’s more diverse in income.”He says that the reality of designing affordable housing is that “there are sort of philosophical directions, and then there’s what works for funding things.”Where the Affordable Projects Will Be Built In the small, bright patch of sunlight that filters down between the buildings, a woman in a pink shirt pauses to admire a mural. It’s bold, with brightly colored shapes that are accentuated by the nearby flowers and another colorful painting on an opposite wall. In the small alleyway between the two pieces of artwork, a small group plays guitar while a couple strolls by, arm in arm.It’s not the scene that immediately comes to mind when discussions about affordable housing come up, and to be fair, it’s not even actually a real scene—yet. It’s depicted in an architectural rendering of the Paseo Artista, a public pedestrian alley that will define one side of the new 100 percent affordable housing development at 1950 Mission St. near 16th Street, which is tentatively scheduled to break ground in early 2018.Seven fully affordable housing projects are scheduled to be built in the Mission in the next several years. Together with community organizations, architects are confronting the challenges of integrating 100 percent affordable housing developments into the larger neighborhood, working to create buildings that take advantage of their location in the Mission but also seek to offer something to the Mission in return by drawing on the best ideas in design.Over the last several decades, planners, architects, and policy-makers have sought to move affordable housing design away from the concentrated, isolated, and impoverished communities that characterized American public housing through the 1980s. Tags: Affordable Housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

THATTO Heath under 18s are proud of the all the pl

first_imgTHATTO Heath under 18s are proud of the all the players and coaches that have recently been selected to coach and play representative rugby league for their country, back row Colin Phillips joint BARLA Great Britain under 19s head coach, Jack Jones, David Pike, Nathan Skupski, Jimmy Waterworth Thatto Heath under 18s Head Coach, front row Adam Hesketh, Andy Lea and Jordan Houghton.David Pike was the tour captain for Great Britain under 19s community Lions tour to South Africa who was joined by Jack Jones and Nathan Skupski.Colin Phillips and Andy Lea went on tour to Serbia with BARLA Great Britain Lions under 19s, Adam Hesketh who was tour captain for BARLA Great Britain Lions under 17s and was joined by Jordan Houghton on their tour to Holland.All the players returned from their respective tours unbeaten of which is an achievement for everyone involved to be proud of.last_img read more

