The first project of international logistics and Trade Center in the eastern Qinghai Tibet Plateau

In August 27th, the first project of Qinghai international logistics and Trade Center in the east of Qinghai Tibet Plateau opened in the east of China, which marked the significant progress in the development and construction of Haidong industrial park.

stone city is located near Xining Caojiabao Airport, Huangshui River north, adjacent to the Lanqing railway, Lanxi expressway, about 16 kilometers west of downtown Xining, East peace from the city about 8 kilometers, the total area of 1000 acres, is a set of logistics, processing, manufacturing, wholesale, sales of large-scale professional stone base. Stone city is divided into trading area, processing area, logistics transit zone three major functional areas, the import and export and trading area is completely divided, static traffic improvement, the design of more than 500 parking spaces.

Xining province Senfang forestry inspection group to check pest prevention and control work

Recently, the province Senfang terminus to Dan Zhou stationmaster, deputy chief Zhou Weifen, a pedestrian on the 2011 Xining city forestry pest prevention and control objectives of the implementation of a comprehensive examination

recently, province Senfang terminus to Dan Zhou stationmaster, deputy chief Zhou Weifen, a pedestrian on the 2011 Xining city forestry pest prevention and control objectives of the implementation of a comprehensive examination. After listening to the municipal forestry bureau director in charge of Xining city forestry pest prevention and control work report, inspection teams in the city forestry bureau and city Senfang station accompanied by relevant personnel, the case went to the south of nursery reserve pharmacy Yaoxie check Emergency Pharmacy Yaoxie library, and the nursery field work carried out a detailed inquiry, consulting related files. Inspection team came to the Nanshan traffic, Urban Construction Committee green area, along the way to see the occurrence of forest pests, and to the management of the green area detailed inquiry about the occurrence and control of the small volume of the moth. And the usage of the monitoring points set and forecast lamps were examined. Then, came to the city zone land Myospalaxbaileyi Zhai site, and prevention of catching team members of the exchange, the mouse gives detailed examination. In the afternoon of Xishan zoo scene to see the related work schedule and epidemic implementation project of rodent predators.

through the inspection, the inspection team leader pointed out the problems in the work, the next step of the work put forward higher requirements: is the first to put the quarantine law enforcement, to prevent the spread of harmful biological invasion. two is the basis of monitoring and early warning, it is necessary to strengthen the fixed standard, monitoring the data collection points, to provide an accurate basis for prevention and control. three is the prevention and control of the work of the implementation of card system, the prevention and control records. As the capital city of Xining Province, we should take the prevention and cure of non pollution as the eternal theme, so as to prevent and control the pollution scientifically. four is to continue to innovate and improve the professional team prevention, supervision and management. five is the should raise funds for prevention and control, strengthen media publicity, expand social influence. Finally, the province Senfang terminus leadership has placed high hopes on the Xining City Senfang, Xining hopes to further strengthen the work, has become a banner of the province Senfang front, give full play an exemplary role.



Xining City Board of education five measures to urge school bus safety

The morning of November 17th, the Xining Municipal Education Bureau held a special meeting to inform the management of the school bus, shuttle children of Gansu County traffic accident situation, combined with the status quo of the use of school management, issued an emergency notice, proposed five measures to use the school bus management

11 17 in the morning, Xining City Education Bureau held a special meeting to inform the management of the school bus, shuttle children of Gansu County traffic accident situation, combined with the status quo of the use of school management, issued an emergency notice, proposed five measures to use the school bus management.

is the education administrative departments at all levels to immediately organize personnel to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of the driver of the vehicle, strict access conditions do not meet the requirements must be resolutely dismissed; investigation on all school buses, the prohibition of illegal vehicles, substandard vehicles, overcrowded vehicles to shuttle students and young children, immediately stop the existence of security risks; all transfer students children, the vehicle must arrange to do, start to do illegal registration, not eliminate departure, school administrators do not sign does not start, the road situation is not clear not start.

two is the education administrative departments at all levels to immediately contact the local police department, check all shuttle bus students during the school, after school, found violations, serious accountability in schools and kindergartens for responsibility. Parents have been found to hire illegal vehicles to discourage illegal operation.

three is in the accident case, immediately focus on a school bus driver, students and parents in education of traffic safety education of drivers, enhance safety awareness and sense of responsibility and awareness of the law, and resolutely do not take the education of primary and middle school students assembled cars, scrap cars, agricultural vehicles, cargo vehicles and other illegal operation of vehicles on school remind the students walk education on school to comply with traffic rules, avoid vehicle active safety. Remind parents to improve safety awareness and sense of responsibility of guardians, do not hire vehicles do not meet the safety requirements of students.

