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Google K station in the first half of the website is how to recover

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then I carefully studied the Google webmaster guidelines, and did not find my site where there is a clear violation of the guidelines, Lenovo to use the same template of many sites are K, I think will not be because the template is called the problem, because Shanghai has clearly pointed out by love not love iframe call Google, although did not say, but not to the exclusion of love and do not love Shanghai. My website template is used in the iframe call, so I wondered how to change the JS call, because of this code is not how familiar, so spent a tremendous effort in helping others is finally put into a iframe call JS call, try holding the mentality to Google again submit your web site, in the course of the audit asked Google to reason your site column, I wrote the iframe call into the JS call the fact, but the attitude is very sincere.

the first to talk about my website, the website is my agent network is the last New Year's on-line, basically every day will update a original article, so the beginning of love Shanghai and Google are also included. Google's PR was up to 3, but soon found the PR value dropped to 1, because at that time included did not decrease, all did not care how, thought is the problem of Google. Who knows the cup is coming in a few days later, the site was Google K, and K is very thorough, an article is gone! Was also trying to find the reasons, but did not find, plus other things to do to put this thing to forget. Until I saw a post and use the same template website also has a lot of Google K one day, so I just tried to analyze what is the cause of the collective K Google station, because the content of the website is mostly original, and we all know that Google requirements for content than the love of Shanghai should not loose a lot, because the site's content is K. It is likely that the problem is in the template, and consulted the template developers, but unfortunately he himself did not understand what is the cause of Google collective K station, according to his words on this template when doing the test included Google is very good, the result now, he is also expected.


by Google K half site that recently restored, I was surprised to be honest. Although after the Google restoration included did not give me too much traffic, but I do want to get some experience I used to share with you, because I know there are some and I like the webmaster, their website has also been seen in the Google dark room without dark sun life. Do a web site's friends all know that Google has always been a good temper, is generally not the K station, even some people mistakenly think that Google never is actually Google K station, K station, K station relative to Google just love Shanghai much less, and the Google K station is usually because you are a serious violation of it's not love Shanghai rules, sometimes it is rather baffling to put you to the K.

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How to optimize the face of malicious behaviors of competitors

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as the management of these website owners for this villain behavior must hate it, how do we deal with this matter? How do we avoid let this happen? It happens, and you should find a way to resolve what? Specific attack measures specific to the analysis.

two: the chain is malicious mass problem. This phenomenon is also a headache for people, because it's not decided on you, maybe your site is not affected, maybe your site will be right down, you can only do two things, some complaints in the Webmaster Tools Platform love Shanghai themselves. Allow yourself the chain is not recognized, the other is to contact the relevant website and then explained to love Shanghai to remove these chain. This approach is quite troublesome, practical operation is not strong.

phenomenon: the site was attacked, there are a lot of Trojans, have some bad content of the page, there are some bad ads. The content of the website is normal check every webmaster must do, once this phenomenon should be the website content in the local backup, and then carefully find undesirable content, bad Web site, you can use the method of software combined with manual to find, only to find out all of the content. If you can't, you can look at the website of the search results page, which can be seen from this should be related to the alarm information. Find out all the problems should be very fast, such problems should be attributed to three aspects, one reason is the server space management is not strict, a website is the program itself, a problem is one of the reasons, is not the company's internal staff problems, this is a malicious retaliation or an unintentional leak. In love inside the Shanghai bad page content, must use the love of Shanghai's own webmaster tool delete processing, this method is more efficient.

has a lot of website structure perfect, ranking the ideal, the situation is very good, because this site is a competitive industry, many peers, competitors are also a lot of chance is a ten page, in this case, there are many competitors will use malicious methods good site to attack, their goal is very simple, easy to be punished by some optimization means that these site is down right, let these good new sites have been punished and lose ranking.

four: domain name. Some people will focus on this domain.

three: attack phenomenon. This attack is reflected in the huge access attack, space business solutions is good, it's a large well-known business space, the space business has a perfect firewall, for such attacks can be effectively defended, won't let your website hang things, you should also set the bandwidth a little, and fundamentally improve their cost of crime, he asked for dull and give up, this is a good idea.

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The chain blog now really do

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can also is a snapshot of the day, but obviously included less than Sina, but also for the recent new space, love Shanghai are ignored, people do not know is not the case, the author of a space for more than a month before the construction, until now the article also confiscate the book, but the old account is not the same, he collected or normal, the contents of the article is whether original or false original, almost everywhere are included.

This included ?


according to the results of the query, visible not included is not alone, but a common phenomenon, believe that a lot of blog outside the chain of friends have experience, these high weight blog like this, not to mention the popularity is not high, a small blog.




recently, the author in several free blog post, Sina found in almost all the love sea fight not included, first thought is the content of the problem, then published several articles of the original article, but still has not changed, the blog as an important promotion the chain, if lost far too.



Look at the Sina

is 163,

look at love Shanghai love their products, Shanghai space

Hexun is like this, a month has not included the number of pages, recently it is less and less, from the collection of a month, from his earlier had not been included in

do not know this is not just an individual case, specially checked each high weight blog included:


Shanghai is going to love these bloggers are pulled into the blacklist? The author thinks that it is not possible, in addition to blog advertising, some junk information, there are still a lot of outstanding original content, search engines can not give up this aspect. I believe that love is in Shanghai may make some adjustments, some filtering of spam.

included OK, 520 thousand, is the next snapshot of sina Shanghai, love Bo Wen almost is wonderful, whether you are the original or false original, as long as the link does not appear.

included the amount is almost 0 more in a week ago, the amount included in the recent week is almost 0, but recently included a month is also normal, that love Shanghai started recently that he, what is this


data can be seen from the figure, Sohu is also included in the gradually reduced.

