An entrepreneurial venture from scratch

start empty-handed, is such a result for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the first start on the road in fact what are not, to have a good grasp of the market situation, is the start empty-handed entrepreneurs prerequisite requirements, see the following real examples tell us what.

start empty-handed, from 0 yuan to 800 million. He is just an ordinary person, you want to start a business with him!

1979, Zhou Furen is a remote mountain village in Liaoning, Haicheng production captain. He and the villagers drove the two carriages Lajiao, a step up Xiyang group. There is no money to do anything, this year, the American business magazine Forbes launched the mainland rich list, ranked seventy-seventh in the top, the personal assets of up to 7. 8 billion 600 million yuan.

Zhou Furen now dream of becoming China "steel king". In October 1st, Zhou bought a bankrupt Haicheng iron and steel plant. Zhou Furen on the positioning of the steel industry is: the quality of steel products in the world first-class, stand-alone single furnace scale to achieve domestic first. There is no money to do anything, in order to achieve the goal, Zhou Furen ready to invest 3 billion 500 million yuan a one-time investment. Zhou Furen also accelerated the pace of the capital market. He is preparing to take the western group’s fertilizer business to the Hongkong stock exchange.

College students entrepreneurial ideas more

is different from the ordinary people of entrepreneurship, college students venture more tend to have some characteristics of the novel idea, which is more related to the competitiveness of market, also let managers get smaller, the probability of success will be higher. In short, college students entrepreneurial ideas are really more.

"dream or something, in case it can be realized?" Recently, the 2013 class of Fuzhou University, China World Trade Center, launched on the Internet in the class idea wonderful venture (idea) contest, looking for college students do not dare to dare to do entrepreneurial dream. It is reported that just a week, the topic of reading volume reached 280 thousand passengers, has been collected in Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai and other places around the college students’ entrepreneurial idea more than and 100.

reporter found that these idea seemingly whimsical, but it reflects the life of contemporary college students and the topics they are most concerned about: love, learning, travel, food.


is a powerful and unconstrained style, such as by Yan value can free single values Yan restaurant ", the lottery can experience a" principal "; there are also the most down to earth, such as a lecture, meeting the necessary" stealth headset ", but also to wake up the dream" dream continue "there is no lack of warmth; software, such as" smell collection shop "– can be sent to smell in the store, remember to store retrieve the smell.

it sounds incredible, even have such a business idea, however, this is what the students want to come out. Since there is such an idea, there should also be a necessity for it to exist, there will be related to the operation of the market.

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Choose how to avoid food and beverage project investment

catering market as one of the most concerned about the industry of entrepreneurs, and now is continuing to maintain a rapid development trend, and therefore attracted many entrepreneurs to join. This form of franchise chain so many people find the opportunity to start a business. It also attracted investors to join the project to start a business, and now there are a lot of investors to invest in shops and get good development. But to find a reliable and reliable franchisee is not easy, today Xiaobian to introduce you to invest in fast food items to avoid how to join.

being added to the fast food project before the start, some preliminary understanding is very necessary. After understanding the above on the fast food investment patterns related to the introduction of the explanation, and now investors on the development prospects of fast food franchise stores, and now have a deeper understanding of it.

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2015 what is suitable for entrepreneurship in winter

now winter is coming, at the same time there are a lot of people for investment in small projects in winter, is also a good choice of a business, in the winter of this year, there are many small businesses to invest in, let’s look at what?

in winter also do after roasted sweet potato business, sweet potato mature later put on a period of time in winter was the most sweet, do business can be roasted sweet potatoes while warming himself to make money.

winter is orange, kiwi fruit, sugar cane and other fruit ripening season, these fruits can add vitamin nutrition in winter is good for human body, enhance human immunity, choose to buy fruit vitamin C in winter is a good business.

? Sell cold appliances, the weather is very cold in winter, people travel will bring hats, gloves, scarves and other utensils to cold cold. Cycling friends will also need to set the handlebar and knee pads and other winter cold appliances. At this time you can do some cold appliances business is also very popular.

now in the cold winter, choice range of entrepreneurial projects is great, because there are a lot of winter entrepreneurial elements, so in the winter of 2015 in business, you can not miss such a good project.


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Huludao city to build the soft environment of the first city – Business

The construction of

soft environment will bring more opportunities and attract people’s attention. The soft environment construction of sincerity and action, there are initiatives, planning the overall strengthening of Liaoning Huludao City, the Development Zone (Park) and related units of soft environment construction as the focus, to the satisfaction of the masses, customers satisfaction, enterprise satisfaction as the standard, to the "double assessment activities.

