A technology in the hands of the market I have!

market economy today for any industry in addition to the operation of the market, technology is very important, if the investor is a technical hand then go to where markets are not, if you are a also a person of noble aspirations are willing to endure hardship, then learning a skill can achieve your dreams of wealth!

X smart anti-theft mobile phone sets and the appearance of the ordinary mobile phone is exactly the same, the phone will be automatically stolen before the alarm, to remind the host and the surrounding masses, and scare off the thief, and the owner will not open their own alarm. Features include: sound, vibration, sound and vibration alarm, alarm, music alarm, etc.. The style is casual, sharp, rounded edge type, folding type, oil type, divided into pure leather and leather series series of two types, high, medium and low-grade 100 kinds. The product came out instantly detonated the small commodity market, a hot national anti-theft mobile phone sets.

either anti-theft industry or economic and technological needs of the people do not have the too big economic investment, as long as you master the relevant skills, so no matter what your life might be achievement!


Anything to do business only with the heart

everyone’s attitude towards things is different, the method may also be different. As the saying goes: nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. The same is true of the store, every customer into the store may have to buy behavior, so how to turn the customer’s desire to buy into the actual purchase behavior is essential. I have been operating for more than and 10 years, I have some experience to share with you.

although my shop area is not big, but I hope to attract the attention of the customer for the first time through the beautiful and neat store image. My shop advocates simple and lively decoration style, abandoned the complex design, to avoid the messy color, counters and the overall decoration of the color is closer.

we ordered the tobacco companies to smoke cabinet, gave Yilabao, greatly enhance the store image, customer a stop, can see the eye-catching signs. In the window of the store to be a unique decorative embellishment, the whole shop is dignified and elegant, beautiful and generous, of personality.

so the customer into the store, how to grasp the opportunity to close to customers?

too close to the door of the customer, they will have a sense of oppression; too late, it will leave a feeling of not cordial to the customer. My experience is that when you meet a customer, or a customer stops to pay attention to a brand of cigarettes, looking for a commodity, are close to the customer a good time. Whether the customer to buy or not to buy, or how much to buy, as a boss should express gratitude. At the same time, for some repeat customers, but also to strengthen communication, pay attention to contact feelings, maybe also can become friends.

in today’s increasingly competitive market, how to retain customers and attract more customers?

I have my own opinion about it. Competition is not the key to the problem, there is competition to progress. In the shop more and more, customers are increasingly demanding today, with arbitrary price, disrupted the market price, not to fight, fight with credibility, sincerity, integrity to win the customer’s identity, thereby increasing the store sales fundamentally. The "integrity" of the worry about the source is a gilded signboard,?

do a thing in the end there is no intention, it will have a very big relationship with the outcome of the matter. In my opinion, nothing can be done only by heart. Whether it is a business or a person, I hope to be able to experience the heart, heart to pay, the best side show to everyone!

What are the advantages of joining surface noodle scholar – the whole

Join the project

noodle choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. Quality of the project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. Noodle noodle noodle? First class quality, on the characteristics of the brand to join the project choice, you are still hesitant what?

brand advantage: noodle noodle noodle? Good brand, good market, trustworthy. It has been more than ten years of research and development in China’s pasta industry, combined with the current development trend of fast food consumption, the introduction of a new scholar noodle noodle brand.

technical advantages: noodle noodle noodle soup to join? Good brand, production process standardization, it is worth choosing. It uses an intelligent central integrated kitchen, streamlined process to achieve standardized kitchen operations, to reduce labor costs.

operational advantages: I do not know how to run a noodle shop also does not matter, select noodle noodle noodle brand. It is easy to choose dishes, the release of diners pressure, meal, cashier one-stop completed, greatly enhance the efficiency of store operations.

service advantage: now open shop, select noodle noodle noodle brand, headquarters to provide a lot of support, do not worry about profit. Headquarters provides a comprehensive management and service support system, including assessment, training, supervision, distribution, etc..

product advantages: noodle noodle noodle? Taste good, the market fire. It has the characteristics of taste, secret seasoning, rich products, strict selection of raw materials, classic pasta and specialty snacks, the perfect combination of food and leisure. Support multi – time management, greater efficiency and improve store utilization.

noodle noodle noodle? To meet the needs of the market, joined the noodle noodle scholar project, opened a noodle noodle noodle shop, is a very good choice. High quality joining the project choice, the success of venture worthy of trust. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

How investment appliances stores all business

in our life, always inseparable from the demand for home appliances. Entrepreneurial choice to enter the home appliance market, is also a very good choice. Home appliance store? The choice of entrepreneurial projects. Own a home appliance store franchise stores, shop is earned!