The following
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Following the events of 5.20 Shanghai love strange phenomenon of the exploding number included

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last month love Shanghai 5.20 big update, resulting in many keywords website ranking sharply, believe that reading this article, most of my friends have a deep impression, then love Shanghai official in the club owners to clarify the reason why our system in the process of updating data out of the situation, "it seems an understatement, but the love of Shanghai 5.20 site events spread range is very wide, is not a small storm on the internet. Love Shanghai as a national Internet industry, can give full play to local advantages over the global search engine giant Google, this is worthy of our pride, also hope to mature and perfect, really strong. But very unfortunately after a lapse of one month, love Shanghai and the problem, the author in the examination yesterday morning when Links, found that the number of sites included many more, several web sites without any cause or reason included increased volume of tens of thousands, in wonder and feel wrong, because I am a query with Chinaz webmaster tools. The first suspect is the webmaster tools to obtain data error, then change to love station network query, the same result. Seems to love Shanghai, then I site several included the number explosion domain, siteA domain name, but it is not included in the page A domain name, has appeared in a number of other domain name of the page, as shown below:

this is not the wrong person? I can't believe the immediate results, delete IE cache, the new query is still the same result. It is a web site and later to bind multiple domain names? Immediately ruled out such inferences, because so many sites are also bound a few domain names, and I Links mostly grassroots webmaster, not to the point of such luxury? Do these sites are suspected of cheating, and immediately ruled out this inference, because one of my sites also appeared in such a situation, I have been to continue the operation too observant of conventional standards., query these sites and keywords ranking snapshot is the same as before, no phenomenon and sign right down, just your own domain name. Rather baffling some more "from Mars".

to Shanghai dragon why forum took a look, there are a lot of friends talk about this topic, some say is love Shanghai show, some say is to stimulate the webmaster nerve, some say love Shanghai draft data error, some say is the K station precursor, unclear anecdotal. Before writing this article I once again for several sites, the situation is the same as yesterday. What is the love of Shanghai data error or other reasons? I believe there will be results quickly. We should keep the common heart, will relax the nerve as usual to eat when the meal, the sleep time and sleep, when the update content updates, follow the prescribed order completion of the work day their noses is good. In this paper, by the love of September women's taobao贵族宝贝 new (贵族宝贝zhxxc贵族宝贝) original release, reproduced please retain the copyright information.


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Link and high quality links to rival

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judging from the title I have to emphasize today is flooding and high quality links of the two different links is how to bring different effects, both of who you want, we all know that the site is a must in Shanghai dragon optimization process, then a part of Shanghai Longfeng site a link optimization is very important, he played the role of not only to climb from the search engine spiders, is more of a good user experience, from the perspective of the test site in order to reduce the death of him or the existence of a chain, this will allow the user to feel a sense of complex websites and out of order to show users no, good user experience, to search engine, this is not essential website.

love Shanghai speed search on-line, user experience becomes a luxury in Shanghai Longfeng empty A5 stationmaster net contribute a "love Shanghai speed search low-key on-line supporting user experience of high-profile luxury" click to see can let you know how important the user experience is one thing, but don't run thinking, back links Shanghai, as the Dragon Er Shanghai dragon city construction is that the link to the user experience near, we will spread the link as reactionary and high quality links is to give users a sense of justice, this analogy should not be too difficult to understand.

The like this? When

link on the Internet we are accustomed to things, do not believe? You can go to the A5 forum, search outside, a push on the webmaster forum, you will find links everywhere, more outrageous is that all links will be all posted up, back to the people's post, make the optimization for professional website Shanghai city dragon only sweat words (Figure 1), I want to talk about this issue to this you can bring you what? For love in Shanghai included, you feel very excited? Return to a post on the success of links is full of pride? But you have not thought about such a link flood the site, can bring much effect to such a small link you can? As Shanghai dragon er you want? Your parents know you

Shanghai dragon is where the value of the link, and the link is a way of Shanghai dragon, to open a website to one thing, but to run a website that is quite easy, the brand is not possible or loud enough to let users trust the brand, not only loud, also depends on the link, the link is not much, also have external but also take into account the connotation, strawberry square dance to the Journal of Shanghai Longfeng city continue to strive for excellence, and chaff.

I don't particularly want to scold you just remind it, simply, is the maker of spam links, these links can bring you the effect is equal to zero, you just unrequited love, not only takes time and a waste of your precious spirit, although these links can give love Shanghai but for spiders crawl urgency love Shanghai pay attention to the user experience, this is the method of love Shanghai is extremely friendly, strawberry square dance the Shanghai dragon city proposal as early as possible removed the work, pay attention to.

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The four step analytical webmaster how to quickly improve website weight

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, increase website traffic

weight weight the weight of the website!! why so low? What are the factors that affect the weight of the website? For these problems at the forum to see every day, many webmaster in forum posts about the most is how to quickly improve website weight. Why do you value the weight and height of the stationmaster? Because the weight is a recognized way to love Shanghai for the site, even if weight high website is to optimize the long tail keywords can quickly get a good effect. So in the circle, the attention of the PR era has passed, it is now pay more attention to the level of weight. So how to quickly improve your weight? Today I share several effective methods can rapidly improve the site weight.