As the first city outside the customs of Huludao,

is the gateway for investors to enter the northeast, soft environment is good or bad to some extent represents the soft environment of the northeast. Therefore, Huludao attaches great importance to the construction of soft environment, especially in December last year, the city has held 3 social supervisors, representatives of private entrepreneurs and key enterprises with foreign investment forum, three seminars will become open remonstrance and development plan, the mayor’s office, so that investors feel the responsibility of the government and society investors and sincerity.

held the 3 meeting, is to listen to the views and suggestions of the community for government work, timely grasp of public opinion, to promote scientific decision-making, so that the government’s work more satisfied with the masses. We have to bend down to listen, bend down to work, really good business staff. By building a platform for communication between the government and enterprises to better support the development of foreign-invested enterprises"…… Huludao mayor Wang Liwei’s speech phrase, also take the initiative to open their own mobile phone number, please the masses to supervise the government implementation of the rectification, ready to accept the complaint.

"the mayor can be bent down to listen to public opinion, we must tell the truth, the truth, offer a real trick, play a good supervision, the bridge and the role of the general staff, as information officer, supervisor and propagandist."

to create a soft environment for everyone to use, so that more people are concerned about the future development of Huludao, while promoting the work of the government. Huludao municipal government held a rectification work conference. The meeting is to focus on the transformation of municipal government office window service units style, improve efficiency, innovative services, optimize the environment, the establishment of an important meeting held image.

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Four – the whole recommended snack brand

want to say a word of Wang Shushu: first set a small goal to earn it one hundred million brush brush circle of friends. Of course, we will be able to earn one hundred million tomorrow, it is possible to earn a lifetime of less than $one hundred million, then we will make our own money. Make a little money, life is still very moist, so what industry the most money? The food and beverage industry as essential to people’s lives in the industry, for entrepreneurs to provide a lot of opportunities to make money, so to attract a lot of investors have joined the industry. So Xiaobian to introduce some of the latest small snack items daquan.

ginger duck

Quanzhou City greediness, delicacy street, * * popular ginger duck. The people of Quanzhou "winter" and buy the crabs, is convenient to buy ready-made ginger duck. Quanzhou ginger duck respectively from * * and Xiamen came, Fujian is a cooking. Ginger duck salty and spicy taste light, three kinds of production, it is open, fire Wenhuo stew pot, tonic three turned up, pot oil but not greasy, unique taste, aroma color.

Nine feet


Pengzhou goose duck neck are particularly long, stretching across the Western Sichuan, the entire plain are drooling. Pengzhou is located in the suburb of Chengdu City, known as the traditional duck, nine feet of the small town is Pengzhou poultry distribution, farmers will only just slaughtered geese and ducks loaded on the train to Chengdu, Chengdu people eat "nine feet of fresh goose intestines Hot pot" is addictive. The "evergreen tree" is nine feet and it is salted duck, Sichuan duck "level of delicacy.

Ping Red-Cooked Chicken, Daokou Style

must choose a road in Nanyang Meixi pork, Rice-meat dumplings bowl and Baitugang spiced chicken and delicacy in Nanyang, people still chose Red-Cooked Chicken, Daokou Style painful. Have you eaten Roasted Chicken shake the separated whole chicken? From the Qing imperial kitchen chef came out of the Roasted Chicken recipe, the achievements of the three hundred years the reputation of the Red-Cooked Chicken, Daokou Style.

Stir fried pig balls

people will do business in Shaoyang, Hunan made a big fortune are some of the people of Shaoyang. Baoqing pig meatball, or blood cake, is the traditional food in Shaoyang, the main raw material is tofu, first dry tofu water filter gauze, and then tofu crumb, then cut into cubes or strips of fresh pork, mixed with the right amount of blood, salt, pepper, five spice powder, a little sesame oil, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, sesame sauce, stir evenly into Steamed Buns size oval shaped balls, placed in the sun for several days, and then hung on the stove for firewood fireworks smoked dried, smoked the longer, the more concentrated flavor wax. There are a metal frame, frame with stove burning sawdust, rice husk, bran or charcoal smoked smoked, this method pays special attention to the heat, not too much too fast, or bad taste. After the ball can be smoked smoked. But the most popular way of eating is to stir.

above four brands is >

Chongqing city today about the car license reform deepen web – Business

is no stranger to the men and women of fashion about car travel, but a lot of people on the net about the safety of the vehicle expressed deep concerns, now the city of Chongqing to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the about the car driver, hope to get a driver’s license driver in travel, will also be in the investigation about the car driver’s license with the side when with the police.

so many people together in the exam, I did not expect to be able to test the first and the first card." Guo Yinchun has 12 years of driving experience is the first to get the net about car driver license of the driver. In this regard, he said, with this card, he opened the about the car more emboldened.