A MAN of the match performance from Jonny Lomax se

first_imgA MAN of the match performance from Jonny Lomax sent Saints on their way to an excellent 52-18 win over Wakefield.The full back bagged a hat-trick and added eight conversions from nine as Nathan Brown’s side ran riot at Langtree Park.Wakefield twice battled back from deficits but Saints stood firm and deservedly led 22-12 at half time.Alex Walmsley and Jordan Turner sandwiched the visitor’s scores before Jonny Lomax forged the home side ahead.Turner then grabbed his second after some great work from Francis Meli.Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook opened his account in the second half and although Wakefield threatened a comeback, it was always going to be Saints and Lomax’ day.He tallied twice with another from Tommy Makinson to end a satisfactory night – in both defence and attack.At several times Saints were forced to defend their own lines with a very young side on the field.Jordan Hand made his debut whilst Brown opted to start the impressive Anthony Walker at loose forward.Tommy Makinson came in for Ade Gardner and big Alex Walmsley started from the bench – Tony Puletua missing out.Wakefield got off to the best possible start when on their opening set Dean Collis got the better of his opposite number and Richard Mathers mopped up.Paul Sykes tagging on the conversion.Jon Wilkin replied with a couple of deep kicks and was rewarded as a neat little chip over the top saw the Wildcats concede a drop out.And from that position Saints levelled; shifting the ball inside, dummies a plenty and Alex Walmsley showing great feet to get in.Jonny Lomax levelling.Lance Hohaia played a massive part in that first try and it was his sleight of hand that saw Lomax increase the lead.His brain was too quick for the defence and seeing Lomax on his shoulder he put him through.The youngster then sidestepped, ignited the afterburners for his first of a complete performance.Wakefield levelled minutes later though as Ben Cockayne continued his excellent scoring form with his eighth of the campaign.Saints were rocked as they had the ascendency – but that was re-established as Jordan Turner pounced on James Roby’s chip-through.The score – whilst fortuitous because of the bounce in-goal – came after a wonderful break from Saints. Hohaia sent a beautiful short ball to Lomax who tipped it on to Turner.Meli then took it up, brought it back inside with Hohaia on his shoulder. From there, Roby did the rest.Lomax making it 18-12 from the touchline.And with five minutes to go Saints were further ahead. Meli wriggled out of three tackles and slipped a pass to Turner for his second of the night.Jon Wilkin’s inside ball gave ‘LMS’ his first of the season nine minutes into the second half – goaled by Lomax.Wakefield had six sets on Saints line – but couldn’t find a way through – but they did on their next set.Washbrook made a mini break and fed Collis to make it a 10 point game after Sykes’ conversion.Saints didn’t hang around though and after winning a penalty the excellent Hohaia combined with Wilkin for Lomax to cut back inside and make Mathers lose his footing.Jonny goaled and then added his third try on Saints’ next set.A wonderful offload in the tackle found its way to the full back and he squirmed over.And the night was nearly complete when Tommy Makinson finished off Sia Soliola’s break with 10 to go and Lomax sent over the conversion from the touchline.Whilst the plaudits will undoubtedly head to Lomax though, it was left to the superb Hohaia to jink his way over to complete a fine evening.Match Summary:Saints:Tries: Walmsley, Lomax (3), Turner (2), McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Makinson, HohaiaGoals: Lomax (8 from 9)Wildcats:Tries: Mathers, Cockayne, CollisGoals: Sykes (3 from 3)Penalties:Saints: 7Wildcats: 9HT: 22-12FT: 52-18REF: Robert HicksATT: 11211Teams:Saints:7. Jonny Lomax; 21. Tommy Makinson, 3. Jordan Turner, 19. Josh Jones, 5. Francis Meli; 6. Lance Hohaia, 12. Jon Wilkin; 14. Anthony Laffranchi, 9. James Roby, 25. Alex Walmsley, 13. Willie Manu, 4. Sia Soliola, 27. Anthony Walker.Subs: 10. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 15. Mark Flanagan, 16. Paul Clough, 28. Jordan Hand.Wildcats:1. Richard Mathers; 2. Peter Fox, 3. Dean Collis, 20. Reece Lyne, 5. Ben Cockayne; 6. Paul Sykes, 14. Kyle Wood; 16. Oliver Wilkes, 9. Paul Aiton, 15. Kyle Amor, 19. Vince Mellars, 17. Frankie Mariano, 13. Danny Washbrook.Subs: 4. Lee Smith, 18. Kyle Trout, 21. Matt Wildie, 27. Chris Annakin.last_img read more

SAINTS have launched a new one off replica shirt f

first_imgSAINTS have launched a new one off replica shirt for the Magic Weekend which has been designed to raise the awareness of Autism.This special edition kit will be worn in Newcastle when we take on Huddersfield Giants on May 22.We will be taking pre-orders for the replica version starting today to coincide with tomorrow’s National Autism Awareness Day with a donation from every shirt sold going to local support group St Helens Autism Support.The players’ matchday shirts will also be signed and auctioned off too … more details will follow close to the match.In association with O’Neills, the shirt design follows the traditional Saints White shirt with a Vee – but the Red Vee has been replaced with a Multi Coloured Jigsaw Design Vee.The coloured jigsaw pieces, along with the Ribbon design on the back, are key symbols used to raise awareness of Autism nationally.Each replica shirt also carries the logo of St.Helens Autism Support, a local group already making a massive difference in the area by helping raise awareness of the condition and aiding people, particularly children, with all levels of Autism.The Magic Weekend match details are also listed on the right front hem of the shirt.Tom Jackson from St. Helens Autism Support said: “St. Helens Autism Support is delighted to be associated with this ground-breaking shirt initiative. As a local charity we have two main objectives – to raise awareness of the condition and to raise funds for our current project; a resource centre in the town to provide community, training and employment opportunities for local people.“We would like to thank St.Helens Rugby League Club and fans for their continued and generous support.”The shirt is now available to pre-order and to guarantee delivery, the cut-off date for pre-orders is midnight on April 14 2016.Physical stock will be available for collection/delivery week ending May 15 2016, enabling you to wear your limited Edition Shirt for Magic Weekend whether you are going to Newcastle or supporting Saints from home.We will have a small amount of stock in Saints Superstore at this time (May 15) but cannot guarantee your size will be available.Be in that number and support a great cause at the same time!You can buy Adult Shirts for £48, and Kids for £35 at the Saints Superstore, via 01744 455 050 or online.Shirts are only available in Adults XS-7XL, and Kids Sizes Age 5/6 to Age 13/14yrs.last_img read more