we can see in the diagram above, through numerical flow of Shanghai and Shanghai love love weight, weight will flow naturally high, weight will be low and no flow. And this is precisely that chain relationship between the flow and the weight of the site. I have not seen any website without traffic will also have high weight. So webmaster want to quickly improve the site's weight, we must first improve the website traffic, is to improve the keywords ranking method to improve website traffic is the most direct, only good keywords ranking, the weight will naturally follow up. You may think it's not so, if there is a time may be a coincidence, but by the figure, we can see, the flow is small, the weight is 1, and the flow value, the weight is 3, so this does not explain the relationship with the weight of traffic? So webmaster by increasing website traffic can be improve the site weight.



two, do well in the station optimization

space is stable and whether it affects the normal operation of the website for many.

which is the weight of influence factors? The answer is the user experience, and user experience on the site inside. So to improve the site weight that is to improve the user experience, you need to from the station. In the website optimization process, from once outside the station to focus on optimizing the present station and Shanghai foreign minister with love by Wikipedia examples, we can see the station optimization to achieve the ultimate stability for improving the ranking, increase the weight, improve the user experience has very big effect. That is not to say whether good station optimization is also affecting the factor of the high and low weight? And that from now more and more attention to the webmaster can see the station optimization. Through the station some basic optimization, such as navigation optimization, structure optimization, image optimization, layout optimization, chain optimization and so on, do a good job of setting up the basic optimization, nature is to improve your weight even without much effect will not have a bad effect.

three, security space

for this is perhaps many webmaster do not understand. Then we can demonstrate, through the picture as shown in figure

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The development trend of membership website profit modelZheng Duoyan invested in fitness O2O in Chin

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, also the founder of thin web, has studied the case of "Niu Er". Beautician Niu Er has a large number of fans through television programs, after he published the book, creating a personal brand, "her rook annual cattle" sales also have billions of dollars.

now, the angle conversion to thin this side: this cooperation will be an occasion to how much

however, the initial stage of the enterprises, products or services are relatively single, because relative to a single product or service to make a profit and to maintain the normal operation and development to a certain size, there will be a bottleneck, it is no longer a member of increased stagnation in this one level, so he must find in order to development. The way to break the bottleneck. Personally, the main reason for the stagnation at this stage will be the relative simplicity of the service items or the lack of product categories, and the solution will be in the form of cooperation.

Zheng Duoyan slimnastics imperceptibly fire up, last year there were rumors, she will invest in the gym Chinese, recently released a more specific information: not only is the next line of investment, but to borrow the most popular O2O:

it in collaboration with Zheng Duoyan, in addition to the Online and the Offline thin network developed for Zheng Duoyan App, fitness club, Zetness operation also includes a variety of commercial promotion in mainland Chinese Zheng Duoyan, with social media account. At the same time, Zheng Duoyan has become a thin network of shareholders, but also thin net has just won the Beijing music as a creative venture pre-A round of investment, 8 million yuan music as the mother of the fund for the music as the nebula.

we can see that with the rapid development of people's education and the improvement of living standards and the Internet including the 3G technology to the development of 4G technology, people's medical education, etc. can achieve the remote service, along with the national policy of Internet supervision, management and operation of more standardized and institutionalized some people, the pursuit of quality service will be more prominent, which requires enterprises to provide such services for people to meet the needs of a group of people, to provide more quality services or products, the cost is also higher, bound to membership fees or other charges embodied in the form of.

Lian Dao believes that Zheng Duoyan and Niu Er different, she is more like a "product based spiritual symbol", has had two children, weight 80 kg, weight loss to 49 kilograms of inspirational experience. Cheap knife plans to Zheng Duoyan brand to "Pilates" direction to develop: Pilates is by Joseph, ·, Pilates founded a movement, the product is directly named by the founder of the name. Before you jump in the home video and multi Zheng Yan use no formal authorization, the new App, in addition to publishing new exercises and teaching action points function, and everything is still free.

Author: !

for many girls, the so-called fitness is to jump at home, Zheng Duoyan".

why is that? This is a premise, which is the future development of the Internet enterprise operation mode more prominent impact on the Internet, personal webmaster in more and more small, content based website, personal webmaster more and more difficult for one-on-one personalized service, or can not meet the personalized service the growing needs of users, so enterprise operation site advantages will be more prominent, in order to better serve customers, to provide more diversified services or products for users, there will be a few provide different service website alliance, to provide services to users.

starter: a preliminary study of website profit model

lead: the so-called business is to seize the opportunity, dare to do, also want to find low-cost network founder thin knife celebrities to the occasion, did not think that one step of the unexpected result, the fitness of Queen Zheng Duoyan in Chinese partners.

coalition formation with a product line of several companies, the interface integration, a user can use several services, the formation of alliances and the formation of a monopoly on the development trend of an industry, in order to maximize profits, they also have enough traffic to maximize advertising etc. profit.

is a weight loss website founded in 2010: thin web.

creation >


Offline, in addition to the investment of Zetness brand fitness club, Zheng Duoyan aerobics will also authorize to domestic large and small gym, they become the official aerobics teaching.

Zheng Duoyan attends also thin net annual meeting, right is also thin network founder cheap sword

membership website in the future development of the Internet, will be more popular, and will form a number of advantages of joint development trend of the site!

Online, the development of licensed App, in the above exclusive release new aerobics, the introduction of online education open class mode, let Zheng Duoyan become "Zheng", App also can make an appointment online gym aerobics;

stumbled to this day, also thin net is also a story site.


above personal view, welcome to raise different opinions, discuss the website profit pattern together.