advertising costs in the mainstream media is too large, as long as the TV ads stop, customers will not buy it. The promotion of solar energy products suitable for small towns, villages and towns to run the home appliance store business investment skills. To spend heavily on television, radio, newspapers, advertising signs and other unrealistic, but spend less money for sun umbrella, banners, posters, wall and other forms of advertising brand communication is the most desirable, so there are plans to carry out the regional market of low cost and high quality promotion is necessary, and strong promotion in these on the basis of sales will continue to achieve new breakthrough.

we can do some publicity is practical, such as the release of information, the newspaper published a gift shop phone, comic books, and other publications, can also engage in some local event marketing, such as the donation of local homes for the elderly have practical and environmentally friendly solar water heater or a solar energy store in the form of donations to local schools poor school bags and other public activities, with the help of the local media. A whoop and a holler to make some activities, such as: TM, set up solar energy assistance station, maintenance of solar activities such as the duty of contribution, a service reputation, just spend the least money to do the biggest thing. So as to promote the brand, but also to the local people left a good impression, try to play the boss in Suizhou’s political power to achieve win-win.

franchise stores to join the project, in fact, in the market, is a very choice of business opportunities. Home appliance store? 2017 best entrepreneurial projects, for small entrepreneurs, is a very good business choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

Full guest tribute tea full of love wealth

in the market now, after a new round of reshuffle, there is always a variety of more distinctive products by consumers, the favorite, tribute tea is now a popular drink special, so now many investors will also invest their eyes to the tribute tea this one, today Xiaobian for the full tribute tea brand recommend is very good, the brand awareness is very high quality and superb temperament, is a good place for leisure and elegant, full tribute tea join cost, the development of a large space, good choice of entrepreneurship.

full guest tribute tea? The product is rich and varied, the taste is very pure, fresh selection, and now join in the market will soon be able to get great attention and profit! Full tribute tea drinks business type is varied, the consumer is particularly satisfied with it, the company carefully launched a series of delicacy, various flavors of tea, tea, tribute tea, coffee, pastries, desserts, and other delicious pizza, this kind of diversified mode of operation also brings more customers for the brand, flourishing let every shop business is special.

full guest tribute tea? The strength of the brand is very strong, in the market is very strong control, full guest tribute tea is a very innovative brand, so both consumers and franchisees are very recognized for this brand. Full tribute tea derives the essence from traditional tribute tea, combined with the current social consumer preferences bold innovation, launched a number of popular tribute tea series, full tribute tea price close to the people, won the favor and praise of many consumers.

Now the

era is not just an era of rapid economic development, is an innovative and creative era, in any industry, any brand you want good based on the development of the market, want to get more long-term development, innovation is very necessary. Full tribute tea brand from the start, he is well aware of this, it is not a lot of publicity will win the market brand reputation, the guest is the best support and reward, action now, join the full tribute tea, the success of wealth creation in life.

Entrepreneurship on the road to solve the three major problems

China is currently entering a new entrepreneurial tide, but insiders said there are a lot of bubbles under the grand occasion, there will be a large number of start-up companies in the future of death, ten of the success of the one or two.

and shortly before the Phoenix summit live hundreds of founder Zhang Hengde also used the relevant data to tell people, "A turn from more than 60% companies will hang up the B wheel, B C’s turn round almost close to 70% companies are dead, A C will turn round actually killed 88%."

Investigation of

if entrepreneurship…… Will die!

If entrepreneurship is in this world the former Nie yuan, inevitably, no retreat.

Grandma how to join all

do not know if you have not eaten the grandmother, presumably a lot of people go to the first time also want to go to the second times, of course, my grandma is a well-known food brands, grandmother food is a national chain of dining establishments, in with the development of our economy, the improvement of people’s living standard at the same time, it constantly mature, have formed their own brands, to get the favor of many investors.

but in fact, not all people can join, he is the need to have certain conditions, franchisees have a certain economic strength, strong dedication and good business reputation, success consciousness and territory consciousness; franchisees need to have legal or natural person shall bear civil liability independently, not to engage in illegal engaging in illegal business activities, without the aid of grandma’s platform, strictly abide by the provisions on the administration of the headquarters, to seeing grandma products unique advantages and huge market potential, honest and trustworthy, sincere and long-term cooperation attitude, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, faith, passion.

grandmother how to join? Its joining process is as follows:

1. investors to telephone, fax, online message, etc. to the headquarters of professional investment consulting consulting related matters, to obtain the relevant information

2. investors to the headquarters of the project visits, visit stores, confirm the project, submit the application

3. headquarters to audit investors. Confirm the qualifications of investors, the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract,

4. investors to the headquarters of the selected type of investment to pay the relevant costs

5. headquarters arrangements for investors to carry out technical training, training qualified after the issue of authorized bronze

6. headquarters for the franchisee to provide decoration guidance, and design guidance

7. headquarters continued to focus on the franchisee’s business, and to provide operational guidance and help

headquarters to assist investors to open, and give guidance to help. After the official action, headquarters to provide business guidance services.

who do not know how to join grandma’s catering investors hope the above introduction can bring you some help, if you are on the brand and what other aspects of the problem is not very understanding, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Baidu announced Q4 earnings net profit for the first time since the listing is higher than revenue

network marketing is more and more heavy fire, a variety of products is not poor, Baidu announced Q4 earnings, since listing, the first net profit higher than revenue for Baidu, this is a very good news. Take a look at the details!