Parents wave goodbye as UNCW students start a new journey

first_imgUNCW Move-in day 2017 (Photo: Jenna Kurzyna/WWAY) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The University of North Carolina Wilmington is welcoming the class of 2021 and the new Seahawks are excited.“So excited, I never knew I wanted to come to UNCW and somebody said why not go visit Wilmington. I was like I never really thought about it, so I did and I fell in love with the campus immediately. That was two years ago, so now I’m finally ready to be moved in and excited,” freshman Gabriella Scala said.- Advertisement – UNCW has a special tradition for move-in day that not many other schools have.“We are moving in the freshman! It is a super unique thing that UNCW does and it’s great to get to help out and make sure everybody gets moved in stress free,” junior Shannon Mann said.1,800 volunteers showed up this year to help move in more than 2,000 new students.Related Article: James Sprunt CC signs Guaranteed Admissions Agreement with UNCW“They unload the cars pretty quickly. They bring all of those items to their rooms and the parents actually never get out of the car. They go and park the car and by the time the parents arrive back in the students room, all of their stuff has been unloaded, ” UNCW Director of Housing and Residence Life Peter Groenendyk said.Upperclassmen think back to when they were first arriving on campus and how they enjoy coming together to help out.“Gathering as one whole UNCW community, it really makes a difference,” senior Jamie Foley said.Some parents are not looking forward to going back to an empty nest after they drop off their new Seahawk.“It’s a little nerve wracking, since he is my first student to go to college, but he is really excited to be here, so I’m really excited for him,” parent Jena Mcgann said.Now freshman Gabriella Scala is settled in her new dorm room, she is ready to check out the campus.“I’m looking forward to meeting new people. I’ve never been this far away from home and I don’t know anybody here, so I’m excited to meet anybody and everybody,” Scala said.The director of housing and residence life said he expects by the end of Sunday for majority of the students living on-campus to be all moved in.last_img read more

Former Air Force One flight attendant shares memories of Barbara Bush

first_imgBRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — As former First Lady Barbara Bush reportedly enjoyed some bourbon the night before she died, Howie Franklin remembers her preferred beverage on Air Force One.“At the end of the day, there would possibly be a bourbon cocktail,” Franklin said.- Advertisement – He is the airport director at Cape Fear Regional Jetport. But years ago, he was the chief flight attendant during the Bush administration on Air Force One. He says Mrs. Bush always had an expectation of everyone to do their best. However, for the mother of six, a motherly side would always come out.“It was warm and we felt like some of her family. I mean, the presence of the people and they respected her. When you’re around her, you stood up a little taller. You were expected to. It was a wonderful thing,” Franklin said.Franklin says she was also a cheerleader for the family and the staff and would try to bring out the positive in any situation.Related Article: Soldier dies in skydiving accident at Brunswick airport“She built confidence. She was somebody who had that leadership ability that built confidence in the people around her,” Franklin said.But he also had his inside jokes with the former first lady.“I carried treats in my pocket and she knew that and the dogs knew it too. She accused me on time of stealing her dogs because they’d follow me around the airplane. Well, I have the treats in my pocket and she knew that and she’d joke with me about it,” Franklin said.Finally, he only has one thing left to say to her.“Thank you for being who she is and who she was. I thought she set a good example. She was a great role model for a lot of people,” he said.Franklin says he and the rest of the staff on Air Force One appreciated being around her, especially on the plane. Her funeral is set for Saturday at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston.last_img read more

Arrest made in Wilmington shooting that injured man

first_imgQuaneil Hasson Allen WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man is charged in a shooting that happened one week ago.Wilmington Police and members of the US Marshals Fugitive Task Force arrested Quaneil Hasson Allen, 20, on Tuesday night. He is charged him with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and a parole violation.- Advertisement – Officers responded to the area of 6th and Meares Street on March 12 around 2:10 p.m. in reference to a shooting. That’s where they found a 28-year-old man shot.EMS transported the victim, who had serious injuries, to New Hanover County Regional Medical Center.Allen is currently being held at the New Hanover County Jail without bond.Related Article: Alleged marijuana dealer busted after undercover investigationlast_img read more