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nformation search keywords

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classification "laptop computer", "super", "netbook, laptop bag, laptop battery"; on the right, we can see

generally, search this kind of word, the search for their products or services have a certain understanding, but also did not achieve their objectives and requirements, they search this kind of word is in order to get more detailed information. For example, if the "computer" is the navigation type search keywords, the "Tsinghua Tongfang", "HP" belongs to the type of information search keywords. A search for "Tsinghua Tongfang", "HP" is definitely the person of computer have a certain understanding, but want to know more about computer brand, performance, price and other more detailed information.

notebook, can have a "brand", "price", "price", "CPU" and so on many classification, these belong to channel page.

The following figure:

two, information search keywords how to optimize the

According to the classification of


article by energy-saving 贵族宝贝mishi8贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

Because of this the

of a website, divided into three types: navigation type search keywords, search keywords information and transaction type search keywords. In this article, we describe the information search keywords layout.

information search keywords layout (classification and deployment) is very important, is a site navigation, not only for the customer plays an important role of guidance, but also plays an important role of guidance to the search engine crawlers, spiders along these keywords to pick your article.

search volume (love Shanghai index), the value and the degree of competition after navigation keywords (primary key), so we want to optimize the channel page, because in our website, channel page is the most able to meet these needs. For example, we take the "notebook" for example, we can write in the channel page "laptop battery, laptop case, notebook accessories etc..

We fell in love with , thank you! What is a type

haisou "computer", the first natural search results are Zhongguancun, entered Zhongguancun in the left navigation can be seen in

, information search purposes:

On the left side of the

The following figure:
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Black October is necessary to submit website directory

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since October 23, 2012, Shanghai issued the fight against cheating love chain, directory sites has been in decline, the website weight is worse than before, many owners are hesitant to also don't classification directory submission site, because this kind of website weight high, a popular search engine's favor, therefore, although we are now know the directory sites has been greatly inferior to the past, but still did not immediately withdraw from, there are still many webmaster has been diligently submitted to classified catalogue web site, hoping to have a qualitative change Many a little make a mickle.. The Tuiyou network (贵族宝贝ttuu贵族宝贝/) with you talk about whether there need to submit sites directory

, everything is possible Although Three,

search engine algorithm is always changing, but we have to change constantly, believe that "content is king, the chain for emperor", no matter how cattle are not from the website of the two most basic elements, you want to make your site to hold feet in the search engine, it is necessary to chain good work, after all, not only can do the website weight one aspect of the work in a short time, and an important way to improve the weights of the website that is increasing the high quality of the chain, and the high quality of the chain, "

, a quantitative qualitative change

search engine algorithm in Shanghai love change constantly, constantly adjust, 12 years in October to combat these sites, perhaps 13 years has become a search engine xiangbobo? That we do not know, after all, we are dealing with search engine, search engine can not transfer with happiness and we will therefore, the webmaster can not just look at the eyes, but also to the long-term development of the future, to unbeaten status in the website to search engines, promotion will be diversified, not only do one or two kinds of current search engines love the way you know for a long time, the search engine spiders also will be tired therefore, the webmaster friends as much as possible the choice of promotion, can do to try to do, don't change the search engine algorithm, for some kind of network Stand a blow, you have finished playing.


believes that the chain for the emperor

actually, what is the directory sites Many a little make a mickle., although the weight is reduced, but it does not mean that this kind of website is never used, want to know all of this kind of website has a lot of, each site has a certain weight, although the directory sites before the authority has not so high weight but, it doesn't mean that a little weight is gone, the weight is still there, still more than just established new sites right important high, therefore, we should change the strategy at this time, but should not abandon this kind of website, since this kind of website weight before so high, that we can be more of this kind of website submit this day to day accumulation, when this kind of website is accumulated to a certain amount, the effect will appear, then, will give you a surprise!

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Webmaster do Shanghai dragon to find their own learning optimization gold deposit

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Shanghai Longfeng exchange platform website currently has a lot of, the most famous portal site than in Admin5, chianz, tui18 three, and the Shanghai dragon promotion forum of the most famous is the Shanghai dragon why, Admin5, Chinaz, tui18,28tui and many other sites, there are a lot of new stations such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain slowly out of the tip.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Before talking a lot about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but a lot of the time is that some of their own experience, for some of my own learning methods have never done this, today I want to introduce is about learning some experience of the Shanghai dragon. Learning, one is to find a place of knowledge, the two is to find the methods of learning, the three is to form a mature knowledge system, this study is the best way to learn. To achieve these three points, the first point is to find the optimal learning gold deposit.

we talked about Shanghai Longfeng, each point experienced webmaster will have their own way of learning a set of optimization, when do not understand the problem has its own set of experience to learn to study and solve, but we really find optimal gold mine own? I believe that many people are not or we! There is a gold like this, but there are not many gold, then how should we do? I talk about some views about the optimization of gold


2, optimization of learning gold to choose a good tutorial

! Shanghai dragon!

a lot of people will choose the place to learn some knowledge of AC Shanghai dragon, but really want to find a good place to experience much! I usually go into these sites inside each section to find some articles to see, especially in the forum, a good article is recommended to have his natural color, such as a push. Shanghai dragon why inside the essence of the article is very good, every time you can learn a lot of things! This is my first gold mineral inside the optimization of learning


has a lot of expert now have their own blog, such as Lu Songsong, Wang Tong, Xiao Jun and other expert blogs are good places to study, especially the Lu Songsong blog, you can go to see him, each article is access to hundreds of thousands of comments, this platform, thanks to Lou loose blog there is a high quality a large number of articles, we can learn a lot of things to do in Guangzhou, Shanghai dragon Xiao Jun is also very good, his article is Shanghai dragon more knowledge, you can go to learn about. This is my second gold mineral resources to optimize the learning


1, optimize the learning website platform gold to choose good

Shanghai Longfeng optimization learning difficulties, especially for newcomers, or encountered a bottleneck, this time must have their own Shanghai dragon tutor. My teacher is my brother Shanghai dragon, he is the third largest mineral mine! Not to say my brother Shanghai dragon how Li >

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Google’s recent three domestic websites need to identify the direction of motion optimization

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recovery direction: don't pay too much attention to PR, or not because of PR's influence to their website optimization. Certainly not at all desirable, when we put the PR more and more high, so PR effects are positive in one direction, it is very good. The PR as a tool, let it create value for themselves, rather than making trouble, such as when the link exchange, some owners still pay more attention to the PR, the high PR station is better for the link.