2015 October, Ctrip and Baidu reached a equity swap transaction. After the completion of the transaction, Baidu has Ctrip ordinary shares can represent about 25% of Ctrip’s total voting rights, Ctrip has about 45% of the total voting right.

according to the content of the transaction, Baidu through this before the transaction has 178702519 shares where 1 of class a common stock and 11450000 shares of class B common stock exchange where 11488381 shares Ctrip additional ordinary shares.

2015 in the second quarter, net profit surge from behind Ali Ali pictures after the completion of the financing on, Ali pictures off report, sharply higher Alibaba group holds equity valuation of Ali pictures, dealing with the gains of up to 24 billion 734 million yuan in.



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Fashion jewelry store profitability analysis

fashion jewelry store managers need to keep vigilant, do a good job of management, can be based on the market. Management of the road we have some ideas, you can see a lot of other people to share the experience, a lot of communication, may be able to find some of the recommendations can be used to draw up a small series of finishing a few points, I hope to help you.

fashion jewelry stores to shop need to constantly sum up experience, only a good choice, can get better development in the huge market, the product is updated every shop who need to pay attention to, so it is more likely to be successful.

to judge whether a brand of products with the industry trend of advanced nature, is not an easy thing, but it is the most important thing in the choice of suppliers. If you choose a company’s products, as long as the company’s products as long as the public is outdated and flooding, no matter how cheap the price, the service is good, are of no avail, and is doomed to failure.

fashion jewelry store variety is complex and diverse, and its artistic connotation has become broad and profound, fashion consumption, product updates can be said to be the lifeblood of the operation is very important. The word fashion is not easy to understand. Generally speaking, it is a new thing that can give people a bright spot.

price for the importance of business who understand, in this will not be discussed. The key is how to understand the real price. In the initial inquiry, it is necessary to have a public offering of products to you, the possibility is not great, after all, the price is a very confidential information.

do fashion jewelry business needs to be considered is particularly much, investment fashion jewelry stores need to pay attention to many aspects of the situation, only good at analysis, can make money, if you want to business fashion jewelry stores, if you want to make money fast, you need to be based on the actual, from a practical point of view.

fashion jewelry store management is, of course, from their own reality, only do a good job in the store management, can do a good job in investment business. Do you have any management skills to help you? I hope every franchisee can always keep learning, master more learning skills, do more peace of mind investment business.

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Clothing to join which good Select the project is the key

clothing market by the development of the franchisee’s attention, we all want to invest in the clothing market, to bring better development. In fact, the investment clothing items, we must first choose a good project. Only the project has the advantage, your market can continue to expand. How to choose the brand clothing, and then to introduce.

investment clothing to join, if investors choose the clothing brand, then it is equivalent to more than half of the success, it can be seen, choose a pair of clothing brand is how important. But now, the clothing market clothing brands, let a person see the dazzling, want to choose a good brand of clothing from, is not an easy thing, do not make adequate preparations is absolutely not. So, how can we choose to join the brand clothing? Here, the first step on the web for everyone to explain and analyze in detail, I hope to help you choose to join the brand.

first, adequate funding

want to open a clothing store, there is no adequate funding as a backing, the road will be very difficult to set up shop. Only ready enough funds, with the support of the funds, the success of the clothing store will go further.

clothing company can not give you enough profit space only look at the surface of the supply discount and exchange rate is not enough, there are many hidden items may be you can not see. Let’s just end up with an account.

you need about: rental shops (may require a one-time payment of three months or even half of the rent) shop decoration costs (investment) capital goods (such as 45% purchase discount, so the retail value of over 100 thousand yuan of goods, you need to pay 4. 50 thousand) personnel salary monthly store daily expenses (water and electricity costs) expected income: according to sales outlets where the district traffic and surrounding the brand, estimated daily sales number, minimum two to do the best, so that the daily turnover rate.

second, fully understand the industry

for investment entrepreneurs, want to enter the clothing industry, we must first understand the industry, so as to better grasp the future direction of development. If you do not understand the clothing industry, trade rashly into the industry, it will be like headless flies everywhere as a result of chaos, and ultimately can only be ended in failure.

understanding of the apparel industry market, you need to understand these: clothing retail channels is how to divide, to understand the difference between the brand clothing store and ordinary clothing store, to understand the different channels of human requirements are the same. These are open clothing store investors must understand the content.

in you