four is formulated to deal with extreme weather traffic safety measures to prevent winter snow and ice on the road for students and young children to learn the adverse effects of traffic safety. Clear driving personnel in accordance with the snow, fog weather safe driving requirements, so that always bear in mind the safety first, strictly prohibited overloading, speeding, to ensure traffic safety. If necessary, can be taken to stop the transfer of students to learn the vehicle or adjust the class, admission time and other security measures.

five is further strict school bus source management. The education administrative departments at all levels to firmly establish the sense of responsibility for safety, according to the actual school bus in private kindergartens, private schools, kindergartens and strict examination and approval of safety supervision, the security hardware construction as a pre condition for approval, to prevent and eliminate all kinds of security risks in the source; approved private kindergarten office, found hidden immediate rectification, the rectification is not in place shall be closed down or banned. Regular maintenance of the school bus, maintenance, to ensure that the running state of the school bus to meet the specified requirements.



Xining in the first quarter more than 23 fine days

it is understood that from January 1st to March 31st this year, the city’s total number of effective monitoring of air quality monitoring for 90 days, excellent rate of 66.7%. During my good days for 60 days, compared to the same period last year increased by 23 days; three (mild pollution) for 27 days, compared to the same period last year decreased by 16 days; four (moderate pollution) for 2 days, compared to the same period last year decreased by 7 days; five (severe pollution) for 0 days. Compared with the same period last year decreased by 1 days. A quarter of the air quality monitoring data show that this year is the primary pollutant PM2.5 was 32 days, compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 15 days; the primary pollutant is PM10 days was 53 days, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 14 days.

and in April 3rd, the municipal government organized a comprehensive air pollution control special meeting, the meeting summed up a quarter of our comprehensive pollution control work, the arrangements for the deployment of current and future pollution control work. Vice mayor Xu Guocheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

for consolidate the air the effectiveness of governance, to further promote the comprehensive management of air pollution in our city to institutionalize our city transformation, deepen the "permanent" initiatives in dust pollution control, strict control of construction dust, spring bare land and road dust pollution; Construction Department of highway (Xining section) to carry out special rectification of landscape; City real estate department fails to handle the formalities to open demolition site construction issued a suspension notice; the Municipal Urban Management Bureau to increase the intensity of road sweeping and cleaning; data utilization, ecological environment remote sensing monitoring of Xining City, natural bare land, construction site, one by one investigation. In the coal dust pollution control, municipal environmental protection bureau to carry out inspection work of coal dust in winter and spring, not to increase the implementation of coal to gas treatment area of coal dust pollution supervision; strict three large power plants and one or two level coal market coal quality supervision and monitoring efforts. In the aspect of motor vehicle pollution control, a number of departments jointly last year has completed the transformation implementation of inspection work has been a gas station, acceptance of the 6 gas station; the oil lifting work completed, at present our city gas station gasoline and diesel oil have been upgraded to the National IV standard. In the field of industrial pollution control, the city;

Xining 70 million yuan to build flood control and drought warning

our city will have a new weapon for the prevention of mountain torrents and other natural disasters. The reporter learned from the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, the city is vigorously promoting the construction of Xining city flood control and drought early warning information center, the center will be equipped with flood control automation software system, the system can play the "TeleEye" and "clairaudient" role, greatly improve the flood information predictability and accuracy.

in order to make the flood control work to do have good ears and eyes, and through the research committee, quick of eye and deft of hand ", the municipal government decided to start construction in March this year, Xining city flood control and drought early warning information center project. The project is one of the Xining flood control and river basin management and utilization of the world bank loan project, has been the world bank as the project’s beautiful point project vigorously promote.

Xining city flood control and drought early warning information center project with a total investment of about 70 million yuan, the main construction of infrastructure engineering and software engineering, the hardware infrastructure construction of the main project has been completed. The center was put into use, not only for all relevant units to provide timely and accurate information of rainfall and flood forecast information, but also improve the accuracy of flood forecasting, growth forecast period, for flood control and drought, water resources management and protection, to provide reliable scientific basis for decision making. If there is a flood, two or three hours ahead of time to predict flood flow and other information, the corresponding flood control instructions will be released, will minimize the threat of floods, floods and other disasters on the lives and property of the people. (author: Xiao Yan)


The most beautiful selection of boiling water park plaza

fill out the ballot.

ballot box was surrounded by people who came to the polls.