1, Google PR frequently updated

Hello, I'm Muzi into the boat. For Google webmaster if Shanghai do we have sex much less attention, because Google to flow relative to love Shanghai is really a little less. According to some of my experiences in view of Google ranking, when high flow love Shanghai's ranking is not too good, once love Shanghai ranked up, Google's traffic and ranking may fall, maybe this is just because I don't pay too much attention to the cause for Google optimization! But after all, or Google search engine, it's absolutely every act and every move will have a big impact on the Google search engine, recently for the algorithm to do a lot of adjustment, the three aspects of one of the most typical is the following, these adjustments are based on some measures of our website Links etc. to make, and we most should do is in Google Mozhun these adjustments will affect us for some Shanghai dragon, timely remedy and identify the direction.


2, Google pays more attention to the quality of website

for Google, as we all know, it is to do very humane, for the website ranking is also very rational, the general content of the website and the website of the high quality of the chain will be in the front row, but it can not be excluded listed, such as many foreign websites, according to my knowledge on the use of black chain.

PR update frequently is a revolution to Google this year is premeditated, it is for the sale of the website links. Just think, if we go to buy links, bought a PR4 link, PR3 for a while, for our ranking will not have a big impact, this is very harmful to buy links; and for selling links, while if the sweep of the black chain chain of Ming PR is constantly changing and for their work, pricing, and customer loyalty is very big impact on the. This is just from the PR for some of the effects of the sale of the connection, in fact PR long time ranking in the search engine website rules have deep footprint, important degree even PR in the web page ranking in the accounts for a high proportion, once the PR do an update, the search engine for ranking do an update, this is a search engine to see, because each search engine Google is not willing to be led by the nose, so I love Shanghai at a time when the PR update will appear to influence by reducing the resistance of PR included.

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Search engine optimization strategy (three) five major factors influencing website ranking

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third position. Highlight the key is to arouse the attention of search engines, so we have to put the main keywords in the value of the page location. This part of the content search engine will focus on "the importance of these contents are higher than other pages, so this is the" highlight the keywords "


second: keyword density. There are words beyond count on a page, then the search engine is how to determine the keyword or search engine? How to distinguish what keywords to describe your site. For these, the search engine statistics of your entire page character, those words or phrases appear frequently is defined as "keyword. Key words and words of the page called keyword density, which is one of the important factors to do search engine optimization. In order to get a good ranking keywords to optimize your must appear in the page many times repeatedly stressed the need to optimize the keywords, or range of recognition in the search engine that. Optimization of the general keyword repeatedly stressed in 2% to 8%, the density is too big it will be considered in cheating.

1: content and theme. The actual content of the site is an important strategy for your site optimization, content and theme are interdependent with each other. If you want a website in search engine ranking, then there must be actual content reference topics. The main contents through the text to convey information, to express the content of pictures, do not use flash instead, because the search engine is not recognized. In the web pages have enough content available to the search engine index is a basic element of search engine optimization. So we know why it is difficult to have a website to achieve a high ranking, when people search things are always trying to find some information rich and comprehensive website. So the content rich website ranking, nature is higher than those without substance website ranking more. So webmaster do optimization to remember, don't forget to update your website, should be more substantial update. Whether it is the search engine, or users are keen to see more innovative things all the more.

on how to improve the core competitiveness of the construction site site traffic. In the previous two articles in our preliminary account of the screening of recombinant keywords, and discusses the importance of writing and further analysis of the label ". In this section we finally make the first two contents: analysis of factors influencing website ranking, and how to improve the core site ranking for fine.

2, text hyperlink. Hyperlinks can be connected to the web site or the content of the page, text and description can bring you the website key >

1, TITLE and META tags. In the last chapter we mentioned that TITLE is the most important "optimization of the label. So the key words placed in TITLE also is particularly important. If TITLE can optimize keyword tag, the site's ranking is very good.

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Talk about how to use the site map hold Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

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two, how to optimize the site map set hold live Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

in the source program, it will bring the function of the site map generation, of course some self-developed program may ignore the map making, but also never mind. Method for making the website map there are many methods, first if you can write a code, the independent is very simple. Second online map, if you do not code, can be in the search engine search tool to make online website map, now there are a lot of tools, third by Google online to create a site map, Google currently supports a variety of multi map, at the same time, we don't have to write your own code, but also made more in line with the search map engine crawling. Therefore, the map making method is simple but also difficult, whether you understand it or not, and will not write code code can independently create maps, lead to Rome.

for each ER, I believe that the site map should not be unfamiliar. Each site has two map, a website is summed up all the data of the map, two submitted to the search engine map. The site map can let users better know all the content of the site, but also very helpful to fully link all the spider crawling website. As we travel, there is a city map can let us know how the car arrived at the destination. But many owners often ignore the importance of the site map, today I to tell you something about how to use the site map to HOLD in Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect.