City Transportation Authority training department responsible person, online car driver license is one of the necessary conditions in the net about car service, the application documents need to be consistent with the age, driving age, no criminal history of drug abuse, no drunk driving records and other related conditions. He also said that the about the driver’s license is valid for 6 years, each obtained a certificate of the about the driver usually engaged in the about the car business, you need to carry documents.

about the car’s overall reform, efforts to guarantee the interests of passengers, so many people see the about the car’s progress, so that people choose to travel in the about cars safer, Chongqing city launched the about the car driving test, will attach great importance to the relationship between the owners and passengers, this is one of the practice of Chongqing city about car system reform.

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Businesses in the delicious chocolate berry lotus

now no matter what ages are like a plus for dessert, dessert is so attracts us with its delicate appearance, delicious taste, let a person especially chowhound, lead a person to endless aftertastes, the dessert is a unique pursuit. Braim lotus chocolate dessert, chocolate by hand as the main, to bring the most distinctive experience for consumers. Braim lotus chocolate dessert, the century old brand, the achievements of cute and delicious chocolate cake brand.

businesses in the lotus chocolate berry delicious dessert

is a chocolate dessert, chocolate berry lotus to promote "healthy, whole grains, low-fat diet" cultural life, to bring consumers "green health, exquisite fashion" food enjoyment. From chocolate, coffee, West Point, ice cream, cake DIY, etc., have the most unique design, so that people enjoy the same delicious.

berry chocolate dessert in the traditional Western lotus formula, excellence in technology, will be the most authentic western desserts to customers. Braim lotus chocolate production process, adhere to the hand made mill, the fresh, natural ingredients, continuous improvement and innovation, to meet your most discerning taste of delicacy, with exquisite, fashion, leisure and romantic delicious experience for modern urban population


good product concept, nature is more popular with consumers, as a modern innovative chocolate brand, lotus berry chocolate, was so popular with customers, DIY no baking tips, easy to use, no need to run a window. Choose the lotus chocolate berry joined it, let your success on the road that become rich, let you through a new chapter of successful entrepreneurs to start life.

If you join

on this bridge lotus chocolate dessert shop interested and want to know more information about the brand to join, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Retail customers want to build brands also need long-term

wants to create a brand name for a retail store, which is not something that can be done in the short term, but also the operators from a more long-term perspective. So, the retail customers to make a successful retail merchant, make your retail business prosperous, must have a long-term vision, in order to maintain a long-term store brand personality of evergreen, this is the brand to ensure the long-term development of the first condition.

Not only do we

speculators those interests, nor do street vendors who "hit a shot for a place, if I do say to the shop management for a long time, has the very good development is simply a miracle. Only the retail business as the pursuit of their own business, the customer really as "God" to look at, in order to ensure the long-term customer loyalty, the only way to make your brand forever the vitality of youth.

we see in the actual operation, there are many retail customers, only looked at small profits, and give up the long-term operation, some even the most basic credit are not, finally, not only set up the brand, returned to their own negative impact. For example, the cigarette business now, there are many famous cigarette market has shown a trend of demand.

, of course, there are some retail customers to see the business opportunities, from some illegal channels into a number of counterfeit cigarettes to shoddy, you say that you can keep the brand? Can you do business for a long time? Anyway, I don’t usually sell these unsolicited goods to earn money meixin". Now there are a lot of smokers around, they would like to run a few more steps to me to buy cigarettes, they say that I smoke cigarettes to rest assured.

in the vicinity of my retail stores, some of the Department of alcohol and tobacco to do business is to take care of the immediate interests of the moment, and finally get the popularity of nothing, and now there are several other business has changed to do. I think, no matter what the business, if you do not have a long-term vision to keep the business brand, what will not last long. Which is more important, for long and short? I think every retail customer will be able to figure this out.

if you just need to build a good reputation, the store can continue to put money, but the long-term development of the store will naturally be very detrimental. So, if you want to successy open a retail store, but also want to have a greater reputation for retail stores, retail customers need to consider from a more long-term perspective.