"I want to vote for Shangri-La, because of the higher level it represents the Xining residential building, lived there for several years, I feel really good", "the most beautiful evening building in Xining area and let us all stand on the same height of market competition, provide a booth best for us". April 20th, the evening of the United States and the United States and the United States voted the most popular building second public election activities in Xinning square, the county and the masses have come to the selection of the most beautiful building, the square of the weekend because of this special selection activities and boiling.

walking the streets of Xining, tall buildings, standing, let people can deeply feel the Xining city atmosphere for changes in turn the world upside down, the streets of Xining, "the most beautiful", the broad masses of the people have the right to speak. So organized by the municipal government, municipal housing security and Property Management Bureau, urban and Rural Construction Committee and the Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, Xining evening news and the Xining municipal government jointly hosted the evening news network the most beautiful building contest since the start, not only by the majority of the industry’s attention, but caused the masses strong repercussions. The public voting site in sunning Plaza, more than and 40 real estate boutique real estate show, a number of cars to help out of the real estate business and excellent performances attracted the majority of the voters’ eyes.

day from 9 am to noon, sunning Plaza Real Estate on the booth, the polls have been come to participate in the activities of people crowded around, everyone becomes the most beautiful building in the selection of the guests, after careful consideration, they set their heart "is the most beautiful on the ballot"…… One vote, one vote again, is the most beautiful building in Xining to examine, it is their living environment around the city’s new expectations for the expression. In the summer home round public Ding Haiqiong said Saturday just rest, she made a special trip to Yinchuan to vote in the vote, because the Yinchuan housing real estate construction both from the appearance and internal quality, she is the most beautiful building recognition, evening selection activities can really be such people welcome the building by extension, is a comprehensive assessment of the the living environment of Xining, but also can promote the optimization of the development of living environment. Participate in the selection and award of master Meng believes that every building is the cell of the city. The construction of the beautiful Xining to beautify the building into the factors that create the most beautiful buildings, more beautiful building in Xining, the evening of the most beautiful building contest, will better promote the city’s construction and development, promote the enterprises to create a beautiful environment services in place, humane and harmonious residential environment. (author: Xiao Yu)

outstanding real estate rise

Xining Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee of the conference to promote the gradual implem

November 22nd, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao presided over the thirteen meeting of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the ninety-second meeting to convey the spirit of learning the spirit of the second session of the Standing Committee of the twelve provincial Party committee and make relevant work arrangements for the deployment of the 106th.

Xining lantern show in Chengbei District, a new pattern of old lights

with the Spring Festival approaching, once a year the "two" Cultural Festival also kicked off soon, build distinctive ever used by the north area of the lighting lamp, the stars not only illuminate the north area of the sky, also adds a strong cultural atmosphere for the "two". Unlike in previous years, the North District in 2013 "two" cultural exhibition, will focus on creating fixed lighting engineering. In accordance with the "one street, a brand, planning a street, a model", on the area of Bridge Street, Qilian road viaduct and bridge 3 is located in the north of new Ning economic, culture, leisure and entertainment in one of the key areas for the implementation of fixed lighting lighting, the formation of North scale momentum, highlighting the North characteristic. The north area of "two" fixed lighting projects, the overall layout of the main road lighting, the starry sky, floodlight, soft lights group combination, combination and outline lighting effect overall sense and strong brightness. According to reports, in response to the party’s eighteen big questions about energy saving, Chengbei district will ever apply only a change in lighting, lamp post, on both sides of the road green belt, Bush suspended permanent lighting lighting, which can not only create a festive atmosphere of the festival, more long lighting, beautify the environment area.

at present, the lighting project is carried out in everything in good order and well arranged will be fully completed, is expected in February 3rd, before then, will show a colorful and unique charm of the north for the general public. (author: Tang Rong)


The choice of business to open a noodle shop about Sirui thousand

2017 what kind of choice to join the project to make money? How about a thousand Sirui noodle shop? High quality food, always very attractive. For entrepreneurs who want to join the business, is a very good choice.

open a thousand Sirui noodle store?

1, owned factory, cost savings!

1000 Sirui headquarters has their own food production workshop, semi-finished products through distribution saves procurement, processing and other aspects of the cost, to maximize profits.

2, uniform ingredients, no chef


will Sirui secret recipe through the factory processed into semi-finished products, Sirui fast-food operation of thousands without money to hire a chef, let you worry and effort to save money. Quick meal.

3, intelligent operation, no fumes!

the whole production process to avoid the disadvantages of the traditional cooking fume, the use of intelligent equipment steaming, boiling, frying process, fully ensure the nutritional health of food and health of the production process.

4, transparent kitchen, ensure the health of


transparent kitchen so that the entire production process at a glance, eliminating the customer’s concerns about food hygiene. Diners to eat at ease and happy, naturally enough for you to turn back.

5, the entire store output, easy to copy!

company after many years of operation summed up a set of mature management experience, we will experience and technology to copy without reservation to you, reduce investment mistakes, reduce investment risk.

1000 Sirui noodle is good? For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very good choice. An open their own Sirui thousand noodle stores, in fact, is a very happy thing. So, are you ready?