Shanghai dragon Now a lot of

site map needs updating every second. The site map is generally to generate static pages display, because the site map does not need to update the all-weather 24 hours, and the map is updated too frequently to Shanghai dragon optimization >

, how to make a site map

first map must use text for navigation. The site map is mainly to see the search engine, so don't get too fancy, after all, users must never know what is the site map. At the same time with other elements, such as pictures, FLASH, JS code for map navigation links, search engine do not know ah, even things don't know how to crawl crawl? So, the site map should be simple, clean, YISHION word in the form of anchor text for each link.

site map many owners feel that as long as he placed a home page or web site to the bottom point of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in fact, now a lot of people don't know how to place the map, according to the search engine crawl rules, ROBOTS site documents and site map is started by the search engine crawling in view of this page, you can know the importance of the site map, for such an important element of course need to do the optimization. So how to enhance the effect of optimization map of Shanghai dragon?

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Net nest hand in hand DST cooperation, create BBS-CMS seamless combination for the benefit of the we

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, SEO, VS, SEM keyword PPC

      official announcement address:

3, network advertising must first try 1 weeks to do, do not believe the data and its commitment to website, must try again after the formal pay investment, look at the real input-output ratio to do otherwise would not do or you just wait and was forced to resign. To avoid the set page bring technology flow joint false illusion almost all the websites to advertise it, the effect will be so be sure to set the advertising code to evaluate the real and effective flow.

      DST is Discuz; official support, recognition and recommendation of the third party team, founded nearly a year, released a number of influential classic plug-in and style, carried out free style upgrades and other activities. In this nearly a year, for the user free to provide a variety of works, DST subordinate DHT is free of charge, hundreds of thousands of Discuz users to solve the installation, use, installation and demand on the difficult.

      the planning and production of the first station in the near future cooperation style.

responsible editor: admin02

comes up with a few more experiences to share with you:

      the cooperation between the two sides is beginning to actively explore the whole station system BBS combined with CMS, can make a historic site for the software to meet the specific needs of individual contributions.

compares several online promotion methods, the former is effective and economical, and the latter is relatively expensive:

      net nest WebWoo.Net by the original PHP168 team members and part of the official forum moderator, dedicated to the development of various types of CMS two, to meet the needs of more people more detailed. For all kinds of domestic CMS, such as PHP168, PHPCMS and so on, there are more in-depth research, for the CMS user needs also have a very profound understanding.

4, in general, the average effective 0.1 yuan per real flow, the cost of investment is appropriate. SEO promotion can never be stressed too much! SEO is always the best way to promote input output ratio.

three website advertising couplets 100 thousand yuan / day bring traffic to 60000 PV, the cost per click 1.6 yuan according to the publish price of 60 percent off to calculate

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

1, the effect of traffic on the site is low, more than you imagine and their commitment is often ten times lower, must have a clear understanding. The effect of online advertising can not be underestimated too much, we must not have the optimistic attitude.

CPA website alliance VS portal advertising

      the web nest team has released a number of CMS styles and plug-ins since its inception. For many CMS users free upgrade the system, solve the user in the process of the problems encountered.

you have to believe in the above data and experience, because these are the experience of buying money. It is proud to say that I have practiced hundreds of online promotion methods like me and know the cost input to output ratio of each method

      according to the official DST news, the two sides to determine the intention of cooperation: DST net WebWoo.Net will collaborate, create the whole station system with BBS and CMS perfect, including the optimization of the API interface, supporting the production style, making use of plug-ins.

2, China's Web2.0 site from the effect to see now, almost no worth putting on, because the traffic base is too small, even if the home page thousands of traffic every day, and then precise high-end does not have any real meaning.

home ads, VS, two, page ads,

and website alliance promotion cost is:

rogue software promotion, VS professional website promotion

      in September 1, 2007, DST announced a partnership with the WebWoo.Net.

           ; if you go to Sina / NetEase / home page advertising, you can refer to the figures:

CPA website alliance promotion 130 yuan / day, 100002 PV 0.1, 6.5 yuan, a registration, the daily registration volume 200, through 10% namely 20

three major portal homepage text chain advertising, 4000 yuan a day, bring traffic 10000, cost is 0.4 yuan.

site navigation ads, VS portal ads,

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Give some suggestions to Shanghai Longfeng novice website optimization

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remember 08 years at that time, when studying the Shanghai dragon, then we really do not have any expectations, just for the industry on this matter with love, silly, every day, in-depth study and research, and finally summed up our own way of thinking.

the Internet, not fish, but the fish eat slow fish;

often saw a friend said, you feel what is good, you can do, but you have to understand, now the individual times long past, is no longer alone in any development needs to have a team, only in this way can we go to a better development.

a while ago, several staff training Shanghai Longfeng classmates lecture, come to ask me, what time can they learn Shanghai dragon, what time can do online said Wangzhuan, what time can be a monthly salary of thousands, this problem is not that I don't answer, I just don't want to give them too much blow and too high expectations, anything is needed to process accumulation and the experience of the.

the day before yesterday and friends in the chat, talk about a situation on the Internet now, we all agree (interested friends can also add my personal QQ exchange: 123775108), from graduation to specialize in the IT industry, has been 4 years, during which we witnessed the rapid development of the Internet the moment, love Shanghai's development into the overall reform, post competition expanded to the rapid development of Tencent, Alibaba and Taobao mall, and then later many group purchase network and B2C mall show, this, industry search, even communication, there are commercial and trading business, from the previous forum to SNS, and then to the current hot crowd of micro-blog, just a few years time, and feel for a new trend and the way of life, as Li Kaifu recently in the Davos forum said, before The needs of the times for 100 years now, a little change, 3 years will have a new change, change to what, in order to do better, to do more, or for the dream in our heart.

recently chatting with friends on the Internet, said little, the exchange did not before, some are busy work, some are eager to make money, it is all in micro-blog's redundant communication.

in the face of the current market, the market is more and more people want to directly into the Internet business, because they see the development of the Internet and the opportunity to make money; and the Internet people on the Internet at the same time.

is not at intervals. How long did not calm down and serious heart to express some of their thoughts, do not know what is in the online publication of the last time, when once, he was completely obsessed with the study of website optimization at that time, every day update technology of my website Zhengzhou Zhixin Internet blog. Feel as if either live or work, everything is instantaneous and optimization of the Shanghai dragon.

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Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain outside the chain it is also important to explore

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finally suggested that we must master the controllability of the chain. First, to failure outside the chain, the chain failure to fill second, refusing to buy or sell the chain can not buy the chain on the spur of the moment, can only say that the short-term, long-term effects may cause you not to accept the.

said the chain to write articles, the article is a lot of content is king, the chain for the emperor to emphasize the importance of the chain, since Scindapsus algorithm revision, it is the chain for the emperor? Recently seen in various forums at most a reply is secretly tell you, the chain is still useful. Does the chain position secretly tell you, in fact it should be content for the emperor, the chain is king. Careful people found, the position switch. Since the algorithm to increase the revision since the original content detection efforts, and the foreign chain has intensified a crackdown on the chain of garbage. Think about it since its revision algorithm, how many friends despise the foreign chain construction, or in a lot of thought forum signature reply message on the line, so often heard friends say I'm a chain with good weight how old do not go on? If you are the way to do a website, you can only say you OUT...

was the first to explain this problem to understand the weight of what. I understand it's weight in the trust degree of exposure. A popular point of metaphor is the entertainment package rookie same, to continue showing in the major media, constantly active topic in the media, when widely advertised, is to launch a variety of works, good works caused by benefit, basic is red, money is rolling come. Through this parable you should understand why the high quality of the chain. The weight is nothing more than so, if your website on the Internet are not even showing a few times, you want to "red" that is not possible, of course there are grassroots star examples, but you think you may have that chance, A5 period home page headlines for you? Wake up! Of course not!! said the chain is the only growth factor weight, but it is a necessary factor.

when you are outside of the chain had accumulated to a certain extent, is bound to produce the qualitative change, this is no doubt.

we need to understand the release of the chain, the other is the most main is to transfer the weight, this is presumably did not dispute. The more weight the better high quality of the chain transfer. How about that the chain is the high quality of the chain? Simple natural circulation of the chain, the chain has a wide range of social flow, the artificial trace is not obvious. Note that the revised algorithm is against the garbage chain, and not against the chain.

three blood song 贵族宝贝fenyueba贵族宝贝/read/511/index.html

why pains to release the chain

Please indicate the source: Why is

outside the chain of high quality

? ?
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Five reasons for the decline in ranking websites

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Shanghai dragon friends all know the chain, webmasters often only the pursuit of the number of the chain, but ignore the quality, resulting in the decline in ranking websites. In order to save time, many owners find some chain group tools, although it can be a massive increase in the chain in a short period of time, but the chain that belongs to the garbage outside the chain, the search engine is denied. So when the construction of the chain is not only the pursuit of quantity, but to ensure the quality, steady increase in the number of.

1, website URL

we know that dynamic URLs tend not to be optimistic about the search engine, to make a suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimized website, we need to first put the site URL into static or pseudo static structure. But often because many programmers don't understand Shanghai Longfeng, wrote in the program when they do not pay attention to this point. So whether it is to write their own programs, or to download the program, we must first consider the problem of URL, this must be solved at the start of the website before, or after the change is very convenient.


, the web server is not stable

hacking horse is another most webmasters headache, it is impossible to guard against. A good website ranking has been found, suddenly one day to open the site after pop up a lot.

choose a stable server website is the premise of optimizing Shanghai Longfeng, many owners in order to save money to buy some cheap servers, the optimization for the latter work brought very big trouble. When the search engine spiders crawl your site, if the server is unable to access or speed is very slow, so the spider will automatically leave, if repeated appear this kind of circumstance, perhaps a spider off time to crawl your site, causing the site's ranking fell fast, according to update etc..

3, the website chain problem

of the search engine, if your site is updated every day, some high quality articles is very good. But the content often become the webmaster of a headache, if every day to write myself, that requires a lot of manpower, and it is difficult to adhere to. In fact, the content is not to write their own high quality, we can transfer some valuable articles. The frequency of updates is to keep the content, can not update today, tomorrow is not updated, we should update regularly, which is beneficial to the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

2, the content of the website problem

5, the site was linked to horse

when we do website optimization, website ranking problems often encountered in the 100 page, suddenly website snapshot has not updated, the website, website snapshot included drop, then these questions, we need to find the cause and correct them, to solve the relevant problems today to share five reasons for website ranking the decline:


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From the WordPress link management by our future trend of Shanghai Dragon

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at two o'clock, let me the most shocking is that WordPress has removed the link management function, it makes me feel like "This is absolutely impossible", but in fact, it does delete

2012.10.23, love Shanghai super chain (please click to watch the cheating algorithms: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/73, Penguin) and Google baby noble algorithm update is similar, for the purchase of the link, the black chain, sprocket and so on link cheating to focus on.

, WordPress started to delete the "link" management, and so we have declared that "there is a period of time without removing a part of the function, now I should delete link management", although the WordPress is not love Shanghai, nor aristocratic baby, but it will not reflect the future trend of some Shanghai dragon industry from the side. It is, tell us, Links are now obsolete, no longer used, so you bloggers, you can discard Links

well, before answering this question, I think we need to look at the end of 2012 on the hyperlink, the change of love Shanghai and Google algorithm:


so, a website to get a good ranking, the inevitable need to get outside the chain, a lot of it all, now Shanghai dragon industry, for the super link cheating technology research is the largest, the station group, black chain, sprocket, buy links and so on, compared with the means of Links the method is so innocent, so simple.


WordPress for a major upgrade in 12.12, update to the 3.5 version of "Elvin", in this version of the update, there are two places is the most attract my attention.

in my eyes, WordPress has been the most suitable for content management system, do not one of the Shanghai dragon! Whenever Shanghai dragon ER all know that hyperlink has been one of the core search algorithm, so an analogy, the Internet on all websites as a voter, then the link is votes. If a website to get more links, on behalf of the more votes, will eventually become the search engine of the president "".

2, in the dashboard to delete the link management function.

1, Twenty Twelve provides the default theme, the theme of the biggest feature is compatible with mobile devices better.

2012.4.24, Penguin over Shanghai Longfeng nobility baby cleaning site, especially for the website link exchange, use a lot of black chain and other traditional promotion way "to fight the Shanghai dragon".

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Talk about the pros and cons of website optimization using images for navigation from two aspects

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, a search engine from the perspective of

code, which in turn corresponds is that

search engine and the webmaster know Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge, the use of picture as the site navigation directory will influence the optimization effect. But this is only relative, if the use of images can not play the Shanghai dragon or search engine optimization effect, not love pictures, then why the search engine will have a separate image search? And you will think of search engine friendly optimization using pictures, mainly because the bondage of traditional ideas the search engine not only know as text image recognition. This is actually a misunderstanding by the traditional ideological influence, for now the search engine still can not fully identify the picture inside the content, but we are slightly with a ALT label, nature can make the search engine know the contents inside, but also in the picture search engine, if the picture and keyword matching degree is high undoubtedly, can also bring some traffic to the site. If we do not see the navigation query code directly, it is difficult to distinguish the navigation is the use of the picture, as everyone knows, the search engine is just an ordinary visitor in one, and this kind of navigation picture is also unable to let search engine found adverse Shanghai Longfeng processing optimization. So, for navigation optimization, it is not necessarily that using the picture is not good, if handled well, the same picture type navigation can also fully reflected Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect. Let's look at the following user experience.

The main purpose painted red circle navigation From the angle of

this article is written to tell the webmaster, now do not use the old view of Shanghai Longfeng optimization the vision of the past, after all, the search engine in the high-speed development, if it is to optimize the means of five years ago, ten years ago to give website optimization has clearly let oneself lose at the starting line the. Just like ten years ago, the search engine cannot know the website pictures, can now use ALT tags to probably analysis to the content of the picture. In short, the optimization is not immutable and frozen site, the best Shanghai dragon is changing with the change of search engine, so that you won't let yourself fall every defeat situation. Today I talk about the optimization of navigation should be how to keep pace with the times.

Here is the


two, from the perspective of the user experience

many owners in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, more for search engine and >

where we can see that the navigation circle is arranged in the form of pictures, the picture is not recognized as everyone knows the search engine, but the forum is to picture navigation, will not affect the ranking? Analyze the reasons for the author to.

in Hefei forum as an example, look at the settings, such as the optimization of navigation map:


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Look at the ranking status of Chengdu network marketing from love Shanghai bidding system

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optimization of network marketing, we see the auction on the left side of the only one on the right), for there are eight, full. (see Figure two). Chengdu network marketing search to find relevant results about 3260000. Independent website should be several hundred, there is no specific estimate, most enterprises station (network company, network marketing company, marketing company, training school) but many happy horse like Shanghai, Phoenix blog website.

(Figure two)

(Figure 1)


love Shanghai gradually abandoned the classic version of the bidding system, accelerate the bidding mode of Google. With phoenix nest know, phoenix nest system and Google Adwords are very similar, so it is easy to satisfy more users to use its new bidding system. Look at the "Chengdu love Shanghai network marketing". See love Shanghai official website www2.baidu贵族宝贝. Or see below 09 years notice (Figure 1).

two, the status quo of Chengdu network marketing bidding

2, Shanghai index can be found through love the Chengdu Network >

, a love for the Professional Edition - Shanghai love Shanghai phoenix nest auction system

has been doing Shanghai dragon, but recently revised its own website title, because they are used in WordPress CMS, Chengdu seems to be very difficult to optimize network marketing. But after a period of adjustment, love Shanghai normal update, included also start up, I started to believe, look at my first love troubles of K station in Shanghai after the Shanghai dragon -- Reflection on the need to pay attention to the local situation know my site, optimization is the thing, happy today the key to the dark horse is through love Shanghai bidding system to examine the status and optimization of Chengdu network marketing significance. Perhaps like the Shanghai dragon optimization we often discussed the significance.

three, happy horse Chengdu for five network marketing and Optimization about

"Shanghai love nest" is a new love Shanghai search promotion service management platform internal codename. Through this new platform, customers can search for love in Shanghai to promote information more efficient management and optimization, the promotion effect is more scientific evaluation.

1, Chengdu side network marketing is not mature, just do a Chengdu network marketing rankings can not really prove strength of enterprises, need to do a good job of marketing, micro-blog marketing and more effective direct marketing etc.. When customers choose network marketing service outsourcing to a comprehensive investigation, multi angle cooperation, not only do Shanghai dragon. So for enterprises not up to the real marketing, the market is still not your position.


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